How to Remove Stains & Traces on Your Windows

Fingerprints and the likes are common on a window. So, how do you clean your window so you can easily get rid of it?

Use a chamois

To remove traces on a window or a mirror, for example, nothing beats a chamois leather:

  •  Lint-free and soft, it must be passed in circular gestures on the glass
  •  If you don’t have a chamois, you can use a simple lint-free cloth

You can also use a microfiber glove.

Scott the owner of was quoted saying “To remove traces on a window, never use an abrasive product or element at the risk of scratching your window. Prefer a spray degreaser rather than an abrasive pad when window cleaning.”

Methylated spirits for heavily soiled windows

You can also easily remove stains from a window by applying a few drops of methylated spirits to a cloth.

Then just pass this cloth over the entire window.

Avoid as much as possible using alcohol, which may cause oily traces and, ultimately, a blue haze that is difficult to remove.

Use newspapers

It might sound strange, but newspaper is a great help in cleaning windows, especially with the printing inks in the paper.

To do this:

  • crumple a sheet of newspaper
  • wet it with lukewarm water, and possibly with a little white vinegar
  • rub the marks on your window with the foil;
  • wipe the glass with another sheet of dry, crumpled newspaper

This technique does not work at all with glossy paper.

Another solution: dishwashing liquid and raclette

For shiny windows, mix 1/4 dishwashing liquid and 3/4 hot water:

  • Apply the mixture to the window with a sponge, then run the rubber squeegee to remove the product and stains
  • Rinse with clean water and dry with a cloth. That’s it!

You can also add half an onion to your cleaning water.

How to clean oily windows?

Too often, the traces that appear on the glass are due to too much detergent present in the cleaning mixture.

If your windows are oily, you can use a dab of ammonia on a rag.

How to remove cement or plaster stains from your window

Scrape the cement stains with a wooden spatula and never with an iron tool so as not to scratch the glass.

Then pass a cloth soaked in methylated spirits.

Or clean a window stained with plaster or cement with a cloth soaked in white vinegar that is rather warm but not boiling.

What about removing fingerprints from windows?

To remove fingerprints from the windows, clean fingerprints from the windows using a cloth soaked in water containing ammonia.

How to remove glue or label from a window

Use acetone.

  • Wipe with a cloth impregnated with acetone
  • Use a damp, slightly abrasive sponge
  • Then clean with a cloth dampened with household alcohol

How to remove frost from the windows

Use hot water and salt. Remove frost from the windows by passing a cloth soaked in a solution of salt dissolved in hot water.

Wipe off.

To avoid frost on the windows, pass a cloth soaked in a solution composed of water and glycerin on the windows (60 grams of glycerin for a liter of water).

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