Choosing Paint Colors That Compliment Your Business

You have likely put a lot of thought and effort into launching, running, and growing your business. Its appearance should be no different. The exterior and interior design of your business can make a huge impression on your customers. It also dictates what kind of work environment you create for your employees.

A beautiful paint job can do a ton to enhance the appearance of your business. By hiring great commercial painters and selecting just the right colors, you can create a stunning space your employees and customers will be awed by.

However, it’s important to choose your colors wisely. The shades you choose have the potential to be a game-changer for the appearance of your business. They can also set the tone of your space and make a statement about your brand. Being strategic when selecting colors will result in a business space that you love.

1.            Align with Your Branding

One of the most obvious choices when selecting paint colors is to choose colors that match the color scheme you have already established with your branding. This makes creating a cohesive look simple and keeps your visuals consistent.

What color schemes do you tend to use in your marketing communications? Are their certain hues that are part of your logo and branding materials? These are great options for painting both the inside and the exterior of your business.

By choosing these colors, you create an environment that matches your brand. Your signage will fit seamlessly into your color scheme. It will allow you to use your well thought out branding as part of your decor.

2.            Consider the Function

Thinking about how your business functions is an integral part of deciding on a paint color. This will help you make decisions regarding color that can affect the function of your space. The shade of the walls can actually impact how work is performed.

If you have a workplace that requires high visibility, you might want to opt for a light paint color to brighten the space. This will allow you and your employees a lighter work area to see clearly.

You may be focused on setting a dramatic tone in your space, especially if your business is a restaurant or bar. Selecting a deep, dark paint color allows you to create a cozier feel so customers can relax.

3.            Set a Mood

Paint has the potential to drastically impact the mood of a space. Think about your business and the feel you would like your space to have. Then, choose paint colors that reflect that.

Do you want your business to feel bright, innovative, and cutting edge? Bright splashes of color can make your workplace feel unique and modern. Look for vivid shades of orange, blue, and green for a stylish contemporary feel.

You might want to set a serious tone in your workplace. Muted hues like greys are great for a sophisticated, businesslike environment. You can add accent walls in dark tones like navy and maroon for a refined splash of color.

4.            Add Curb Appeal

The exterior of your business might be the first impression that your customers get. You should treat it as how you present yourself to the world. The color you paint your exterior could make a big impact.

It might be tempting to go with a basic white or light grey. Consider how well this shade will hold up against dirt and grime. You might end up needing a ton of upkeep to maintain your exterior.

Consider your location and what colors make sense for your climate. It’s also important to consider your region and the color trends in the area. This will help you select a color that makes sense for your location and withstand the climate and conditions.

5.            Stand Out Statement Colors

Don’t be afraid to use your paint colors to make a statement. Your business walls are a perfect chance to express yourself. Use them to allow your brand’s personality a chance to shine.

Maybe your business targets a more feminine demographic. Adding bright pink or a bubblegum hued wall can make a fun and bold statement.

Your business might want to send the message that it’s high end and glamorous. Metallic painted walls can make a huge statement and create an elegant atmosphere.

6.            Defining Spaces

Paint can be used strategically to define spaces in your workplace. You can use paint colors to segment open areas. You can also thoughtfully select hues to make certain areas feel more defined.

A large open space can feel overwhelming to customers and employees. With different paint colors, you can segment off different areas to create a sense of order. This strategy can be used to designate areas in a restaurant or store. It can also make workspaces like desks and cubicles feel more individualized.

Employees need breaks to remain productive. One of the best uses of paint is to create a clearly defined break room or area. A bright or soothing colored space can give employees a chance to escape from the workday and return refreshed.

7.            Think Outside the Box

Choosing a paint color gives your business a chance to get creative. It’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all process. Thinking outside the box about color can give your business a chance to make an awesome statement.

Are you located on a street lined with neutral colored buildings? Make a splash a choose a bright hue. The face of your business will be unique and stand out from the crowd.

Think beyond just solid painted walls. A unique paint finish can elevate the whole look of your business. Consider graphic patterns, murals, and even your logo as part of your paint design. You’ll create a customized look that will make a big impact.

8.            Be Thoughtful About Psychology

Colors are interpreted differently by the brain. They can produce different feelings and reactions. The colors you choose for your business should be thoughtfully chosen considering the effects they cause.

Are you selecting colors for your restaurant or dining area? Shades of red can elicit feelings of hunger and stimulate the appetite.

The color you choose for your office space can even affect productivity. Select shades of green and blue to boost the efficiency and focus in your workplace.

Color that Reflects Your Business

From creating an atmosphere to adding curb appeal, paint has the potential to drastically affect the look of your business. It can set the tone and improve its appearance. Paint colors can even have an effect on your mood and brain.

No matter what colors you choose, your paint should reflect your business. They should enhance the appearance of your space, inside and out. Your paint colors should be a welcoming sight to customers and employees alike.

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