eTakeoff Electronic Takeoff Technology for Estimators

eTakeoff, a leading provider in takeoff software for construction estimating, today announced the release of a new electronic takeoff technology that enables estimators to deliver faster and more accurate estimates. Patent-pending SnapAI technology enhances eTakeoff Dimension, its award-winning electronic takeoff solution.

“SnapAI is a game-changer for estimators,” said Curtis Peltz, CEO of eTakeoff. “Takeoff is the most time consuming and error-prone part of the construction estimating process so we’re always looking for ways to improve the process. We’ve made great strides with electronic takeoff, but the new SnapAI technology takes it to a new level, cutting electronic takeoff time in half while delivering precise measurements.”

While a few other vendors have attempted utilizing vector PDF data, they have been limited to simply snapping to vector points or coordinates. SnapAI is the first and only takeoff tool that adds intelligence to vector PDF takeoff by predicting what the estimator will do next and enabling point, logical line, and polyline selection for maximum flexibility.

SnapAI is the only practical snap technology for 2-D takeoff and does not require any special preparation of the PDF to work. Additional key features and benefits of SnapAI include:

  • Anticipates next move: AI capabilities analyse the data hidden in vector PDFs and “predict” what the estimator will do next, accelerating point, line or polyline selection.
  • Reduces mouse movement: Minimizes the need for an estimator to zoom into a drawing to find the most accurate corner or endpoint by hand.
  • Creates Faster Takeoffs: It accelerates point, line or polyline selection. The technology allows estimators to snap onto an entire line (or polyline) — rather than clicking on each end of a line — to instantly grab the line’s measurements, cutting electronic takeoff time in half.
  • Produces More Accurate Results: Unlike many solutions, SnapAI does not sacrifice accuracy for speed. No matter which takeoff method an estimator chooses (endpoint, line, or connecting lines), SnapAI provides only the most precise dimensions.
  • Allows Switching Takeoff Modes: Users can switch takeoff modes during a measurement, eliminating the need to start over if underlying vector data is incomplete.
  • Quickly Traces Building Components: SnapAI can also recognize logical connecting lines, so, when an estimator clicks on one line, the technology “hunts” for the next logical connecting line, quickly tracing building components (while showing the estimator an outline of what is being taken off) for even faster takeoff.

SnapAI has been recognized as a Hot Product for 2021 by Construction Executive. Learn more about SnapAI and visit for more information on eTakeoff’s industry-leading solutions for estimators.

About eTakeoff
eTakeoff is an industry leader in electronic Quantity Takeoff, delivering award-winning software with sophisticated Assembly capabilities that is powerful, versatile, and easy to use. Thousands of contractors in every construction trade use eTakeoff to deliver more accurate estimates while boosting their productivity by as much as 15 times over paper takeoff. Learn more at

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