Hydrovac and Excavation: A Beginner’s Guide

If you have any large-scale digging in mind, you need to know about hydrovac vacuum excavation. The methods for moving dirt have changed over the years. That could be because about 70 people a year get injured from contact with underground wires.

Hydrovac trucks help make digging a safe experience. Keep reading to learn how these trucks work and how they can benefit your next digging job.

What Is a Hydrovac Truck?

The hydro vacuum excavation truck is a work truck. It gets used for digging large amounts of soil in a short time.

These trucks come in various models. You can get different capacity levels and vacuum power abilities. They also come in different water pressure levels.

All hydrovac trucks have similar designs as far as how they function. They come in large or small models. These trucks get made to do the easy job of digging, so manual labor isn’t necessary.

How It Works

The actual hydrovac is an equipment piece that gets attached to the truck. It uses high-pressure water to penetrate the soil. The water gets injected into the ground through the hydrovac hose.

Using hydro excavation nozzles makes the work more productive. You also get different options according to what you need. The ground gets turned into liquid, which makes digging a simple task.

Hydrovac vacuum excavation can go as deep as seventy feet. Since it has a hose attached, the digging can happen at distances away from the truck’s holding tank.

The soil gets vacuumed out as the liquid forms. That keeps the dirt from going back into the hole and saves time from having to do rework. The ground and water mixture get contained in a unit located in the truck.

Hydro-Vacuum Excavation Uses

Hydrovac trucks get used for heavy-duty digging. Many times, these jobs need safety precautions that can’t get taken with manual digging.

Sometimes construction work gets done in tight spaces. Debris needs to get removed in a specific timeframe, and it has to be safe. Some companies get a hydro excavation truck rental for a day to get the work accomplished.

The attachment works like a remote, so debris gets cleaned without structure damage. The building integrity stays unharmed because the operator can maneuver in small areas.

Potholing is an exceptional use for hydro vacuum excavation. It provides a safe way to expose underground utility wires. It also won’t damage the cables while working around them.

Cold weather is a tough season for some construction jobs. The ground gets frozen and makes it hard to dig. New and used hydro excavation trucks come with heated water that melts the soil.

Trenching can get hard to do because it needs to be safe and produce narrow ditches. With a hydro excavation truck rental, the work gets done fast, and less soil becomes disturbed. That makes it an ideal choice when working with small pipes.

Hydrovac Benefits

The first benefit to anyone who has used hydro excavation trucks would be that they’re safe. Using hydro vacuum excavation, you can dig around utility cables and gas mains. There’s no risk of someone with a shovel hitting a live wire.

Hydrovac trucks remove the chance of a cave-in situation. Digging can get dangerous because the dirt falls into the hole around the workers. When that happens, they get buried underneath.

Contractors will get a hydro excavation truck rental when they need a precision area dug. These hydro trucks can reach places with ease that would get hard to locate without them.

Whether renting or getting used hydro excavation trucks, another benefit is the cost. Although the trucks cost money upfront, they will save you some cash down the road. They will need less manual labor, which means less money paid out for big digging jobs.

The worksite will stay clean when you use hydro vacuum excavation. Since the soil mixture gets stored in the truck’s tank, there’s less clean-up after the dig.

Sometimes these holes produce so much surrounding debris that traffic gets interrupted. Hydrovac trucks make the process less invasive.

Hydro vacuum excavation methods give operators a controlled way to dig. That means surrounding environments don’t get disturbed. Structures don’t get damaged during a dig.

Using this method of digging is fast. Work can get done in a hurry and with much more ease than traditional digging.

The equipment needed for digging is minimal. Since the process uses a hydrovac, that means water and air combine to get the job done. It reduces the need for extra expensive tools.

Should You Rent or Buy?

When performing large industrial jobs, the equipment can get expensive. Companies weigh the cost of buying used hydro excavation trucks versus renting them.

How much will you need to perform hydro vacuum excavation? Is it a once in a while task, or will you need this type of truck many times per year?

Storage is a factor to think about as well. If you don’t have a safe storage area for a truck this size, you’d have to pay for that, too.

Most of the time, it is easy and efficient to rent a hydrovac truck when needed. You don’t have to worry about downtime if something breaks. Maintenance expenses can affect your company’s budget.

With a hydro excavation truck rental, you have it when needed and can return it when you’ve finished the job. When you need one again, you can rent the same kind or a different model if the job requires it.

Choosing the Best One

Hydrovac trucks come in various models, so knowing what you need will make the process simple. You need to consider the size of your job and the conditions of it. Make sure you know the type of soil, and the distance located from the truck.

Getting the proper hydrovac truck for the task you have doesn’t need to get complicated. With some easy research, you can find the perfect one for the job. Be sure to check out our other articles for more construction news and content!




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