Here’s What It Takes To Remodel A Kitchen

Successfully and efficiently renovating a kitchen takes a lot of time and effort. From laying down a project management plan, finding a vendor, planning a design, deciding the materials and appliances according to the safety standards, it takes a great deal of work to create the dream kitchen for the clients. According to Kitchen Infinity, a kitchen remodeling company in Connecticut, kitchen renovation begins with the planning and design phase, and ensuring that  the requirements for the customers, demolition and the construction process are met.

Here’s what goes down in the process of remodeling a kitchen:

1. Finding A Trusted Vendor

Vendors are only as good as their last job. Every project has a long list of supplies and materials needed, which take up a large portion of the budget allocated for the remodel. Making connections with good vendors is important because they can offer discounts and good quality products at a good price.

Contractors hire vendors based on their years of experience, extent of services they provide, quality of products and the prices and discounts they offer. It’s important to find more than one vendor so in case something comes up, there are backup vendors on standby. This helps keep the remodeling process on track without any delays.

2. Plan and Design Layout

Making a project management plan helps figuring out the risk factors and organizing the steps the remodeling needs to be done in. Architects and interior designers working with the contractors do some research, get measurements and design a few options for the clients to choose from.

Having a few options at hand is always better and gives clients a sense of professionalism from the contractors. Doing some initial research helps understand the clients needs as well and helps in designing the layout accordingly.

3. Incorporating Client’s Ideas Into Practical Designs

A client wants everything and anything in their kitchen design! They are not really thinking from an architectural point of view while talking about their ideas for their kitchen remodeling. Hence, it is up to the contractor to incorporate those ideas into more realistic designs and convey them on to the client. The tricky part here is to keep the originality of the clients ideas in the design so that they don’t feel that their original ideas were sabotaged or the contractor disregarded what they wanted. After all, what the client wants always comes first!

4. Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is really important if the remodeling process includes electricity and plumbing. Removing the old electrical outlets and installing new ones needs prior assessment for any faulty leakages. Contractors need to make the safety standards are met for the clients and the laborers. Another reason timely risk management is really important is if the client’s family decides to stay in the house during the kitchen remodeling process. Calculating the risks ahead of time and informing the clients of the possible outcomes is a more professional approach towards the remodeling process.

5. Change Of Plans

The requirements of the remodeling process can change anytime and need to be addressed on a case to case basis. Sometimes the client needs to make some changes to their design or the contractor will need to hire a different subcontractor, or change the vendor. Anything can come up. So it is important to always have backup vendors and subcontractors. This also means that the kitchen design needs to be flexible and open to any necessary changes that come with time. A flexible design is one of the most important professional qualities of a great contractor.

There are a lot of background processes going on during a kitchen remodeling process for both the clients and the contractor. Clients are not usually aware of the critical thinking and careful planning that goes on behind the whole process and it is important to create a really well-thought project management plan for the smooth working and client satisfaction.



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