HyFlex VersaMax: Diesel Hydraulic Pump/Mixer System

HyFlex, a leading North American and family-owned manufacturer of pumps, mixers, and sprayers for the coatings industry, announced that it has recently released VersaMax, a new diesel-powered fully hydraulic pump and mixer system, to the fireproofing industry.

VersaMax addresses a critical need in the industry for an innovative solution that eliminates common jobsite pump issues by eliminating gearboxes, clutches, and mechanical drive systems with the pump’s fully hydraulic system. As a result, contractors can expect the same reliable functionality and field-proven benefits of HyFlex’s 321E Series, with features that now include higher output pressure.

“We recognized our customers’ need for a diesel-powered option for projects that do not have electric accessibility,” said Allen Mills, president of HyFlex. “On a jobsite, accessing electricity can be a problem, particularly if the construction team does not want to use a generator. VersaMax solves this challenge with its compact diesel format that is capable of putting out an unmatched production rate and high-pressure pumping so contractors can accomplish longer distances, increased heights, and unlimited types of applications.”

Fireproofing Consultant Jim Ellwood of Ellwood Enterprise LLC, who oversaw VersaMax on a recently completed project, adds, “The major impact VersaMax has is in profitability, mobility, and in scheduling for each project – being able to get in, get the job done, and get off the job. VersaMax can reach the distances and go the height, with dependability. That’s really what the market needs today.”

VersaMax features include:

  • Yanmar Tier 4 Final 3-cylinder direct injection diesel engine, 24.7 hp at 2,200 rpm, eliminating the need for a particulate control or DEF system
  • Up to 50 bags per hour of output of fireproofing material delivered with more than 1500 psi of pumping pressure to effectively replace mechanical piston pumps common in the industry
  • Pumps more than 1,000-feet horizontally and 50 stories vertically
  • Easy delivery of fireproofing and other coating materials for medium to high output projects
  • The redesigned pump manifolds include quick removal clamps on the manifolds and new piston design that allows the cups to be removed from the manifold end of the cylinder for faster and easier removal.
  • Manifolds are easier to remove for cleaning, maintenance, and winterization.
  • Galvanized hopper for long-term rust resistance, and updated hopper design with a slope for easy clean-ability

Mills continued, “The portability of VersaMax is a highly sought-after feature in the fireproofing industry. Its self-contained design makes mobilization easy for contractors. VersaMax can be quickly transported and used in a wide range of job types and jobsites.”

The design of VersaMax is void of any potential damage points, has minimal moving parts, and the hydraulic system is proven to react in milliseconds. Additionally, the removable valve bodies and manifolds with clamps allow simple field maintenance, winterization, and field-proven equipment reliability.

For more information about HyFlex and the VersaMax hydraulic pump and mixer system, visit www.hyflexcorp.com/versamax.

About HyFlex

HyFlex is a family-owned and operated USA manufacturer of pumps, mixers, and sprayers for industries including fireproofing, waterproofing, stucco/plaster, wastewater, EIFS, and infrastructure repair. For more than 50 years, HyFlex has manufactured reliable and powerful machines and remained committed to providing solutions through a dedicated technical support team. HyFlex’s metal fabrication and engineering are completed at its headquarters in Knightstown, Indiana.


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