Construction of Crime & Private Investigations Process

Crime is simply defined as doing anything that is against the law. However, there are several hundreds of laws that can vary from one place to another. Also, when a crime is committed, there will be people who would pursue to know the truth, entailing the need for proper investigation to uncover facts. This article focuses on how crime is constructed, as well as the private investigations process.

Construction of Crime

The social construction of crime is rooted in the idea that crimes can be relative and dependent on various social realities that happen as people interact with one another. For instance, you may be pulled over by a policeman for overspeeding while you have indeed broken a traffic rule, the punishment that you get for your violation may vary depending on how you interact with the police officer, as well as your social status. The reason behind this is that the justice system may not always enforce all written laws, but there are instances wherein unwritten laws are implemented. This is where private investigations prove to be beneficial.

Private Investigations Process

●     Process Serving

The first step in a private investigations process is serving the papers wherein a private investigator is usually hired by a lawyer or a district attorney. According to the security professionals behind, every private investigator has a technique in tracking down their target and physically handing official documents. As soon as this has been accomplished, a report needs to be written, confirming the name and birthday of the recipient.

●     Internal Investigation

After the process of serving the documents, an internal investigation usually takes place. For instance, a supermarket may often be coming up short on products, entailing the management to reach out to a private investigator. The one they hired may interview employees or review personnel records to uncover the root cause of the problem. He may also look over old security camera footage or work with computer forensics to shed light on any wrongdoings.

●     Questioning Individuals

To acquire the information that private investigators need, they need to question certain individuals. In this case, they need to gain the trust of their target for the latter to open up and divulge the information they require. To do this, private investigators may need to train in analyzing people’s body language and responses.

●     Surveillance

Finally, the private investigations process also entails the need for surveillance. This can involve watching a target for an extended period. You also need to adhere to the number one rule of stakeouts and that is to never take your eyes off your target even just for a moment. In this case, some of the tools that you may need include binoculars, as well as a camera.

The construction of crime is usually affected by various social aspects. Nevertheless, it is when these crimes are present that a private investigations process proves to be beneficial in uncovering the truth. The process encompasses process serving and internal investigation, as well as questioning individuals and surveillance. All these are geared towards uncovering the truth behind different kinds of crimes.




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