How to Decorate with Western Rugs

Western Rugs are a type of flooring typically made from natural materials such as wool and silk. They have a distinctive look, patterns, and colors that make them perfect for any room in your home or office. 

Finding the perfect rug for your home or office can be difficult without the help of an expert. Many people only have a vague idea of what they like, so they may need to explore different options online before they find their perfect match. The rug can be a focal point in the room, and quite often, this is the case with a western rug. It usually has bold prints and earth tones that are contrasting. You often find different blues, tans, reds that are woven together in a western-like design. 

How To Pick the Correct Size of a Rug? 

Choosing the perfect size rug is not as easy as it looks. The rug size you pick will depend on your furniture and the room you want to cover. It also depends on the flooring that your room already has and how big of a space you want to cover. 

The size also depends on how much traffic your room gets and how often you need to change the rug or move it around. Rug sizes are given in inches. Be sure that you measure the area that you want the rug to go to ensure you find the appropriate size. 

How To Pick a Western Style of Rug that Fits Your Interior Space? 

It would be wise to try and find out what will suit the interior of your home with regard to color, pattern, and size. Keep in mind that you are going to be spending hours looking for the perfect rug. Many people start with the rug and then buy pieces the accent it. This is a great way to furnish a new space as you can take from the colors of the rug when looking to purchase furniture and other accessories. 

Due to the patterns, Western rugs are very bold and often provide a statement. This is why it usually makes more sense to purchase a rug that you like and decorate around it. They have a nice warm and cozy feel about them that is very inviting. 

Western rugs are a great way to add texture and personality to your home. The size and shape of these rugs can be customized to fit your space, as well as the colors. The rug industry is constantly changing, with new styles being released all the time. 

It is a common misconception that rugs can’t be used in a room with wood furniture. But rugs with bold colors and textures can provide a pop of color.  This can add a new personality to your interior. It’s important to take care of your rug so that it doesn’t get ruined by spills or pets. Vacuum often.  Also, hire professional rug cleaners to clean your rug from time to time properly. 


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