How Big Data Is Revolutionizing Advertising

Digital advertising is a rapidly changing industry and new trends are popping up every day. One of the most recent that has taken advertising by storm is big data – which refers to using vast datasets for advertising. Big data is used in various ways to create a more personalized experience for consumers. There’s so much discussion around this topic right now, and we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about how it is revolutionizing the field of advertising. 

Predictive analysis 

This is one of the most significant uses of big data advertising. Using unique computer algorithms advertising companies can predict what their audiences want and need based on many different factors. This can help your business create better ads that target specific demographics with products they might actually enjoy. For example, if a company knows you have two pets at home –  they might try serving you a new pet food advertisement. 

Cross-device advertising 

Nowadays, people no longer spend all their time with just one device. They hop between different screens throughout the day. So, advertisers need to be able to follow them where they go. This is called cross-device advertising, and big data is an integral part of how it works. With so much information available about consumers’ online behavior – advertising companies can use this to create ads that will appear regardless of the user’s device choice.  

Real-time data analysis 

Another advertising trend that big data has enabled is real-time analysis. Ads can be analyzed and tweaked to maximize their effectiveness within seconds! As advertising moves more towards real-time advertising, big data is the only way to make this possible. 


You might have seen the phrase “targeted advertising” before, but big data has allowed advertising companies to go a step further – now they can create ads that target specific demographics of people, even individuals! For example, a brand could focus their distributing advertising to men between the ages of 18-25, who live in San Francisco, and are interested in technology, creating a much more refined and cost-efficient campaign. Learn more about Eskimi’s targeting services here. 

Hyperlocal targeting 

Hyperlocal advertising is when advertisers use hyper-targeting to reach a specific audience that resides in small geographic areas, such as a residential neighborhood or within one area of town. Using big data allows marketers to serve offers and deals to customers when they are physically by the storefront; this is based on the consumer’s history with past purchases and similar travel routes. This capability enables advertisers to target consumers with short-term advertising campaigns. For example, you could advertise discount coupons to potential customers as they walk by your store. 

Increasing sales 

With all the big data available, companies can collect and analyze it in order to provide you with advertising strategies most likely to lead to a purchase. This not only develops companies understanding of what advertising works best, but also saves the company money because they aren’t spending their budget on advertising campaigns that don’t work! 

Big Data, Bigger Brands 

Big data is not only for large companies; it’s also a tool for small businesses to grow their brand awareness and success. The more you know about your customers and their buying habits, the better equipped you are to identify opportunities and cater towards what they’re looking for. We make great use of big data here at Eskimi, get in touch to find out how each service across our unified platform takes us one step closer to the future of advertising.  


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