How Hotel Chains Are Adapting to Uncertain Times

The Covid-19 crisis is one of the most challenging events faced by the world in this century, and the hospitality industry has been among the hardest hit. However, the industry also quickly adapted to this new normal.

As a result, we now see many hotels already adjusting their strategies to remain operational in a challenging environment are various measures taken by hoteliers to adapt to the market and the current uncertain environment. From safety and hygiene, which has become the top priority for guests, to providing flexibility in cancellation policies, the new normal for hotel chains looks vastly different than the status quo.

Improved Hygiene And Safety Measures

The pandemic has pushed the industry to redefine their hygiene and safety measures. To ensure the safety of everyone during the pandemic, hotels are following a strict cleaning protocol. Most hotels have contactless temperature checks and contactless check-ins. From frequent sanitization of the hotel to tracing the guests’ recent travel history, hotels are quickly upgrading their hygiene and safety standards.

Hotels are frequently disinfecting high-traffic areas and are also providing masks, sanitizers, and gloves for guests. Guest rooms are also being cleaned thoroughly, from disinfecting PTAC units to regularly changing the bedding, hotels are taking extra care to ensure rooms are well sanitized.

Flexibility In Cancellation Policies

Hotels are redefining their cancellation policies, especially during the pandemic. Most hotels are offering free cancellations and allowing modifications in bookings. From room upgrades to providing rooms for quarantine, hotels are doing their best to ensure guest comfort.

These measures also help to increase consumer confidence when booking new rooms, knowing they can likely reschedule if needed.

Increased Focus On Technology

To keep up with the changes that the pandemic has brought, hotels are increasingly focusing on upgrading their hotels with technology to ensure a contactless, safe service for guests.

From high-tech solutions for disinfection and air purification to digital room keys, hotels are maximizing the use of technology to improve consumer safety during the pandemic.

Personalized Guest Experience

Due to the current situation, many hotels are emphasizing on personalized guest experiences to build guest trust. They’re providing up-to-date information on the pandemic situation, airport transfers, and advice on measures to prevent COVID-19.

Some hotels are also offering medical care and are transparent about the preventive measures for Covid-19 taken by the staff. Hotels are assisting guests to personalize their itinerary so that the guests can do the things they like while following the pandemic protocol.

Increased Security Measures

One of the strategies that most hotels have quickly adapted to is an increase in security measures designed to make the spread of COVID-19 less likely. Plexiglass shields are being placed across counters, and hotels have developed strict cleaning protocols for the pandemic.

To ensure that the entrance is limited, hotels are redesigning their entries in a way that there’s only one entry point being used. This also makes it easier to check guests’ temperature each time they re-enter the facility.

Revamping Marketing Strategies

Though traveling may have slowed down during the pandemic, some people are still required to travel for work. Some even look for staycations nearby to get out of the daily rut.

To meet these demands, hotels are revamping their marketing strategies. Due to a ban on international travel, most hotels have revamped their strategies to focus on local consumers. To keep consumers engaged, hotels are opting for awareness blogs, personalized packages, and a creating consistent flow of new creative content.

Food And Beverage Services

Some hotels are personalizing food and beverage services for guests by taking pre-orders via email before the guest’s arrival. Other hotels are also offering takeaway services from their restaurants.

To optimize opportunities, some hotels are even offering online cooking classes taught by their chefs – a creative way to drive new revenue when normal traffic is diminished.

Using Hotel Inventory For Revenue Potential

To increase their revenues, hotels are getting creative with their unused inventory. Hotels are capitalizing on the demand for private co-working spaces and meeting spaces by providing rooms at an hourly rate.

Partnering with local businesses to use the unused areas of a hotel as a co-working space is a great way to increase revenue in these uncertain times.


Even as businesses reopen and the world slowly gets back to normal, it’ll take a while for things to be on track, especially for hotels. That’s why most hotels today have shifted their focus from cutting costs to looking for alternative ways to increase their revenue.

With the focus on hygiene and safety measures, which ensure guest security is taken seriously, hotels are quickly adapting to the new normal. Thus, with increased technology integration and creative ways to improve revenue potential, hotel chains seem to be adapting as well as could be hoped for.




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