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Why you need bollards

Bollards are long, vertical posts used to protect or mark the perimeter of a building or store. They are used around retail stores or buildings. Bollards are used to keep your facility safe and protected. Here are many kinds of …

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5 Relevant Reasons for Renting a Boiler

What is a boiler? What are boilers for? What are its benefits, and when is it most needed? These are just some of the questions you may ask when it comes to boilers. Most of the time, people who ask …

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Creative Home Renovation Ideas on a Budget

Do you feel an urge to give your home a makeover after visiting an exquisite café? Does the décor in the magazine’s flashing pages evoke a desire to change the look of your house? The truth is many people have …

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Transform Your Business With Digital Marketing

Our world is changing at a rapid rate, and one of the core drivers of this change is digital transformation. Digital transformation is driving all industries  —  from large manufacturers to small home businesses  —  to innovate better and faster. …

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Garland Concludes 125 Anniversary with Donations

The Garland Company, Inc. rounds off its 125th year anniversary charitable initiatives with a donation to Cityview Healthcare & Rehabilitation in its Cleveland neighborhood. The recipients of Garland’s multiple charitable initiatives throughout the historic year were chosen based on unique …

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KEYper Property Mgmt Is Now Traka Property Mgmt

Traka Americas, part of ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, announced that KEYper Property Management is now Traka Property Management. Former KEYper product solutions that secure, manage and audit critical property management assets will transition to Traka’s product line: HC Series Key …

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4 Reasons You Need Professional Building Inspector

Professional building inspectors have the qualification and experience when it comes to spotting the defects and potential problems in the structure of a building. Some cover all the areas of a property while others are dedicated only to inspecting certain …

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How to Keep Your Empty Construction Site Secured

Construction sites are usually busy places filled with groups of people functioning like clockwork. However, since the pandemic began, many construction places worldwide temporarily halted operations to avoid having their workers face risky conditions caused by Covid-19. Other than that, …

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Glass 3 Enterprises & Sustainable Construction

Glass 3 Enterprises Ltd (G3E), a leading U.S. and Canadian supplier and sourcing provider for commercial architectural glass, is pleased to announce their newest manufacturer representative, Sustainable Construction Systems. Sustainable Construction Systems will be representing G3E’s full line of custom …

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How to Keep Your Gutters in Tip Top Shape

The gutters on your home aren’t exactly something that you think about on a day-to-day basis, nor are they very glamorous and exciting. They perform a specific and important task, and that’s usually as far as people go when thinking …

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