Dealing with the Problem of Moths in your Home

While not being the most troublesome pest, moths are still generally looked upon as unwelcome in most homes. They can be the source of issues for both people and items in your household. You may wish to try and fight the problem yourself or you might end up choosing to use the services of professionals who specialize in moth removal in London.

Don’t leave the problem to develop too far. Moths can be a serious nuisance. They have a penchant for ruining clothes, food, and carpets for example. Dealing with these issues can only add to an already possibly stressful life. These creatures can be dealt with and allow you to rest easily in your home again.

How can You tell if your house has a Moth Problem?

Many signs indicate that moths have indeed taken over your home. Clothing or fabrics which are made from materials derived from animals will attract moths. Check dark and isolated areas in your house such as under appliances or next to plumbing fixtures, as these are perfect spots for moths to gather to lay eggs.

Strange holes in clothes or packaged food all point to an existing problem. Fur items that shed excessively or silky furrows found on wool items can garner attention quickly. Deposits on clothes, rugs, or carpets indicate an issue with moths. All of this can be exacerbated by the simple sighting of moths flying around your house or crawling on surfaces. 

Can You Get Rid of Moths?

Cedar oil is a popular way of dealing with moths as they are repelled by the pheromones in cedar. Vinegar is also useful, any areas where moth eggs have been found can simply be doused with a combination of water and vinegar to ensure they don’t return.

Moths are drawn into your home by dirt and dust. Keeping your floors and covings vacuumed and dusted is essential. Simply thoroughly cleaning your carpet, will reduce the risk of moths settling there and creating potentially expensive damage. Opening curtains in lesser-used rooms will also make it less appealing for moths to settle.

Take care by washing clothes that contain moth eggs or larvae in hot water and drying them at a high temperature. If this is not possible, put the wet clothes in the freezer for a day to kill them off. If you feel your actions to deal with moths are not being successful, maybe it could be time to look for professional help.

Is it Possible to Prevent Moths?

Trying to prevent moths from getting into your belongings can prove problematic. However, if you wear any fur or wool clothes outside, simply brush them down to hinder the appearance of moths. If you plan to store clothes for quite some time, be sure to wash them and air dry them so if eggs are present, they won’t have the opportunity to grow while in storage.

Moths thrive in humid, moist surroundings. Avoid storing clothes in garages or basements. Going through old clothes or your wardrobes may be a good opportunity for you to clean out your house completely. Hopefully, you won’t find any moths lurking around your bedroom closet!

How do Moths Affect People?

Moths do not present too much of a threat to the majority of people. You may be unhappy if they are nibbling at your clothes or food of course. But for the most part, as opposed to other possible pests in the house such as mice, they don’t carry any diseases. Dust mites are much likely to trigger a reaction in people who have allergies than moths.

It’s much more likely that moth larvae, known as caterpillars, could be the cause of irritation or an allergic reaction if it comes in contact with your skin. Skin irritation or contact dermatitis can occur, which leaves people feeling a little bit tender but also quite possibly conscious of the way they look.  


It’s a certainty that some species of moth are more likely to be found in your home than others. Wardrobes and pantries where food is stored will typically be their areas of interest, but they can be found spread throughout the house. There are plenty of ways to deal with moths, so don’t feel too alarmed if you feel you may have a problem.

While not being the most harmful pest that may be lurking around your household, it’s still best to keep an eye on the situation. Besides the damage caused to food, clothes, or other items, you may have to be careful if you have any type of allergy. Search for a reputable pest control company if you feel the problem has grown too large for you to deal with. Read previous customers reviews to give you an idea of which company to choose.


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