Construo: Problem-Solving Boon for Construction Firms

Rapidly growing website Construo is becoming the construction industry’s go-to place for solutions to specific problems, hard-to-find resources and even new clients – some of its users describe exactly how Construo has helped them.

Members of Construo ( ), the unique, free global online network for construction industry professionals, have started to reveal how they have benefitted from the increasingly popular portal.

There are many ways in which Construo can give its construction industry users a professional edge in their working lives – among them helping to solve seemingly insurmountable technical and legal problems, finding new clients among Construo’s rapidly increasing member-base, and using Construo’s vast store of industry resources, along with the practical knowledge and wisdom of its founders and senior members, to help with career advancement.

But don’t just take our word for it: this is what Construo members have to say about how the portal has worked for them.

Problem solved: Mark McAuliffe, Director, ABC Stainless Ltd.

Construo’s question-answering engine allows members to pose any questions and receive relevant answers from the portal’s knowledge base of hugely experienced construction industry professionals – real people, in other words, rather than AI-controlled bots.

ABC Stainless Ltd’s Mark McAuliffe recounts how Construo’s question-answering mechanism helped him and his company ABC Stainless Ltd to overcome a specific problem they unexpectedly faced.

McAuliffe says: “ABC Stainless Ltd (  is a Peterborough-based specialist in stainless steel fabrication and welding. Our diverse and varied customer base covers many industry sectors including construction, utilities, food and drink, aerospace and pharmaceutical. Since starting to use Construo, I have found using the Q&A section particularly helpful, as the questions asked (and answers given) often relate to problems that we have encountered as a company, both past and present.

“Last month, a member of the Construo community posted the question: “Are you aware of your rights when portions of the works are omitted? It’s becoming an increasing practice for some contractors and employers to omit portions of the Contract Works or the Sub-Contract Works and then have that same work carried out by others, mainly because they have obtained a cheaper price for that work. Whilst this may happen, are you aware of what your rights are when your contracting party does this?”

“This question related directly to a situation that we were experiencing at the time: we were part way through a large water treatment plant project when the main contractor decided to remove part of our work-scope and assign it to a competitor.

“This had never happened to us before and we had no prior experience to draw from, so when I saw that post on Construo, it was not only a source of comfort (that others were experiencing the same thing), but also a valuable tool in helping us resolve the dispute with the contractor through reading the responses that were posted to the question and learning more about our rights as a subcontractor.”

Research for qualifications: Callum Smith, ISG Limited

Construo is also a repository for a vast range of industry resources, which are added to every week, and can be searched in a uniquely useful manner, as they are meticulously indexed by subject matter and a number of other useful criteria. Those resources – often buried on obscure industry-body websites, behind unhelpful legacy search engines – can prove vital for those seeking new qualifications in what is a qualifications-heavy industry.

As Callum Smith, Assistant Quantity Surveyor at ISG Limited (, discovered, Construo hosts a wealth of useful reference material for those in the early stages of a career in construction: “As a young Quantity Surveyor working towards my RICS APC (Assessment of Professional Competence), I utilised Construo to help me find some free and easily accessible Continuing Professional Development (CPD) resources.

“Construo hosts a large range of documents, guides and literature within the resources section which have been of great benefit. The resources page is very user-friendly and allowed me to filter my searches to find resources that directly applied to my RICS competencies, for example around topics such as sustainable construction and construction finance. I also posed a question using the Q&A function, and the Construo community was quick to assist me, sending links, company details and websites containing CPD material.”

Construo: becoming the go-to destination for the construction industry

Construo has been in operation for less than a year, but is already proving to be a key resource for a huge variety of construction industry professionals. CEO Tom Spilsted says: “I am really pleased with our progress this year: we are seeing fantastic growth in the construction industry’s use of In particular, the question-and answer-system – involving real individuals rather than a search engine — is proving especially popular and is at the top of the visit statistics.”

Spilsted is also keen to highlight Construo’s ever-expanding, freely accessible vault of construction industry resources: “Every day we are uploading more and more resources to Construo, generating not just a library of documents but carefully selected information which can be easily found using our tags approach to searching on key topics.”

Spilsted continues: “We have recently launched two new features on the platform – a global construction news aggregator, with all of the latest news in one convenient location, and a daily news headlines notification every morning.”

Spilsted also emphasizes Construo’s global nature: “Our global reach is expanding now, with users from across Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific which will, I believe, lead to a wider sharing of knowledge and experience throughout our fragmented industry. We are already seeing good practice from, say, the UK being utilised in Saudi Arabia, after being tuned to take into account local customs project requirements.”

Construo non-executive director Eugene Kouumdjieff and co-founder of E-Man Venture Labs (, responsible for building the technology behind Cnstruo, adds: “After soft-launching in 2020, since the official launch of Construo at the start of this year, we have seen user numbers growing rapidly – by more than 650% so far.”

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Construo was co-conceived, nurtured and constructed by leading award-winning technology startup incubator E-Man Venture Labs (,, based in Los Angeles, London and Sofia, whose portfolio of successful businesses includes JustPark, , Behalf, , Snatch and

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