Interior Design: How It Changed & What’s Popular Now

The interior design industry has always been one of the most dynamic out there but the latest developments across the world have managed to change it dramatically in a very short period of time. People have stopped to look at their homes as a place where they relax after a busy day at the office, sleep to charge the batteries for the next working day, and enjoy their morning cup of coffee. For a great many people, the home has suddenly become a kind of all-in-one space where they work, exercise, and have fun. So, let’s take a look at the interior design trends to find out what’s popular now.

Comfort Is A Buzzword

Even though over recent years, comfort has already been pivotal, it plays an even more important role today, being the top priority for the majority of people. Naturally, there’s no accounting for taste and not all homeowners have the same idea of what a comfortable house or apartment is, but the major trend can be recognized unmistakably. One glance at the extensive portfolio of Smart Renovation, one of the most prominent Fit Out Contractors in Dubai, is enough to capture the essence – comfort. Large and soft sofas are a must-have even for those who have never been couch potatoes. Chairs have also become comfier because now people tend to eat all their meals at home.

24/7 Livability

One of the main tasks of interior designers nowadays is to create a home able to cover all the eventual needs of its owner. A gym, even the one that has enough space only for a stationary bike or a smaller trainer, is an inseparable part of every project, not to mention swimming pools that gradually but steadily move under the roof to serve the purpose 365 days a year. Many people also extend kitchens and dining areas to accommodate the whole family and visiting friends. Terraces, patios, and other open spaces are also gaining in importance, seen as a viable alternative to the city parks and even the great outdoors.

Loud No To Empty Spaces

Minimalism definitely has gone out of fashion, which comes as no surprise given that now people spend far more time inside their homes than ever before. Empty spaces are stifling while the lack of details doesn’t help make the environment more pleasant and stimulating. This is not to say, you have to clutter your space but some beautiful details, especially those that are useful (a vase, for instance) can become real game changers for every style of home. Think of a nice piece of wall art to contribute to the unique atmosphere of your place or, who knows, maybe even make a meaningful statement. One thing is for sure, people pay more attention to details, trying to liven up their homes and their lives.

The past year slowed the world down and made people think of sustainability. In the case of interior design, more and more consumers give preference to quality and durable products that can serve them for many years to come.

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