Ensure Your Rental Property is Safe for Tenants

A rental property can be a great long-term investment and an effective way to generate short-term revenue. However, you will need to fulfill certain obligations once you become a landlord and ensuring the safety of your building should be a top priority. If you want to put your property on the rental market, take a look at these top tips for ensuring it’s safe for tenants:

1. Carry Out Boiler and Furnace Inspections

Boilers and furnaces can be extremely dangerous if they malfunction, which is why regular inspections are vital to ensure the safety of your tenants. However, you won’t be able to undertake this task alone, unless you have the relevant credentials. Instead, you’ll need to hire certified engineers to check furnaces and boilers and carry out repairs, if they’re required.

2. Increase Security

The physical security of a property should always be addressed, particularly if your insurance policies contain any clauses regarding minimum security measures. Choosing a sturdier front door, adding locks to the windows and even installing exterior CCTV can help to keep tenants safe and give you peace of mind. Increasing the security of a rental property is also in your interests, as the owner. After all, preventing break-ins and trespassers helps to ensure your property doesn’t sustain unnecessary damage.

3. Protect Against Fire

Whether you own a commercial or residential building, it’s essential to have effective fire safety measures in place. By working with specialists, such as APFE Corp., you can ensure that fire protection equipment is up to standard and fully operational. Furthermore, fire safety specialists can provide bespoke advice regarding effective safety measures. From fire alarms and sprinkler systems to extinguishers and fire doors, there are plenty of ways to improve the fire safety of your rental property.

4. Test Electrical Circuits and Appliances

When you’re renting out a property, electrical systems should be tested regularly by a qualified and certified electrician. As well as confirming the safety of the electrical circuits within the property, an electrician can also check that any appliances which are rented with the home are also safe to be used. This may include refrigerators, dishwashers or washing machines, as well as TVs and music systems in fully furnished rental properties.

5. Conduct Regular Risk Assessments

Making a rental property safe isn’t a one-off task. Instead, you’ll need to conduct regular risk assessments to ensure the property remains in a habitable condition. Talk to your tenants about when is a good time for you to do this and work with them to identify and resolve any potential safety hazards.

Fulfilling Your Duties as a Landlord

Making your property safe is a critical part of being a landlord and one which you should take seriously. However, if you don’t have the time or expertise to handle this aspect of property management, you can always outsource it to dedicated agencies and companies. By doing so, you can ensure that the property is safe and rely on an experienced property manager to carry out regular inspections and safety assessments.

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