Kitchen Renovation Tips To Know When On A Budget

If you want to provide your kitchen with a facelift or upgrade the appliances, it might be time for a renovation project. The kitchen is where you stay most of the time to prepare meals for everyone. With this in mind, you need to keep your kitchen a beautiful and organized space in your house.

Several renovation tips are worth considering for your kitchen. Apart from hiring a reputable company, such as Kitchen & Bath, that will offer you a great, reasonable deal, these recommendations will help you stick with your budget. These include:

  1. Figure Out How Much You’re Going To Spend

Designating a budget for your kitchen renovation project and sticking with it is a must. Even if it sounds simple enough, it can be challenging.

The average cost of an upscale kitchen renovation can reach up to USD$80,000 or higher. Yet, some factors should determine if you’re going to spend that much. One factor to consider is how much you are able to spend. Try checking your finances to determine the right figure. Another factor is how long you are planning to stay in your house. If you intend to sell the property within five years, make sure your kitchen renovation project will improve your investment.

Focus on what you believe you will get once you decide to sell your house. In case you plan on living in your home for more than five years, think of a remodeling project that will make your family comfortable.

  1. Set Aside A Small Percentage Of Your Budget For Unexpected Events

During your kitchen renovation, expect some surprises along the way, especially when you’re dealing with an old house. Remember that surprises might pop out of the blue. These might be lurking under the floor or behind the walls.

A good example is discovering out-of-date electrical wiring after ripping out the wall. Another is a rotting floor under your dishwasher due to a water leak. Make sure that you will leave enough space in your budget to handle any of these surprises.

  1. List Down Your Priorities

When planning your renovation project, you should list down what is essential for you. Determine your priorities, so if unforeseen costs drag on your budget, you can still get your preferences on top.

If you are setting priorities, try thinking about how vital the small elements are. Small features, such as crown molding or an elegant faucet, add up to your kitchen’s look and functionality. Take note that little details can play a role. There might be an affordable alternative, or you can let go of an item.

  1. Research And Think Of A Design

Kitchen renovations can be tricky, and you end up with several questions to ask yourself before starting the project, such as:

  • How are you going to use the kitchen?
  • How many people are present in your house at a time?
  • What are the types of food you love?
  • What are the essentials?

If you are going to make last-minute changes, it will increase the expenses. You can avoid this by doing research. If you are ready, the better you can manage your project.

  1. Select The Materials

One way to save on your kitchen renovation is to choose the materials. It is time to shop around for appliances, cabinets, countertops, and flooring.

  • Appliances. If you want to save big, look for mid-grade appliance brands. These appliances are superior in quality, can work for many years, and appealing to a wide range of buyers.
  • Cabinets. When it comes to cabinets in the market, the prices tend to vary. Try to take time to find a good-quality cabinet within your budget range. You can achieve a similar look you want with a different design or wood. The cabinet boxes are furniture-grade plywood, but select drawer fronts and doors made of solid wood if you want them to last.
  • Countertops. The prices of countertops vary. The popular quartz and granite variants are good options, plus they have a wide price range. Check out local supply stores in your area to keep the costs low. You can also look for alternatives that look the same as quartz or granite, without a high price tag.
  • Flooring. The options for kitchen flooring also vary. If you want hardwood floors, you can check out surplus stores or warehouses. As for tiles, you can look around home improvement stores for the best prices.
  1. Do Some Of The Work To Lower The Costs

If you are handy around the house, you can do some of the tasks. There is no need to pay someone else to do everything during your renovation project. You can handle the demolition phase, which involves taking out cabinets, flooring, and appliances.

  1. Go For White Paint

One way to save during your kitchen renovation project is to choose white paint. Try painting your kitchen in white, and select white or off-white furniture.

With this approach, it provides your kitchen with a classy aura. You can choose matte or a semi-gloss finish to give your kitchen a fresh look. In case your countertops or cabinets are still in good shape, you can whitewash them.

  1. Avoid Unnecessary Extras

During your kitchen renovation project, you might think of something that you want to add. Once this happens, stop yourself. It is one of the reasons why your budget gets out of hand. Remember that you can live without the little extras you have in mind.

  1. Prepare A Spreadsheet Of Your Budget

One way to keep track of your budget is to create a spreadsheet. List down your account and all expenses to track how much is going to the renovation project. If you see an increasing cost, you can stop it early.


Kitchen renovation is not as simple as what most believe. If you are under a budget, it is vital to be ready for this project to ensure success. With the help of these renovation tips, you will get the kitchen that you want, while making great savings at the same time.





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