How to Arrange A Lift Removal in Your Office?

While finding the right kind of lift for your property can be difficult, removing the existing piece of equipment can be hugely frustrating. Highly disruptive and potentially expensive, arranging a timely and safe removal can be difficult – especially when you’re already dealing with a busy professional schedule.

So, when do you know it’s time to swap out or upgrade and what do you have to do to book a removal today

When is it time to change?

Every lift has a lifespan attached to it, but many companies will choose to upgrade and improve based upon bespoke or unique requirements. This can range from a change in your business model that an older design cannot accommodate, such as a change to products that you ship, equipment that you use, or even the number of employees that operate from your property.

This can include adherence to new legislation, accommodating members of staff and visiting clients, or due to failure or breakdown of an old model. No matter what your requirements may be, it’s essential to take the time to review your in-office setup and ensure that you consider all the variables before making a switch or upgrade.

What do you need to check?

When it comes to arranging a removal, it’s important to consider a number of key variables before contacting a provider. These include, but are not limited to asking-

What item is being replaced?: Providing the specific make and model number of the lift will allow the team to confirm how the item will be removed and avoid any issues that may cause problems.

Is the provider reliable?: Any provider should be thoroughly checked to determine that they have worked on previous jobs and have a solid professional pedigree.

Are there special considerations?: Access and removal can be difficult for older build or dense properties. This can be discussed in full with your provider and allow you to schedule a stress free extraction.

What next?

Once you’ve gathered your information, you can discuss your removal in full with your chosen provider. This will allow them to capture key information about the work and provide a costing for removal and a timeline to complete the project.

This can involve dismantling and removal (a soft project) or involve significant build work to remove and dispose of the item wholesale (a hard project). This will also allow them to provide a full risk assessment for the project and allow them to ensure that all key health and safety standards are fully adhered to. The work can then be executed around your schedule with follow on care.

Many companies will also offer lift removal alongside a replacement service that installs a replacement piece of machinery. This can help reduce downtime, minimise disruption, and ensure that you are able to save effort and expense when it truly matters most.


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