How To Check Quality of Your Concrete Foundations

There is no doubt, the most important part of any piece of construction is the foundation. The entire structure depends on the strength of the foundation. No matter how many floors you have got, quality of material, or fancy structural additions, the prime of the structure remains the base upon which the whole construction is developed. If you have recently got the foundation built, you need to do everything possible to make sure that it is strong and can hold up to your expectations.

Why Is The Quality Test Important

We recommend that even if you have closely investigated the development of the base, you should still check its quality once it is completely made. It’s in your best interest to be sure about everything in advance – at least before your house or building is built. This is so because, after the structure has been built, you cannot do much to revitalize the foundation.

Top Methods To Check The Concrete Quality

Do you know how to check the quality of your newly-built concrete foundation? Well, a lot of people don’t know about it. For your benefit, we have put down some easy methods that you can use to do the quality test of the foundation. Let us run through them:

Find A Testing Company

There are various organizations involved in foundation testing. The services you hire include testing the sample of hardened or fresh concrete and giving you the entire report on the strength and other aspects. This is a great service that you can avail of to make sure that the foundation of your structure is strong and reliable. The professionals take the sample to the laboratory for core testing and use chemicals and different processes to determine the quality of the concrete. A company will help you with everything.

Tensile Strength Test

If you are worried about nothing but the strength of the concrete, you should go for the tensile strength test. This test is carried out to determine how much force or tension the concrete can endure before getting a crack. Due to the brittle nature of the concrete, the structure cracks under pressure. Therefore, it is important to find how far it can go. You can get professionals to carry out the test. In some cases, the contractor can also do the test on your behalf.

Permeability Test

This is an important test that helps you be sure of the state of concrete in the presence of moisture and oxygen, etc. If the permeability test shows good results, it means the concrete won’t corrode or spall due to moisture. This test is of greater significance to structures that are being built around water bodies or humid regions.

Getting the concrete tested before the house is built is very important for every property owner. Ideally, you should run 3 checks – pre-concrete quality check, quality check while concreting, and post concrete quality check.

We hope the information mentioned above proves to be helpful to you.





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