Green & Eco-Friendly Renovations Homeowners Guide

A recently published a comprehensive guide about “Upgrade Your Home: The Complete Guide to Green & Eco-Friendly Renovations for Homeowners” here is the link:

With the government recently announcing new green home renovation grants, a lot of homeowners now are starting to optimize their houses for sustainability.

The Guide covers a lot of important insights such as:

  1. The value of home improvements

  2. Sustainable renovation options, including solar and insulation

  3. Practical considerations, like living arrangements

  4. Financial considerations, including green mortgages and special home insurance

Our research found that:

  • A higher EPC rating generally leads to a higher selling price per square metre, justifying the cost of renovations for many homeowners.

  • Compared to single glazing, a home with A++ rated windows can reduce its carbon footprint by 405kg, or £115, per year.

  • If you’re planning on moving out of your home for significant renovations, make sure you get unoccupied home insurance for an extended period of time. Most policies only cover you for around 30 days when you own a property but you’re not living in it.

  • Keep checking government financial incentives in your area. The government is offering grants for heat pumps, a cleaner, more efficient alternative to gas boilers, from April 2022.

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