Expert Tips To Replace House Sewer Line To Street

All the water appliances in your property have their own drain system. These are sized according to the appliance. Usually, the pipes are relatively small from each appliance. They then join together and head out of your house, across your yard and into the main sewer. From the moment they join the pipe is larger, ensuring it can carry the waste away without causing blockages.  

It’s this part of the pipe that is often overlooked and forgotten about because it is buried under your yard. However, you should check it regularly as replacing the sewer line is a complicated job.  

The easiest way to check your sewer line is to find a sewer camera for sale and run it through the pipe regularly. This will allow you to see any cracks or damage. These are commonly caused by old age or from tree roots.  

Damage will result in a clog which will eventually cause the waste to flow back into your home instead of away from it.  

There are several options when replacing your sewer line. 

  • Liner 

If the pipe is generally in good condition and there are just a few cracks, a liner can be inserted inside the pipe and moved into position. It’s then inflated which causes the epoxy on the back to stick to the walls of the original pipe, effectively repairing it.  

  • Burst 

Bursting is when a special tool is used which moves through the pipe destroying it as it goes. At the same time, it pulls a new pipe into position, effectively replacing it. This approach is expensive. 

  • Dig It Up 

The standard approach and still a viable option in many cases is to dig in your yard until you reach the pipe and then remove the damaged section and insert a new piece.  

Dig First 

The first step in replacing your sewer line in the traditional manner is to dig down to your pipe. Your house plans should show where the pipes are, along with any access points. You may want to carefully use a mini digger to make this process faster and easier.  

Once you’ve located the pipe, you’ll be able to uncover all of the piece you want to replace. You should create some space on each side to make it easier to work on the pipe.  


If you’re going to replace the sewer pipe then you need to be aware that you can’t use any of your water appliances while you’re doing the work. Make sure everyone in your household knows this and that the repair could take all day. 

Cut It Out 

Having gained access to the pipe you can now cut it at each end, this will allow you to lift it out and dispose of it in accordance with local regulations. You should wear protective gear when doing this.  

With the pipe out you can affix the new pipe into position, simply slot it in each end and use pipe glue to hold it in place. Test the join before letting people use the water appliances again and covering the pipe back over.  






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