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6 Reasons Why Safety And Health Training Is Essential

Often, employees are exposed to various safety and health dangers at their workplace without even knowing. Whether it’s a big firm or a small business, it is bound to take care of its employees and ensure their well-being. Although the …

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Top Tips for Passing Your NASCLA Exam

The NASCLA is an abbreviation of the National Association of State Contractors Licensing Agencies. Passing the NASCLA exam allows contractors to work across multiple states rather than solely where they were originally registered. These states include: Alabama Arizona Arkansas Georgia …

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Most Architecturally Impressive Gaming Resorts

Gaming complexes have always been larger than life entities on the roads and boulevards they inhabit, as they look to draw as many people to them as possible and then entertain them for as long as they can. This can …

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Why Use Plastic? Diversity Usage in Many Industries

Everyone knows at least a little about plastic. It’s used so much in everyday life that people often do not think about it at all. Sometimes, the use of plastic is questioned, as it happens to create a lot of …

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Making Professional Lives Environmentally Friendly

There is a growing shift towards sustainability in every aspect of our personal lives. Whether at home or work, finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint has become a focus for many people. This reflects the transport we use, how …

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6 Materials To Consider When Replacing Countertops

Renovating your house can be a tiring process. There are so many parts that need fixing and replacement. Sometimes choosing the right style, material, color, etc., gets overwhelming. You need to be informed on numerous elements so that everything works …

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Why Carpets Still Popular Flooring Choice in 2021

Homeowners have been fitting carpets into their houses since the 18th century. Surprisingly, people are still choosing carpets over other types of floorings in today’s modern world, so why are they still a popular choice? Carpeting can look great in …

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Diesel or Not Diesel: Should Construction Turn Electric

Few industries globally are struggling quite as much to reduce their carbon footprint as that of construction. According to the UK Green Construction Board, 40% of the UK’s carbon footprint comes from the built environment – and for this reason, …

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Smith Currie Named Construction Law Firm of the Year

Smith Currie, one of the nation’s most recognized construction and government contracts law firms, today announced it was named 2021 Construction Law Firm of the Year by Chambers and Partners USA, and its deputy editors. The award is particularly significant …

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The Cultural Shift for the Workplace of Tomorrow

The future of the workplace seems to be one of the most talked-about subjects over the last year, regardless of geography, industry, or profession; even from the very first day of the pandemic, we all suddenly had to pause and …

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