How to Find the Right Construction Hire Company

Whether you are running a single construction site in the city centre, or you have large development of projects across a larger area, it’s important to have access to the right construction hire facilities to ensure everything can be run successfully and efficiently. Finding the right company to use for your hire equipment can be difficult at first, so it’s important to think about what you need carefully.

Being able to have access to the facilities you need is crucial, and could be the difference between an effective construction project or one that is mismanaged. With that in mind, here are some tips to find the right construction hire company and what you need to consider.

Full range of facilities available to hire

One of the most helpful tips when looking for construction hire equipment is whether you’re able to get it all from one place. No matter how big or small the construction project is, it’s likely that you’ll need a number of different site cabins and welfare units to accommodate your workers.

Site cabins can be incredibly beneficial to provide that much-needed office space for administration and management of the construction site. They are also convenient for offering secure storage and space to take a break when necessary. Welfare units, which are often available in both mobile and static models, provide an essential area for staff to take their lunch break, make cups of tea and even dry off at the end of the day if needs be.

Being able to hire these units in one go from the same place can make it much easier to organize and manage.

Enough toilet facilities for staff

Having hygiene facilities on site is a must, whether your construction site is in a remote area or not. Your workers have a right to access toilet facilities nearby, and so hiring portable toilets should be high on your priority list. Consider how many toilet units you need to accommodate the number of people on-site.

There are a number of different toilet hire facilities available on the market, from standard recirculating toilets to mains connected portable toilet units. Make sure your hire company of choice can also provide things like soap and paper towel dispensers.

What other facilities do you need?

A construction site could need additional services to ensure it is able to run efficiently, with the right facilities to help make your job easier. Consider things like generators, temporary stores or fencing that can ensure your construction site is fully ready.

Construction sites can often be located far from accessible power grids, so generators can be helpful in powering catering facilities, lighting and heating that could be needed on a site throughout the year. What’s more, fencing is important to create a visible barrier around the site to ensure maximum safety.

Delivery and disposal

Construction sites often require efficient organization and time management, with deadlines to stick to. It’s important that a hire facilities company is able to help you meet those deadlines. The right company will be able to assess your requirements and help you out with a delivery service that works for you.

Quality hire companies will be able to offer the likes of long and short term hire, as well as short notice facility delivery should you need it. The better companies out there will also offer a full set up service of your facilities, and offer support or advice where needed. 

All of these services can make it much easier for you to deliver on your construction projects and help you create a productive environment for all involved.

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