Common Causes Broken Pipes To Know About

More often than not, you are unaware of the plumbing system in your home, particularly when everything is working as you expect it to be. However, when troubles begin to appear, such as broken pipes, then that is the time that you take a deeper look into your plumbing system. This article lists down some of the most common causes of broken pipes that you need to know about.

Poor Maintenance

One of the most common causes of broken pipes is poor maintenance. When your pipes are not regularly inspected, you won’t have a good idea about the presence of tree roots in pipes that make up your plumbing system. This can cause a blockage that can eventually lead to broken pipes, particularly if the roots of the trees continue to grow significantly.


Another common cause of a broken pipe is corrosion. The pipes in your plumbing system can easily be corroded depending on the material that it is made of, as well as its age. Thus, as soon as you notice any signs of corrosion on your pipes, you have to exert the effort to address them immediately. In this case, what you can do is to get in touch with a seasoned plumber who will be able to help you.


In areas where the winter brings forth extreme cold, there is a risk for the pipes in your plumbing system to freeze. When they do, there is a great chance for your pipes to break as soon as they are thawed. This can lead to excessive flooding in your home that can cause massive damage to your property. For this reason, you may want to invest in pipe insulation especially if you live in an area that experiences the harshest winter conditions.

Water Pressure

The pressure from the water flowing through your pipes can also break it. Thus, make sure that the water pressure in your home is maintained at an acceptable level. In this case, it is a good idea to invest in a regulator that can lower the pressure of the water flowing into your home in case it is too high. In case the regulator breaks, then the water pressure in your home can be excessive, to the point of causing damage to your pipes.

Age of Pipes

Finally, even the age of your pipes can be a reason for their breakage. No matter how well you maintain the pipes in your plumbing system, they are bound to break as soon as they hit their lifespan or exceed it accordingly. Rest assured that with proper inspection, you will have a good insight into which old pipes need to be replaced immediately.

Some of the most common causes of broken pipes in your home include corrosion and freezing, as well as water pressure and the age of your pipes. Even the poor maintenance of your plumbing system can lead to broken pipes. Thus, make sure that you take the time to maintain your pipes to ensure that you will be alleviated from the inconvenience of having to deal with broken pipes.

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