How to Write a Resume for a Construction Manager?

The construction manager lives in a state of mind of constant challenge: he is responsible for several important projects, which he carries out from A to Z. Also, the demand for this job has been increasing so competition has also increased. That’s why you should write the perfect construction manager resume. 

How to guarantee this job with your resume? 

As an aspiring manager or high-level manager, the audience for your resume will be different from that for entry-level resumes. Other managers, mentors, administrative staff, vice presidents, board members, and everyone else in the C Suite will be scrutinizing your resume. They will all ask the same question: “Can this person solve our problems?” 

A resume is one of the first steps to apply for any job because it is the only way to introduce oneself to companies and institutions and to introduce the academic and scientific certificates, professional skills, and previous experiences that the CV owner has.  

Some websites can give you resume advice about construction manager resume. You just need to be guided through the various sections, and the website will take care of the layout and design. 

And, if you want to get a good job opportunity, you must write your resume professionally, in an elegant and error-free manner, and it must also be free from lying and not exaggerated. 

Focus on core competency or specialization

You should be precise about the type of construction you work in as a manager, whether it’s residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, environmental, or agricultural.  

Your managerial resume should have a consistent message about the skills you put on the negotiating table. 

Mention your achievements 

Don’t forget to lean on previous experiences, mention your key achievements and your know-how from your previous jobs. try also to use certifications or recommendations to justify. 

Describe your missions  

You should mention your mission upstream of construction sites like management, team building, work planning and negotiation with subcontractors, etc. You should equally mention your mission during the works like fielding management of the teams and subcontractors. You have to show your capacities in the implementation and monitoring of safety rules. Also, highlight your ability to manage relationships with partners, architects, suppliers, and customers. 

Describe your competencies 

You must bet on your skills, technical ones such as management, planning, standards and regulations, and general knowledge of business economics and construction sites. 

As a construction manager, you should also bid on your Managerial skills like construction projects and team management. Also, point up your knowledge of safety rules and procedures and their Integration in the course of construction sites. 

Describe your qualities and skills 

A good Construction Manager must have several qualities that are essential for his position. First of all, he must have a team spirit but also be a good manager to be able to motivate his teams. He must also be very organized and tidy to best manage all his daily tasks. He must know how to show great composure to handle all situations, even the most difficult. A good experience and a good knowledge of the sites are assets to exercise this profession. Finally, he must know how to make decisions and be uncompromising.

What to do after a construction manager? 

There are multiple possible evolutions in this job.  A Construction Manager can have great career development prospects ahead of him. He can access the position of head of operations or even head of an agency or even head of the sector. 

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