Do All HEPA Filters (Air Purifiers) Remove Mold?

People all around the world suffer from allergies throughout their whole lives. Health hazards like pollen and pet dander can harm our immune system. This can cause itchy and watery eyes along with many other symptoms. They are known as airborne microbes which sometimes help create mold spores. Although there are hundreds if not thousands of different types of mold on our planet, there are only a few of them which prove to be dangerous to our health. It is not uncommon to find these dangerous mold spores in our homes or our place of work. If you are having continuous problems with mold, it might be a good idea to speak to a professional to inspect your building to help find a solution. Many people have had great success with air purifiers, especially when they used specific filters that aim to tackle mold like HEPA Filter / Purifier for mold.

Where Is Mold Found?

Mold is a fungus that grows on all different types of surfaces. It can have a terrible effect on people especially if they suffer from asthma or if they have allergies. It is dangerous to have young children or pregnant women around mold also. It is very common to find mold building up in older homes, especially if the room is damp. Areas like basements are a perfect example, as very little fresh air comes in or out and normally basements are situated under the house, so the circulation of the air tends to be quite bad. There are lots of solutions people use to get rid of the mold inside a home, however, it is not always an easy task. If the mold is extremely bad, and you’ve tried everything possible to get rid of it, you may even have to move houses.

Do HEPA Filters Help Get Rid Of Mold From A Room?

HEPA filters are designed to remove microbes and can help treat a person’s allergies. They can also prevent mold from spreading to other areas in a room. The idea is for the spores to be sucked into the filter. There is a random weave of fibers in the filter that traps or kills the mold.

What Types Of Air Purifiers Are Available?

Air purifiers are very popular these days, so you have plenty of options. They come in all different shapes and sizes. You can easily purchase an air purifier online or in a shop and prices and technology vary. Some have advanced technology built into them that allows you to control the settings with your smartphone. You can get a purifier that is designed to purify a whole house and others specifically for smaller areas like a bedroom. Some are large and bulky and others are slim and modern. Some often come with HEPA filters and others you’ll have to buy separately.

Can I Clean HEPA Filters?

Although lots of people replace their HEPA filters with new ones, it is possible to clean them to save you money and the hassle of having to purchase them. Make sure to check the manual that comes with the air purifier to see if it allows you to clean it before you attempt it yourself. It could end up damaging the device as some are not meant to be cleaned manually.

How Do I Wash HEPA Filters?

Some HEPA filters are washable. The manual will let you know if you can rinse it with water or not. If you can’t find you’re manual go online to visit the website of the product as they often publish instructions online for their devices. Similar to a vacuum cleaner, some HEPA filters are designed to allow you to rinse them with water. It might be a good idea to first of all clean the filter outdoors to stop dust and other unwanted particles from spreading throughout your home. A garden hose would be an ideal way of rinsing the filter. You should let the filter dry before putting it back in the air purifier.

What Happens If I Don’t Clean Or Replace The HEPA Filter In An Air Purifier?

If you don’t clean or replace your HEPA filter you might notice that it will over time lose its effectiveness and the air filter won’t work to its full potential. You may see mold reappearing and those suffering from allergies or asthma might get the same symptoms as before. Depending on the air in the room depends on how often you need to change or clean your HEPA filter. By regularly washing or replacing it can help the air purifier run at its optimal state.

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