Common Problems With Home Water and Their Cures

The western world largely enjoys access to running water. It is used daily in our homes for washing our bodies and our clothes, or to drink and cook. It’s something we all take for granted, and we frequently assume it is fully safe to use.

Questions arise when we experience issues with it, however. If it is not completely clear, what is in it? Why are our ice cubes cloudy? If it tastes funny, what are the additional ingredients? If tap water can stain our work surfaces, what is it doing to us when we drink it? This article discusses some issues with home water, and what we can do about it.

Seek A Water Analysis

The fact is, our tap water doesn’t come directly from the rain above our heads; it first travels along miles of underground pipes.

Our drinking water goes through a special treatment process before arriving at our homes. According to the professionals at Wellness Water Filtration Systems, just because American water is legally regulated, it doesn’t mean it’s medically safe to drink. It does in fact contain over 250 contaminants. For this reason, many people seek a free home water analysis. This may be obtained by professionals who have been certified by the Water Quality Association.

Concerns Over Tap Water

Organic matter or sulfates within the water can result in an unpleasant taste. The presence of iron or manganese can make it cloudy. Some water can smell of chlorine or have a fishy or musty presence. It can even smell of rotten eggs, thanks to a colorless gas called hydrogen sulfide. Bacteria may be invisible to the human eye, but its presence can cause discoloration in our water. Sediment can be present in the form of clay, rust, sand, or dirt.

Drinking bottled water can seem like a partial solution, but even here there can be issues. The industry is unregulated, meaning people are not necessarily safer if they only drink this. It’s worth researching the medical issues raised over the presence of BPA found in plastic bottles too.

The Issue Of Contaminants

It is concerning to realize that much of our drinking water contains such ingredients as fluoride, lead, arsenic, nitrates, or cysts. There are also heavy metals, turbidity, and chlorine present.

Research shows that over 80% of the water in America contains elements that can be carcinogenic, that is, cancer inducing. No one wants their water to contain nitrates from fertilizers or viruses.

Household Issues

The shower heads or other bathroom fixtures may fall prey to limescale. There could be water stains from the manganese and iron. It may also be difficult getting our soap or shampoo to lather up. In turn, our hair will suffer by becoming limp and dull, and our skin could become dry.

Limescale may also reveal itself in our kettles, dishwashers, or washing machines. There may be a lack of soap suds too, and we may have stiff laundry. Water stains and water spotting may also become issues here as well.

Pitcher Water Filters And Countertop Water Filters

The former are simply jugs we can fill with water and keep in our fridges. As we pour it out, the water will go through a built-in filter.

Countertop water filters are so easy to install, a plumber will not be required. Simply attach the filter tube to your tap connector. Because it is fully detachable, you can take it with you should you move house.

Under Sink Filters

These products make for a tidier looking kitchen, with the equipment fully hidden below your worktops. A multi-layered filtering system operates here. People can choose from carbon filters (made of charcoal), deionization filters, or reverse osmosis filters.

Anyone who chooses this option could benefit from a three-way kitchen tap. Otherwise, they will need to have three taps: ones for hot, cold, and filtered water.

Whole House Filtration Systems

This is the most costly and the most thorough option. Anyone with major concerns over their water quality should consider this. Someone who plans to buy a home built on previously contaminated land would be wise to do so.

In life, nothing is perfect and all our lives involve an element of risk. Anyone who is concerned over their home water quality can, fortunately, decide the level of action that they take. It can range from drinking bottled water to set up an entire home water filtration system. Whilst any course of action will incur an expense, it is a small price to pay compared to losing our health or our peace of mind.

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