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Femco Construction recently completed a remarkable healthcare upfit project in a Charlotte-area hospital. An ExAblate system was installed in an MRI suite requiring modifications to the magnet room, equipment room and operator’s room. Utilities and infrastructure to operate the front-end unit, helmet system and table adapter plate were installed inside the MRI scan room.

“As a GC who frequently works on radiology and healthcare projects, we are well versed in the arena, but this was a fairly unique project,” said Ron Revia, Project Manager. “As you would imagine, this project held the interest of high-level hospital personnel, came with a tight schedule and really had no precedent. We are fortunate to have the experience and manpower to support adequate planning, supervision and coordination for the project.”

The new surgery, MRI-guided focused ultrasound, treats essential tremor and tremor-dominant Parkinson’s disease with sound waves. Only 23 hospitals in the U.S. offer this treatment, with this hospital being the first and only facility between central Virginia and Florida. The treatment uses more than 1,000 beams of focused ultrasonic energy, creating small areas of heat deep in the brain to destroy misfiring cells. A special membrane filled with cool water is placed around the scalp and the water conducts ultrasound waves while an MRI scan measures the temperature in the brain. The ultrasound waves are used to damage the part of the brain circuitry that is causing tremors.

Scott Kittinger, Vice President Development, was excited when originally approached with the challenge. “It’s truly an honor to be awarded a project like this,” said Kittinger. “This type of work requires a high-degree of skill and we’ve invested countless hours in training and development to be up to the task. Our team of superintendents and subcontractors are the best throughout the Carolinas when it comes to working in active medical facilities.”

CLICK HERE to read more about this project in the Charlotte Observer.

About Femco Construction

Femco is a commercial general contractor with offices in Greensboro and Fayetteville, NC. With a focus on healthcare and multi-family construction, Femco proudly serves clients throughout North and South Carolina.

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