Critical guidelines to consider for a home staircase

Staircase design is one of the overlooked aspects of your house. However, it is a critical error on your part. The appropriate staircase adds to your convenience. What you need to remember is that the visual impact of your staircase has a significant effect on the look of your home

Considering the functional aspects

Assess the usability of the staircase at the functional level. What you need to remember is that the positioning of your staircase needs to be right. Plus, the staircase should not hinder the light that enters your house otherwise your house will look dark and dingy.

Now, it is understandable that you might need professional insight in this situation. You can consult some of the best home builders who can give useful advice when it comes to staircase.

Consult staircase builders & manufacturers in Adelaide so that you can get a staircase that offers value to your home.

Your staircase needs to have a handrail on one side provided the staircase is 1m wide. However, if your staircase is wider, then you will need a handrail on both the sides. The height of the rail should be about 90 cm. Spindles should be about 10 cm apart.

Looking at the aesthetics

You can also put your creativity to test in various ways. For example, if your stairs have  understairs cupboard, then you should consider removing them. If your staircase has solid risers, then you can replace them with glass.

As a result, the light can filter through the space with ease. Choosing the right staircase design is also a crucial aspect. If you opt for straight stairs, then you can give them a modern look. What you can do is clad the stairs with timber or stone.

You can also go for spiral staircases. However, bear in mind that if you use the staircase to access a single room, then it has to be 1500 mm in diameter. However, if the staircase accesses multiple rooms, then it has to be 1900 mm in diameter.

You can add a fancy touch to your staircase by having them carpeted. Do not opt for loop-pile carpets. The reason is that they are slippery and can lead to accidents.

You can also consider opting for cantilevered staircase. However, they require the expertise of a specialist.

When you want to get a staircase for your home, then do your bit of research. Analyze your needs. Secondly, you need to consider your budget also. For example, if you want to go for cantilevered staircases, then they can be expensive.

One thing you must keep in mind is that your staircase should be durable so that they can survive the test of the time. Remember, the design of your staircase can make or break the look of your house. You cannot afford to go wrong here. Start planning your staircase design right away so that you can focus on both the functionality and aesthetics.



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