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How Midas Hospitality is building its future

Invest. Develop. Build. Renovate. Manage. If you are looking to draw a picture of what Midas Hospitality brings to the marketplace, you can start there. Led by a team of entrepreneurs, hoteliers, developers and investors, Midas continues to build a …

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Why the Arctic’s Thule Air Base is on top of its game

Not too long ago at Thule Air Base in Greenland, located in the Arctic, a change of command ceremony was taking place. Outgoing 821st Air Base Group US Air Force Commander—Col. Mafwa Kuvibidila—passed the flag to her successor Col. Timothy …

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Single source technology’s role in new construction

Today, there is a significant increase in the number of commercial buildings that are being constructed or remodeled across the country. Accommodating this rapid growth requires a sophisticated level of technology integration that goes beyond brick-and-mortar construction to the design …

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An innovative way to house cars in Gotham

Greenwich Village continuously reinvents itself with a spirit of discovery and independence. The charming tree-lined streets, beautiful parks and cafes have been home to generations of artists, designers and musicians, creating a community that is always evolving and inspiring.

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How drones are changing the construction game

“A drone photo is worth a thousand words and potentially a million dollars.” That is the message I want people to walk away with. I built mine piece by piece, eventually fine-tuning a process that is helping commercial construction companies …

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Your role in these moments of change

Do you remember where you were when the world stopped spinning the way it was supposed to? Can you recall the exact moment when the very things we take for granted—say, hugging a family member or best friend—seemed like the …

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