Rosendin Electrical & Construction Safety Week

In the construction industry, everyone understands physical safety and injury prevention is critical, but too often, companies and individuals fail to recognize the importance of emotional safety from harassment, bullying, and discrimination.  That’s why leaders at Rosendin, the nation’s largest employee-owned electrical contractor, raised the bar for this year’s annual Construction Safety Week.

In addition to educating workers and the public about physical dangers, Rosendin will also provide valuable information about mental stressors through a series of educational videos, personal stories, and practical tips during Construction Safety Week, September 14 – 18.

“As safety leaders in the construction industry, we are proud to bear the burden to help craft workers recognize and prevent harm of any kind, whether it is caused by an accidental mistake or an intentional act of hate because there is no room for discrimination on our job sites,” said Mike Greenawalt, Rosendin CEO. “At Rosendin, we are fully committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace so that every team member has the tools and training to do their best work, and return home to their families each night.”

Each day of Construction Safety Week, Rosendin tackles a different topic with tools to identify unsafe practices, make good choices, and recognize signs of stress such as anxiety and depression. The following videos will be available to the public at

Monday, September 14 – Built on Safety: Rosendin CEO, Mike Greenawalt, hosts a safety videoexplaining how the industry’s Culture of Care initiative sets new expectations to end discrimination on construction sites, so everyone feels unconditionally safe, both physically and emotionally. Company leaders will visit project sites and lead safety meetings to explain their personal responsibilities to call out unsafe practices and discuss the importance of safety while driving.

Tuesday, September 15 – Fall Protection: Falling from heights is the leading cause of preventable industry deaths, with 320 lives lost in 2018. Rosendin shares its newest safety video to demonstrate the impact of a 12-foot and 20-foot fall using Ballistics mannequins. They also call attention to the dangers of poorly fitted PPE and share women’s stories/photos after receiving an AGC grant for specially designed harnesses. Paolo Degrassi, Rosendin President, hosts a video with safety tips from OSHA, NECA, AGC, and Construction Safety Week.

Wednesday, September 16 – COVID-19: Deemed essential workers, the construction industry united toprotect workers’ health and safety with new protocols that changed weekly. Rosendin collaborated with industry peers to create a comprehensive COVID-19 Response Plan that they shared openly and began researching innovative solutions. Matt Englert, Rosendin COO, presents avideo describing best practices and procedures for coping with the pandemic.

Thursday, September 17 – Mental Health: 1 in 5 construction workers struggle with mental health issues, and the industry is #4 highest in death by suicide. Rosendin COO, Keith Douglas, hosts a mental health awareness video discussing the critical need to help workers coping with unprecedented levels of stress, health concerns, social inequities, and environmental catastrophes, and how to get assistance through Rosendin, NECA, IBEW, and AGC. To show its commitment to mental health, The Rosendin Foundation also donated $5,000 this year to the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention. 

Friday, September 18 – Take Responsibility: Rosendin employees have taken a personal responsibility to protect the lives of all craft workers by reporting unsafe practices, including improper PPE use, harassment, bullying, and discrimination. Rosendin’s Executive Vice President, Justin Tinoco, hosts a sobering video describing the moment he was buried alive as an apprentice and how his co-worker’s responsibility for him saved his life.

“We believe it is our responsibility to make sure that we are doing what is right for our brothers and sisters every day,” said Marty Rouse, Rosendin Vice President of Safety. “Rosendin is committed to protecting workers with over 90 Certified Safety Professionals who uphold high standards and develop innovative solutions to eliminate risk.”

Rosendin’s commitment to safety through meaningful action and permanent solutions is rooted in its core values: “We Care. We Share. We Listen. We Innovate. We Excel.”  The electrical contracting company employs over 6,500 people working across the country and promotes an inclusive workforce for skilled and unskilled workers interested in construction, engineering, technology, office management, and other career paths. For more information and links to the daily videos:

About Rosendin:

Rosendin, headquartered in San Jose, is employee-owned and one of the largest electrical contractors in the United States, employing over 6,500 people, with revenues over $1.8 billion. Established in 1919, Rosendin remains proud of our more than 100 years of building quality electrical and communications installations and value for our clients but, most importantly, for building people within our community and our company. At Rosendin, we foster a culture of diversity, inclusion, and shared ownership. Because your success is our success. For more information, visit



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