Hollman and Gensler New Smart Locker Collection

Hollman, Inc., the industry leader in locker design and solutions, is proud to announce its new Acoustic Locker Collection, which debuted at NeoCon 2021. The collection—developed in collaboration with Gensler, the global architecture and design firm—pairs sound-blocking and -absorbing design with smart locking technology from Vecos, for a flexible storage solution that meets the needs of today’s hybrid workplaces. 

Optimized for Productivity and Wellness 

“Today’s variable work schedules and large, open office layouts can present a challenge,” says Rajat Agarwal, Director of R&D at Hollman.” “We developed the Acoustic Locker Collection to help maximize square footage and meet employees’ needs for quiet, multifunctional workspaces with ample storage.”  

With these goals in mind, Hollman incorporated several unique attributes into the collection, starting with the sound-absorbing design that gives the Acoustic Locker Collection its name: The lockers have an impressive 0.31 NRC (noise reduction coefficient) rating, which help reduce the noise level within surrounding office spaces, creating a more tranquil work environment. Antimicrobial Nanolam surfacing prevents the growth of mildew and mold, which can cause stains and odors, and more. And, the dynamic and thoughtful design creates an attractive, easily personalized look: The exteriors sport a sharp diagonal pattern; interiors have integrated acoustic panels that double as personal display space. 

Storage Solutions for the Next Generation Workplace 

By joining forces with Vecos, innovators of state-of-the-art smart locker systems, Hollman has elevated the Acoustic Locker Collection to meet the needs of the evolving office. Vecos’ smart locking and remote management technology built into every Acoustic Locker provides secure, hassle-free, self-service storage—wherever and whenever a user may need it. Badge- and smartphone-based identification and remote management solves the problems of lost keys and forgotten combinations and locker “claiming” behavior, and allows easier monitoring and IT integration, saving time and resources. This latest addition to Hollman’s slate of top-quality locker solutions meets yet another need for designers and customers seeking the world’s best storage system. 








About Hollman Inc.: Hollman lockers was founded in 1976 and is the industry leader in locker design and solutions. We have manufactured more than 12 million lockers for high-profile organizations, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, major American golf courses, corporate centers, country clubs, fitness studios and gyms, college campuses, museums, and hospitals. Our lockers are built to inspire teamwork, collaboration, innovation, and trust among the users. Learn more at www.hollman.com 

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