Keeping Epoxy Floors Looking New With These Tips

From being extremely low cost and affordable, to being low maintenance, and easy to clean, epoxy floors are a wonderful choice for commercial, industrial and home floors.

They can survive in any high traffic environment, which includes a lot of spills, stains, heavy pressure vehicles and appliances. And they come with a lot of style options so they are also fancy. But like every other floor, it’s important to clean epoxy floors to keep them looking new and fresh.

Epoxy floors require minimal maintenance and can even be cleaned with a wet mop, but if you want to make your epoxy floors looking new and fresh, follow these tips, shared by the expert at Babylon Epoxy Floors, for perfect results!

Don’t Leave On Minor Spills

We often think that minor spills aren’t a big deal and we’ll clean them up in a few days, but that’s where we’re wrong! Minor spills need to be cleaned immediately before there are a lot of “minor” spills and they all come together to make a big nastay stain!

You can use basic soap based cleaners or even a wet mop to clean a small spill immediately before it accumulates and turns into a stubborn stain! Cleaning spills especially from oils in a garage just as they’re made will reduce the need to use heavy cleaning products and keep your epoxy garage floor from wearing out too soon.

Clean Weekly

Besides cleaning spills as soon as they happen, you should clean your epoxy floor thoroughly on a weekly basis. There are a lot of cruelty free (non-acidic) products available in the market to help you clean your epoxy floor frequently without wearing it out! Using basic soap based or organic products will help you keep your floor shining and looking fresh!

Cleaning weekly also avoids accumulation of grout or any permanent damage to the epoxy coating that might happen especially in heavy traffic areas. Most of the time you won’t even need any cleaning products and the job can be done with a simple dust mop or broom if you clean your floor regularly!

Deep Clean Monthly

Dust can get anywhere under the tools or equipment, vehicles etc and getting them all out on a regular basis can be a very irritating and heavy task. One thing you can do is do a deep clean every month, or every three months, depending on the traffic in your floor area.

If you are reluctant to move everything out, you can also hire someone to clean up. Deep cleaning once a month will be totally worth it!

Fix The Cracks

Even though epoxy floors are known to be tough, they can still get small cracks just in case a heavy object falls on them. If that’s the case, get it repaired ASAP. Water and dust particles can seep into the floor and cause damage to the epoxy floors and you wouldn’t want that.

Use Matts and Rugs:

Your shoes are the biggest sort of dirt and everything nasty that sticks to the floor and makes your epoxy coating look dull and dirty. A great way to avoid this is using rubber matts at all entrances and exits, or any other workstations you might have in order to avoid bringing in dust on to the floor. Matts and Rugs might look like they’ll steal the limelight away from your great epoxy floor design but if you pick the right rug, it’ll only add more class and style to your epoxy floor.

If you want to keep your epoxy floors looking new and shiny, use these tips to ensure your floor is clean and free of any dust stains. Avoid using chemical or acid based products to clean your floor no matter how promising they might look! Epoxy floors don’t need any high end products and can be cleaned using basic products and even simple brooms to keep them fresh and shiny!



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