Budget-friendly ways to make your home look unique

Every person has a dream or an idea as to how his/her dream home should look. We wait for years together to find that perfect home with those perfect cabinets we’ve seen on Pinterest. In those daydreaming sessions, most of the times, we fail to realize that we can transform our current abode the way we wish to (of course, keeping the landlord’s agreement into the picture).

What if I told you that these slight changes don’t only make your house very beautiful, but you will also smile looking at your wallet? Here are some of the budget-friendly decors for your simple abode,

1.Colour blocking

Selecting only one color for the entire room might seems dodgy. But, when it is color coordinated with the furniture around, it gives the most classic look. With color blocking, every piece of furniture in the room becomes a statement piece and looks more spacious than usual.

2.Colour your ceiling

We only concentrate on the ceiling when we’re lying down and staring at it in an abyss. Why don’t you give it some color to make your abyss look more exciting? One grand illusion that a ceiling creates is to make the room look taller than it usually is. Experiment with the latest textures or stick to the traditional prints. You have wide ranges to choose from.

3.Beach sand under your work desk

Now, this might sound pretty unusual but, let’s just face it. Every one of us wants to hit the beach right now. However, thanks to the pandemic, we can’t even step outside in most of the places. This idea is for all those who want to have sand under their legs while their hands are busy cracking the deals. 

4.That laundry room

The laundry room is sometimes dull and, most of the times scary. We tend to make that room a dumpster for all of our items that “would-be-used-someday”. Change it with some monotone colors. Add some plant, preferably the ones that won’t die quickly. Invest in some portable drawers and bins for clean and dirty laundry.

5.Vertical Garden

Imagine not having to rush to the groceries just because you ran out of Spinach or Arugula. Gardening your veggies have become a trend these days. You can find many vegetables that can be grown in your home or terrace with easy maintenance. You wouldn’t need much space when you’re building a vertical garden. You save time, money and a lot of space. And the best part, all of your veggies will be organically grown! 

6.Install Skylight

It might be a little tight on budget and is only helpful for those owning a house or having a *really* kind landlord. Adding a skylight to your home will be cost-effective in the long run. It saves a lot of your energy on lights as the sun shines brighter in your room. And, every night will be quite a view with the starry skies. 

7.Fusion Furniture

We all see those futuristic furniture videos where a dining table turns into a pool table or a couch that turns into a bed. Watching those videos is so soul-filling. But, these are real & with a tiny budget extension, you can get it at your doorstep. This generation is more into making the most of the compact spaces. So take this to your advantage and order such furniture. 

Thanks to the internet, we now know so many varieties and genres to select for our rooms. From intricately textured wallpapers to abstract art, you name it – you get it! However, if you need experts to advise, there many available at the tip of your fingers. Platforms like GetEmail.io helps you in finding the right one for you. This website knows how to find someone’s email address with just the professional’s name and company. It is fast and efficient.

How did you like our list? Are there any more that you’d like to add? Let us know.

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