Believe it or not, what happens in your mouth extremely matters because dental health is connected to your body’s overall health. Your mouth may be a tiny thing when compared to other organs, but a lot of stuff occurs in that cavity.

Living on your gums, teeth, saliva, and tongue are 6 billion oral bacteria. Some are good, which helps in maintaining the health of your teeth, while some are harmful bacteria that erode your tooth enamel and produce dental problems. With a lack of proper dental hygiene, it is easy to acquire tooth plaque and decay because these bacteria are not controlled. When left untreated, this can also result in gum infections and tooth loss.

According to research, almost half of the human population has tooth decay that is left untreated. Although it is the most prevalent oral disease in the world today, there are a lot of other dental issues that are linked to various health conditions and illnesses. This shows that when you are trying to be fit and healthy, you should not neglect taking care of your oral cavity.

How Are Dental Issues Connected to Overall Health Problems and Diseases?

There are various diseases that begin with oral infections caused by bacteria. For example, it can spread into your lungs from your mouth and lead to pneumonia and other upper respiratory tract diseases. When oral bacteria have seeped into your bloodstream, it can attach to your heart’s chambers and valves and result in the infection of its inner linings. This is called endocarditis.

According to American Family Physician, oral manifestations like swelling, discoloration, and plaque build-up can also link to severe systemic diseases. These include Crohn’s disease and hand-foot-and-mouth disease wherein painful blisters and lesions can be seen in the oral cavity. Diabetic patients frequently acquire gum diseases, which are more severe because of their irregular blood sugar levels.

These cases show how dental health is connected to your body’s overall health. In the process of being fit, it is essential to prevent other health conditions that can affect your diet and fitness routine by practicing proper dental hygiene. Physicians and specialists, like a Wheat Ridge dentist, can help you understand the relationship of the oral cavity with other body systems, and assist you in preventing systemic diseases caused by dental problems.

Can Dental Issues Affect My Health and Fitness?

 When keeping fit, your diet is the most important thing you need to plan and consider. If your teeth’s enamel has already eroded due to cavity, eating and chewing will practically be difficult for you. When harmful bacteria have reached your dentin and pulp, a toothache can be excruciating because these are sensitive areas that contain nerve endings and blood vessels. Thus, most will limit the food and beverages they are consuming in a day.

The periodontal disease which targets the gums also affects this stage of the digestive process.

It may sound good because it can result in significant weight loss. However, you will lack vitamins and nutrients from certain food groups, and this is not recommended if you are trying to be fit and healthy. It can also lead to malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies that, when left untreated, can result in more serious health problems, like anemia.

Sometimes, drinking even makes your toothache worse; that’s why it is possible for you to be dehydrated. Dehydration is one of the causes of fatigue and nausea, and these symptoms can affect your exercise and workout routine. The pain can also escalate to the point that you already have a headache. This kind of health issue can be a hurdle towards your goal to be fit.

Your health and fitness are also interconnected with your self-esteem and self-confidence. Untreated dental issues, may it be simple tooth decay or chronic gum disease, can severely affect how you see yourself and how you think others perceive you. Which is why you should find a dentist Ireland.  Remember that being healthy also starts inside you, and it is important to view yourself in the right way and then push yourself to be better.


You have seen the importance of dental health when you are trying to be fit and healthy. Now, you need to know how to maintain proper dental hygiene to avoid dental issues. Preventing it is easier than undergoing treatments and surgeries.

Simple routines, such as brushing your teeth three times a day, using mouthwash and floss regularly, and drinking lots of water can improve your dental health without spending too much time and money.

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