How Do You Find High Rise Window Cleaning Services?

You’re looking out your office or hotel room window and all you can see is the grime.

Forget the beautiful view you are paying good money for – it’s just a streaky mess out there.

You need a good window cleaning for your commercial building!

Keep scrolling for a quick guide to hiring a high rise window cleaning company.

Why Hire a Professional
DIY improvements and repairs can save your company serious money over time. However, not all projects should be tackled by the business owner. There are some that simply require a professional.

Ask yourself these three questions to determine if you should even think about taking on this project:

• Can you safely clean those high up, hard-to-reach windows, and do you have the right equipment?
• Do you have the time to commit to washing your entire building worth of windows and will you be efficient at the task?
• Will you do quality work? Without access to professional-grade cleaning supplies, you run the risk of leaving streaky windows.

Hiring a professional high rise window cleaning company ensures that your windows are cleaned right the first time. Don’t trade safety and efficiency for saving a few dollars.

Where to Start Looking
You’ve decided you need to hire a high rise window cleaning company. That’s great, but how do you find one?

The easiest way to start your search is to ask the building manager of the next skyscraper you walk past. Chances are they have a company that they know and love. Or a company that you should steer clear of.

Either way, you’ll get some insider info from someone who handles this all the time.
You can also perform a simple internet search. A website like Yellow Pages will start you in the right direction.

Ask These Questions to Vet the Company
Once you’ve compiled your shortlist of top window washing companies in the area, you want to make sure you are picking the best one for your business.

Ask these questions to make sure that everything is on the up-and-up:

1. Do You Have the Correct Safety Equipment?
Typical equipment consists of rope protectors, safety ropes, rope-grabbing tools, a descent mechanism, and lanyards. Depending on the kind of rig the company uses, there are some differences in the safety equipment required.

Make sure the window cleaning company you hire has a plan for safety. Companies like Epic Rope Access provide height solutions for performing work in hard to reach places. They’ll make sure that all workers are safely strapped in and have backup harnesses in the event of an emergency.

2. What Type of Equipment Do You Use?
There are a couple of different types of setups that a window cleaning company might use. If it’s a large company, they may use more than one type of equipment depending on the building they’re cleaning.

Here’s a breakdown of the types of equipment they might mention:

The Bosun’s chair is designed for a single washer. Its chair-like design makes it great for prolonged washing in one position. It allows the washer to essentially sit while they work.
A boom is an old-school and very common setup. It consists of a scaffold that is attached to the building. It’s a fixed setup that carries multiple washers at one time.

A carriage is a moveable alternative to a boom. The carriage is mounted to rail on the roof. This makes it a movable scaffold that can shift left or right across the facade of the building. Like a boom, it carries multiple washers.

A portable davit is the cheapest option among these four. Like the boom and carriage, it can hold a group of workers. Unlike the boom, it is able to move to reach multiple areas of the building.

3. What’s Your Protocol for Inclement Weather?
A 10 mph gust on the ground is a lovely summer breeze that helps keep you cool. A 10 mph gust when you are 50 stories off the ground is a whole different deal.

Find out what the company’s plans and protocol for weather are.

While you don’t want to endanger anyone on the job, you also can’t afford to wait for days for perfect conditions. Find out if the company will come at night when the winds die down, or if you’ll be rescheduled for the next business day for the cleaning.

You don’t want to hire a company that doesn’t have a contingency plan for bad weather.
While you have the company on the phone, it’s always appreciated if you share your insider knowledge of the area’s weather. For instance, are you ocean-front and always have a 10 mph breeze? It’ll change how the company plans for your scheduled cleaning.

4. What’s Your Track Record?
Can they give you references? Do they have repeat customers that have been loyal for years and keep coming back?

Any company that won’t, or can’t, provide a list of solid references should not be the company you hire to dangle off your building. You want a company with a solid track record and verifiable success.

5. What’s Your Soonest Availability?
It’s pointless to hire a company that can’t get to your site for three months if you need your windows cleaned as soon as possible. Find out what their availability is and how far in advance you’d need to schedule repeat cleanings.

Unfortunately, your windows won’t stay clean forever and you’ll have to repeat the whole process of booking a window cleaning company. Find out now how to go about rescheduling. It’ll save you a hassle in the future.

Hire Your New High Rise Window Cleaning Company Today!
You’ve found and vetted the perfect high rise window cleaning company for your needs. Now hire them and check one item off your list!

Your guests and clients are worth having squeaky clean windows.

Still need help finding the right company? Check out our online vendor directory!

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