How to Properly Design a Construction Website

Building houses, commercial properties, and other structures is a tough task but building a website is another matter. If you are running a construction firm, you need to understand the importance of having a great website. Gone are the days when you’d look for clients via the yellow pages as now, it’s websites that direct you to potential customers.

Building a website takes years of practice. Building a great website for a construction company takes a lot longer and it often takes more skill as well. In times like these, it takes experts to build a website that fits your needs. What exactly do you need to have a great construction website that allows you to connect with a ton of clients?

A Page for Portfolios

In the field of construction, having a portfolio is important for finding the right clients. People are going to want to look at your website to see your work. As such, web designers highly suggest adding a page solely dedicated to your past works. Of course, your portfolio should include amazing shots of the buildings and structures that you’ve built over the years.

Portfolios will help potential customers gauge your skill. These are common in companies in the field of design and construction according to experts from Something Design. Ideally, you’d want amazing interior and exterior shots of the projects you’ve accomplished. As such, you may want to invest in a professional photographer as well so that you can show off your projects as good as possible.

Some companies use VR technology to give their clients a better look at the insides of their projects. This will cost a lot more but the results will be better. Giving potential clients a virtual tour of the projects you’ve accomplished will make them feel as if they’ve visited your past works personally.

Keep in mind that not everyone is comfortable with VR technology and not everyone has the right equipment to maximize the VR experience. It might be better to give your visitors the ability to choose between a regular photo gallery or a virtual tour.

A Page for Credentials and Certificates

Your clients will dig deep into your background when checking out your website. It’s best to give them all the details they need from the get-go. One important page they’re going to look for is the one that’s dedicated to your credentials and certificates. Credentials are an important matter in the field of construction as it also shows that you are capable of creating safe and sturdy structures,

It’s a given that people will want to ensure that they’re only working with the best. As such, credentials such as permits, accreditations, and awards must be readily presented for them to see. This will help them understand your worth more fully.

As per Big Rentz, some of the important credentials include ACI Certification, OSHA Training Certification, and NCEES Certification.

Less Text, More Images

The construction industry is more about output than anything else. That being said, it’s important for your website to have more photos than texts. In fact, the number of texts on the page should be very minimal. All clients are looking for the important details, so they don’t need huge paragraphs on your page.

You can be creative regarding how you use images. For instance, instead of listing down your credentials, why not use icons to highlight your background. Instead of writing down what university you are from, it might be a better choice to simply use the university’s logo instead.

Make It Look Professional

The overall tone of your construction website needs to be simple and professional. Don’t go for color motifs that are too colorful as this might give off the impression that you aren’t to be taken seriously. Web designers will immediately understand what type of company you are, so they know which colors to use.

Looking professional isn’t all about the colors. It also means considering the overall design of the page. By today’s standards, professional-looking pages are supposed to be simple but informative. Basically, you need a website with a minimalist design.

Easy Navigation

A construction website needs to be simple and easy to navigate. There are going to be many pages for clients to check out including the credentials, your portfolio, and many of the other pages we’ve stated above. As there are many options to view, it is a must for the page to be easy to navigate and intuitive.

If you check out some construction websites now, you’ll see that there are barely any texts on the front page. Most of the elements on the homepage are photos of the past projects of the firm. At the top banner are the possible pages that visitors can direct themselves to. This is a proven and tested page style.

Clients are most likely browsing through several options already. Expect them to drop in and out of your website in a quick manner. That being said, making your website easy on the eyes and image-heavy will allow them to see all of the information they need quickly.

Don’t Forget CTAs

CTAs or call-to-actions are what really get the ball rolling. These could be clickable words that say “Call us!” or “Let’s Begin Your Project!” CTAs help initiate your relationship with your customer. This is one of the most important parts of the website so it mustn’t be something you forget.

The CTA needs to be simple enough so that it doesn’t take away the visitor’s attention off of the page. At the same time, it should be emphasized enough for the viewers to see it when the need arises for them to actually use it.

A website for your construction company is arguably one of the best investments you can make. It’s something that you should go all out for because it will let you find more potential consumers for your brand. Understandably, web design and development might not be up your alley so it’s best to turn to the pros for help. This time around, let others do the building for you.

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