Consumer Trends in 2020

If you are looking for a high-quality drill press and some suggestions could be of help in this area, then it means that you are getting ready to build something on your own in the near future. However, the same cannot be said about the majority of consumers, especially since the year 2020 came with plenty of surprises that are bound to lead to behavioral changes as well.

In case you want to follow the trends so that they don’t surprise you when it comes to running your business, then the next lines are definitely going to help you out. Experts have already started making predictions about which habits are going to stick even after this year, and the main ones that seem to be here to stay are the following.

Contactless Deliveries

Given that so far this year the words “social distancing” seem to be the most important ones, it’s clear that this will affect the entire area of home deliveries. For instance, in China, buildings now have self-pickup lockers, so there’s no contact between the person making the delivery and the one receiving it.

Moreover, companies across the world have become creative, especially when it comes to food deliveries. For instance, some have made all deliveries contactless, which means that the driver drops the package at a certain address and then simply sends a photo of it to the customer, in order to confirm the delivery.

Even though this approach definitely works mainly for food deliveries, it can also be extrapolated to many other types of purchases, so it’s not one to be neglected, especially with a significantly increasing e-commerce industry these days.

Cashless Is the New Norm

We already had plenty of types of payments even before 2020, with QR-code and mobile ones being on the rise. However, the context this year has sent everything on a significantly ascending trend, so consumers are using a lot more mobile payments. Experts predict that this sector is bound to grow by as much as 60% by 2023.

Telemedicine & Education

With the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people are trying out telemedicine as a means to benefit from health care tools, while also avoiding any unnecessary doctor visits. Routine checkups can be done via video in many cases, and this context has shown us that there is plenty of room for businesses to innovate in this area.

The same goes for education, as children still need to benefit from a good educational program, but using online tools. Educational apps have seen a steep rise in the first part of 2020, being a category that is growing faster than social media in the COVID-19 context.


Last but certainly not least, e-commerce is growing more than ever before, so those businesses that don’t have a strong online presence need to quickly work on this aspect.

Online shopping has accelerated, and even if a business doesn’t run its core activity online, it’s still true that people spend a lot more time online, which means that this is the right ground to target potential customers.



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