How To Prepare Your Pallets For Shipping

Shipping pallets are flat, composite, and portable platforms that are typically used to store and transport goods or containers. These structures help support the weight of heavier cargo and are considered as the standard method for shipping in most industries. In fact, many freight carriers refuse to ship goods that aren’t palletized.

Using pallets for shipping your goods offers a number of advantages. They’re easy to handle and stackable, allowing carriers to conserve space and weight. They also make goods easier to track since they can easily be equipped with a barcode. If you’re transporting goods like fresh produce that require air circulation to stay in good condition, pallets are the perfect choice since they have gaps at the bottom which allow air to pass through. More importantly, pallets are reusable and recyclable, so you don’t just save money, you also do your part in helping save the environment.

When you’re using shipping pallets, an important thing to remember is that the carrier is responsible for transporting your goods, and not for preparing it for shipment. You still need to learn how to package and stack your pallets properly to avoid damage and ensure easy handling. Here are some ways to prepare your pallets for shipping:

  1. Stacking Pallets

Before you buy invest in pallets for your company, it’s important to make sure the ones you’re buying are of good quality. You can search on the internet for reliable and established pallet providers. If you’re looking for options that you can customize, check out providers like that can help you decide on the perfect size and material for your pallets.

The process of properly stacking pallets for shipment is important. Most companies have a system in place, and use these methods on a regular basis. If not stacked properly, the shipping pallets and the goods inside them could be severely damaged. This can cause a big problem, costing additional money and delaying your shipments.

Use manual pallet jacks to properly move and stack pallets for shipment. As long as your pallets are packaged and stacked properly, you should be able to send bulk amounts of products at once, which is very convenient. This will also save you time and money, allowing you to prevent delays and damage, and ensure the success of your business.

  1. Look For Reputable Shipping Companies Or Carriers

Find a good shipping company to partner with, especially if you plan on regularly shipping with pallets. Start out by checking websites to see which shipping companies are available. Find one that has a good reputation and has been in business for a while. Do some research to find out each company’s shipping rate and how long they’ve been in the shipping industry.

It’s essential to choose a company that offers reasonable shipping rates. Sometimes shipping rates can vary from company to company. Reputable companies will most likely have higher shipping rates for their higher quality of service.

Once you’ve found a shipping company you’re comfortable with, you should contact them to schedule an appointment for the pickup of your pallets. Allocate enough time to prepare the pallets before the pickup date. The last thing you want is having to reschedule the date of pick-up, which could take a while and cost more money.

Before shipment, you should also ask the shipping company if they can fit the pallets in their trucks. It’s best to ask them if they have any suggestions on how to transport your items. Some companies will have the items shipped to the company itself, while others will have your items be ready for pickup by the receiver.

  1. Proper Storage Before Shipping

Part of the preparation for shipping pallets is their storage. First, do not stack the pallets on their sides, but instead on top of one another in orderly piles. Store them away from flammable materials as they are potential fire hazards. Make sure your sprinkler system is working properly and can handle the rapid spread if the stacks were to catch fire.

Another thing to remember is the temperature. It’s essential to keep your pallets in a cool and dry place. Wooden pallets that are dried out can be easily ignited by the smallest of ignition sources. Prevent moisture from seeping into wooden pallets as this may lead to deterioration.

If you have multiple pallets, it’s best to have a warehouse or a storage unit for them. Make sure your warehouse or storage unit meets the necessary safety standards for storing pallets. Storing pallets in a warehouse will not only protect them from outside weather, but also prevent rodents and other insects from damaging them.

  1. Strapping Properly

When packing and shipping pallets, there are two main things that need to be taken into account; the dimensions of the pallets and the way you secure them. Many people have a tendency to tie their pallets too tightly and damage their contents.

When it comes to strapping your pallets properly, there are many different ways to do it. One method that many people use is using a chain. These chains can be attached to the pallets with nails or screws, making it easy to take apart or secure the goods you’re transporting. Another method to strap your pallets properly when shipping is to use a clamp. These types of clamps are used to secure pallets to one another to save on space and minimize movement of the pallets. You should also keep the pallets from tilting while strapping in order to ensure that all sides are secure.


Shipping freights with pallets, especially across the globe, is a cost-effective and secure solution as long as you know how to prepare them beforehand. When you order pallets, you need to know how to stack them properly to avoid them from being damaged while not in use. Once you’re ready to ship your freight, schedule your shipment with a trusted shipping company. While waiting for pickup, store your pallets inside a warehouse to protect them from the weather. Once they’re ready to ship, don’t forget to strap them properly so your freight can arrive at its destination safe and sound.



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