Ice Stone USA New Colors

Moroccan Red 1 & 2 (IceStone) – This is a photo of one of our more recent installations. The color of the countertop is Moroccan Red. What’s interesting about this image is that it’s cut into an octagon shape and has a slight overhang. The interior designer did a good job of contrasting colors. The kitchen has mostly grey, dark grey, and white colors, and then you have this island counter that is a dark red and the cabinet pulls match the counter. The island counter and it’s Moroccan Red color is not overpowering yet still distinctive and noticeable when someone walks in the kitchen.

Gotham Grey sink overhead (IceStone) – Gotham Grey is IceStone’s most recent color. It contains amber glass, clear glass, and mirror along with a deep grey non-toxic pigment for the background color.

Winter White (QuartzStone) – QuartzStone is a more sustainable version of quartz that we distribute. It’s made of reclaimed quartz and produced using a state-of-the-art Breton system. We’ve recently made a change in our QuartzStone line and have new colors available. For those familiar with QuartzStone, the new colors we have are similar to the previous colors. This is an image of probably our most popular color, Winter White.

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