Essential Tools for Home Renovation


One of the biggest responsibilities as a homeowner is upgrading and maintaining your house when you have outgrown it. Renovation services can be very frustrating and costly, but the good news is, with tons of tutorials and resources on the internet, you can do simple renovation work all by yourself. One of the most important things when remodeling your home is figuring out the equipment you need to start off with. It is quite normal to feel overwhelmed when walking into the tools aisle if you do not know where to begin, but worry no more, we have compiled a comprehensive list of essential tools to help you out.

Basic Toolkit

You might already have one of these lying around, if not, what are you waiting for? Most of them come pre-packaged and should contain some essential tools that you will need, ranging from screwdrivers and hammers to hacksaws. These will prove to be a fantastic investment even when it comes to simple repairs around the house in the future. Find a toolkit that is all-encompassing to keep around the house for the next emergency repair. If you need a recommendation, check out Landmark Tools for everything you need. 

Tape Measure

Investing in a strong and sturdy measuring tape is imperative because it is a multi-functional tool and can last you a long time. Not only can it help you make sure new furniture will fit your space, it can also help you calculate the right amount of tiles for your floors and ensure your new decor looks great on your wall. It can definitely come in handy when doing simple repair and maintenance work too. Get a dependable measuring tape that has a sturdy hook and thumb lock, it may seem pricey for a simple tool but trust me, you do not want your tape to get stuck when you need it most. 

Protective Equipment

Renovation work can be quite dangerous if you do not take safety precautions and use protective gear. We have all heard horror stories about people sustaining serious injuries while remodelling their home. Save yourself the trip to the hospital by stocking up on safety goggles, dustproof masks and ear plugs or muffs. Consider getting a dungaree to protect your clothes from the dust and paint. Protective gear may be a little uncomfortable and seem like a hassle, but your safety comes first!


You are bound to need to climb up a ladder when trying to fix up your house, be it to change lights on the ceiling or to repaint your walls. Do not risk balancing on chairs to reach higher places! A step ladder is much safer than a ladder as it is much sturdier and does not require a surface to lean on. They come in all shapes and sizes, so take into account the amount of storage space you have when you are shopping for your step ladder. You can even find stepladders that allow you to attach tools on the side which is very convenient!

Stud Sensor 

If you need to hang heavier things on your walls, a stud sensor is a must-have. This gadget will help to locate the studs that are in the walls so that you are able to nail your decor and furniture on the wall securely. By drilling, it will be able to bear the weight of the mounted item to prevent it from falling and causing damage to the walls. Many who try to guess where the studs tend to miss them, which will definitely cause more trouble in the long run.


Sometimes you may just need to knock a few walls down to make more space, and a sledgehammer is a perfect tool for the job. Sometimes demolishing a wall will really change up the layout of the house and allow you more freedom to redecorate. Purchase a sledgehammer that you are able to swing with ease, even if they are lighter, they are just as effective as long as you swing hard! Be sure to put on the proper safety equipment so that you do not inhale harmful toxins and dust too. 

Rafter Square

Throw back to math class! It may remind you of a set of squares you used back in school, but they come in handy in carpentry too. Rafter squares may be a little tricky to use at first, but detailed markings are crucial to making precise cuts and holes. This tool will save you the headache of trying to figure out a perfect right angle and help you make accurate guides and lines when sawing. Once you learn how to use a rafter square, you do not have to toss out materials that are perfectly usable just because you made a wrong cut.

Cordless Electric Drill and Drill Bits

Avoid tripping over tangled wires with a battery-operated electric drill. They are really convenient when there are no power sockets nearby. An electric drill is one of the most useful power tools out there, to make holes and drive screws. Depending on the type of drill bit, you can drill through various types of materials, and make different-sized holes. We recommend that you get a set of drill bits so that you will be well prepared when you need to drill a hole or drive a screw. Some electric drills allow you to control the trigger to adjust the speed of the drill, to ease the process. Remember to charge the drill after using it so that it will not run out of battery on your next use. 


We have helped gather the basic tools you will need to get started on revamping your house. A change in environment is sure to make you feel a lot more welcome in your home, especially if you have lived in it for a while. Make sure to take a look around and evaluate what changes you would like to make to your space so that it serves you and your family well. Embark on your home renovation project with confidence by doing some research beforehand and you are good to go!


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