Common Commercial Water Damage & Restoration

Commercial water damage is a hidden threat many businesses don’t consider. However, the problems it causes can be quite disastrous for your company if you ignore them for too long. That’s why it’s important to recognize the signs of water damage before it causes irreversible harm. Read on to learn more about the 5 common commercial water damage causes and how to restore them.

5 Common Causes of Commercial Water Damage

The effects of water damage can have a major impact on the building your office is in. Commercial water damage statistics show that water damages cost insurance companies 2.5 billion dollars a year. However, there are two ways to lessen the effects of it before it causes irreparable harm.

Firstly, you should learn how to spot the signs of water damage. Secondly, you should know the top commercial water damage causes. Once you know where water damage is likely to stem from, you’ll pay more attention to those areas, lessening the risk of water damage. Here are the top five causes of various types of water damage.

Damaged Pipes

Many factors can cause damage to your pipes. For one, hot water can cause the pipes to break. You may be wondering — How can heated water damage a pipe? Hard water contains mineral deposits. When the water’s hot, it evaporates, while the minerals stay solid. Over time, those minerals accumulate inside the pipe, causing a slew of problems in the plumbing system. In addition to hot water, freezing water and pressure changes can also cause damage to pipes.

Window Damage

Window maintenance is a huge part of water damage control. Damaged windows allow moisture to seep into the building. If you don’t seal your windows properly, the water leak can lead to damaged wood and mold buildup. That’s why commercial water damage companies always check if the caulking on the windows has worn out over time.

Natural Disasters

Weather conditions such as storms and hurricanes can cause excessive water damage. They can lead to floods, which can result in a lot of problems for commercial properties. Although you can’t prevent natural disasters, you can make sure to prepare your property as much as possible. A water damage advisor should teach you how to prepare for severe weather conditions. Still, you may run into some problems if the weather conditions become too severe. If that happens, you should call storm damage emergency services or a commercial water damage cleanup company.

HVAC System Damage

One of the main water damage tips professionals recommend is to clean your HVAC system often. The HVAC ducts wear out over time. If you don’t maintain them, they can get damaged and start leaking. That’s why you should hire professionals to clean and maintain your HVAC system. It’s always better to avoid the damage or to spot it as soon as possible.

Sewer Clogs

Sewer water is full of pathogens. Bacteria and dirt from the sewers can cause many infections, so you should be especially wary of any leakage coming from them. Sewer clogs are the most common reason sewer pipes get damaged and break. If you notice water backing up from your toilet or drain, contact a commercial water damage cleanup company as soon as possible.

What Damage Can Water Cause? — Signs of Water Damage

We already established that commercial water damage mitigation starts with noticing the signs of damage. However, although it can cause many complications, water damage is not always visible. Still, there are a few ways to determine whether you have any water leakage in your office. Take a look at these six signs if you want to know whether you’re dealing with water damage:

  • wet or discolored spots on your walls and ceiling
  • cracking or flaking drywall and paint
  • puddles of water that don’t have an obvious source
  • sounds of water dripping or gurgling
  • a damp, moldy scent
  • higher utility bills than expected

Water Damage Restoration

Although you can do commercial water damage cleanup yourself, you should leave the restoration to the professionals, like Commercial water damage restoration should be done by someone with certification.

However, water damage cleanup companies tend to be expensive. The equipment and the expertise that professionals offer certainly add to the price. Still, even if you opt to do the water damage restoration yourself, you’ll need to buy the equipment. That can cost you more than hiring a professional. Additionally, you risk missing crucial signs of damage. Thus, if you want to make sure your property won’t suffer damage, hiring a company is your safest bet.

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