Detroit FinTech Kickstarting Detroit Renaissance

In the age of too many copycat products and wireless toothbrushes comes a local Metro Detroit startup aimed at disrupting multiple industries. Meet Contract Keepers Solutions or CKS, a fintech startup that implements payment gateways with secured payments that helps you manage different contracts. Think of CKS as a CRM centered around secured payments and time vesting. The concept is simple: you select the contract type, add your info, the multiple phases, setup payments, and send. It is a simple process that can take as little as 5 to 10 minutes for some and allows you to effectively track your contractors. This is true whether you have contractors, are dealing with builders, working with manufacturers for purchase orders or even have a ghost kitchen, CKS can fulfill all your needs.

The startup was founded by Dr. Joseph Ruggirello, a Michigan native who grew his own dentistry from the ground up, and loves working on new things. He also believes that the fintech space is booming.

This company provides an all-in-one solution for effectively tracking payments. Contract Keepers Solutions can help many businesses massively scale and this should be true for both the small mom-and-pop level to multinational conglomerates. CKS wants to tackle this simple pain point w/ dealing with many contractors in an organized way, and also wants to utilize this same concept with multiple other industries such as e-commerce, rideshare companies, e-sports, food and concert vendors.

As a startup, CKS hopes to eventually be one of the biggest SaaS businesses not just in Michigan, but in the world, and they hope to start by hiring in Michigan. This made in America team really wants to partner with construction companies, contractors, brokerages, small shops, and whoever needs this product. CKS is focused on making an impact within their local community.

The CKS application is scalable and integrates enterprise level APIs such as Plaid and DocuSign. CKS also hopes to expand its technological capabilities and make its own API as well for onboarding third party developers. Escrow doesn’t just help with construction or hospitality industries, but also helps prevent fraud. One huge angle is going after insurance, disaster relief, and e-commerce fraud. All in all, CKS is meant to not just give you ease but a peace of mind. This very well may be the next big Michigan startup.

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