Create a Premium Home With 3 Exterior Upgrades

There’s always a particular block in the neighborhood with a premium house in every lot that captures every bypasser’s eyes. If you happen to be one of those who pass by these houses, you just can’t help yourself but deem what would be the look  of your home if it is a premium one. However, a grandiose place is expensive and possibly exceeds your financial means.

With today’s innovations in architecture and design, you can now transform your standard abode into a premium-like home that’ll surely catcall your neighbors’ attention. These upgrades imitate the features of a premium house using high-quality, yet affordable materials. Hence, amplifying these three aspects of the house’s exterior will upscale your living space, without having you breaking the bank.

1.   Apply Trendy Color Scheme

Trying to take a new spin on the color scheme is a great way to enhance your house’s holistic aesthetic appeal. Although classic colors such as white and beige are timeless, applying new color trends adds extra oomph. Moreover, your house’s color speaks of your style and personality that creates first impressions to your visitors. Below are the two trendy color schemes that will make your house pop.

Cool Colors: White, Gray, and Dark Blue

White, gray, and dark blue are the colors that are soothing to the eyes and exude a serene and calm ambiance. This scheme contributes to the coolness of the place that is suitable in hotter areas. These colors are also scientifically proven to reduce hypertension and maintain the focus of its inhabitants.

Darker Shades: Black and Metallic Tints

Dark colors are indeed elegant shades. But what will intensify its singularity are the metallic touches such as brass, silver, gold, and bronze. Today, most people deviate from the classic colors and go for a modern looking one such as black. Although this color is associated with men, it appeals to women as well.

2.   Install a High-quality Garage Door

Today, almost every family has a car travel convenience. Perhaps, in some countries, having a parking area in the house is a primary requirement before purchasing a vehicle. With that said, families build or buy a home with a garage that serves as a parking space and storage for rarely-used items. Yet, a garage is incomplete without a garage door, which protects everything behind it.

Typically, the garage occupies 30% or a third of the house exterior. Because of the amount of space the garage consumes in the facade, visitors notice it first. Therefore, having a garage door that is eye-appealing and made from high-quality materials will boost the image of your house.

  • Wooden Garage Door: This type of garage door is a combination of wooden and rustic textures, perfect for families who enjoy a nature-touch in their homes. It is the garage door that was first commercially sold and used by every house. Since it’s made from wood, termites and scratches are inevitable. However, don’t worry about those problems because those can be chemically treated.
  • Steel Garage Door: This industrial type of garage door is sturdy. Although it is a little expensive, it ensures the family’s safety and security, as it can be difficult for burglars and thieves to penetrate.
  • Aluminum Glass Garage Door: This modern-looking garage door can withstand various weather conditions. Further, there’s a wide array of garage frame colors that you can choose. Remember to select a color that complements your house’s exterior.

Indeed, the garage door is vital for protecting the vehicles and the homeowner’s safety and security. Thus, it must be regularly maintained because small glitches could become a major problem in the long run. If you need someone to provide the best garage door repair airdrie has to offer, then don’t hesitate to contact them. Below are some of the issues that experts can quickly fix.

  • The Door Opener isn’t Working: This is the common problem that every homeowner encounters with their garage door. For chain and driver-screw generated garage doors, it only needs lubricants to loosen the rusty gears. On the other hand, an automatic garage door is more complicated that it requires an expert solution such as
  • Broken Weather Sealant: The weather sealants keep and seal the water and air, and turn down the street noise. But, if you found out that the sealant is broken, you should replace it right away to mitigate potential problems.

3. Going Green with Your Lawn

A verdant and lush lawn is a feast to your visitors’ eyes because of the refreshing attributes it brings. Either your lawn is at the back or front of the yard, there must be regular maintenance to sustain its vibrance. The usual lawn issues you will encounter are unwanted weed and clogged water drainage, and disregarding these things could drastically affect your home’s aesthetic. In order to insure your home’s value increases with time, hire TruGreen to handle lawn maintenance for you.


The exterior of your house is what people see first. Therefore, if you plan to make your home a premium one, elevating the outside portion is the precursor to everything. In a nutshell, with today’s advancement in architecture and design, you can now erect your ideal house without compensating your financial means.

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