Game Changer AI for Commercial AC Debuts

L to R: Sri Chari, mechanical engineer and president, Charlie Szoradi, CEO

The US company, Energy Intelligence Center, is bringing an artificial intelligence platform called OptikW for optimizing the operation and output of commercial AC and refrigeration systems that has been saving building owners and managers millions in energy costs in the Middle East and India, to North America.

The company is offering the OptikW algorithm with no upfront costs which according to the company’s CEO, Charlie Szoradi, “Should clearly convey our confidence this technology can save between 15–40 percent of energy costs for the majority of commercial buildings with central cooling systems or high refrigeration loads.”

Szoradi says, “The technology has saved more than 23,000,000 kWh/year and millions of dollars around the world since 2011. Having been in the energy reduction market for decades, I see the potential for this AI product to change the energy consumption landscape for American commercial real estate in a big way.”

According to Szoradi, OptikW is a machine learning artificial intelligence that “optimizes the consumption of energy (kilowatts) for commercial real estate air conditioning and refrigeration systems by monitoring the environment and operations using our Enviro-Ops Matrix(EOM) and making real-time adjustments to reach and maintain peak performance. “Our patent-pending algorithm, with Internet of Things (IoT), fully optimizes kilowatt hours per refrigeration ton (kWh/RT) on central cooling with water as well as air cooled systems, without disrupting user experience, existing equipment, or BMS or BAS.

Szoradi likens it to a technology you could plug into your car that would monitor and adjust the engine, chassis, electronics, wheel balance, air pressure, and exhaust each minute to maintain optimal gas mileage.

Szoradi says OptikW is ideal for lowering costs for data centers, hospitals, hotels, convention centers, office and apartment buildings, manufacturing plants, cold storage, food processing facilities, dairies, and the chemical industry. “OptikW was developed by a brilliant mechanical engineer named Sri Chari, and the technology has been proven from India to the Middle East. We’re excited to bring it to the US and Canada.”

He adds, “As we get out in the field and form strategic alliances to reach more clients and save more money, I am convinced this technology has the greatest potential for impacting energy consumption for US industry over the next decade.”

OptikW is a Philadelphia-based company offering the OptikW artificial intelligence technology developed by mechanical engineer, Sri Chari, who serves as company president and chief technology officer. Charlie Szoradi, an energy and business development professional, is CEO. D.S. Ravishankar is chief programming officer. Chari and Ravishankar have overseen seventeen different projects around the world focused on energy savings through cooling system optimization.

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