Kitchen Must-Have Upgrades If Budget Is Not An Issue

While the kitchen is chiefly associated with meal preparation, there’s so much more that happens in this space. It’s where we occasionally entertain, have quality time with family, and even put up a make-shift workstation — a trend that is quickly catching on in a world where working from home is the new normal.

Therefore, it pays to upgrade this multi-functional space with some premium touches. If you have the budget for it, a high-end kitchen upgrade can be very rewarding project, in terms of both, increase in home value and personal satisfaction — not to mention, being a proud owner of a gorgeous kitchen that you can show off!

Here are some luxury kitchen upgrade ideas you might want to steal.

Motion sensor faucets 

Replace the conventional faucets with touch less tap ware for a more convenient and hygienic washing experience. The motion sensor in these modern taps will have water streaming with just a wave of your hands and stop flowing with another hand wave. Cool, isn’t it?

Amp up your kitchen ventilation

Upgrade your kitchen ventilation with stainless steel exhaust hoods from Martin Stainless Steel for a professional-looking kitchen setup. If you love the clinical feel of steel, then opt for benches and BBQ cabinets fitted with the material.

Widen the scope of your kitchen island

The kitchen island, apart from being a food prep counter, doubles up as the place for a heart-to-heart chat, a cosy dinner, or paying bills. All this while the soup is simmering away on the cooktop. Space accommodating, widen this multipurpose space for additional sitting and an overall grand feel.

Combining indoors with the outdoors

Remodel one of the kitchen walls to fit in French doors that lead to a clean, green backyard — an ideal space to host big gatherings. This will be the perfect transition from the indoor kitchen to the outdoor living space while adding comfortable air to the ambience and a luxurious feel at the same time.

Flaunt your collections

Do you have an enviable collection of wine? Invest in a sophisticated see-through wine cellar in the kitchen to impress your guests and also get easy access to your collection while entertaining them. Not just wine, this idea works great for most collectibles.

Backlit glass cabinets

Swap the dated cabinets with backlit glass-door ones and feel your heart swell with pride seeing the heirloom china, champagne flutes, and dainty wine glasses take their place of pride in them.

Rich lighting

Apart from the under-cabinet task lighting for the regular chores, install a group of pendant lights over the sitting area, accent lights to highlight design features or a single prominent focal piece like a chandelier to level up the lavish feel of your kitchen.

Golden hardware

Nothing spells luxury like golden accents. Create a bold look with cabinets fitted with golden pulls, or add a touch of gold to the chairs and bar-stools. Your options are unlimited.

Add an edge with gadgets  

From energy-efficient dishwashers to in-built refrigerators to double wall ovens with touch display to sensor control food processor, the range of sleek gadgets keeps increasing with every passing year. With their stunning looks and smart tech features, they make your kitchen grind a cakewalk. When money is not a worry, splurge and get top-of-the-line appliances for a high-end kitchen.

Take inspiration from these tips to give your kitchen a luxe upgrade.

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