BLUEFIN’s Commitment to Safety Results 0.85 EMR

BLUEFIN, LLC, a national facility asset management firm for roofs, pavement, and building envelope portfolios, announces its 0.85 Experience Modification Rating (EMR).

EMR reflects the amount of risk associated with a business. Companies consider a business with an EMR below 1.0 as safer than the industry average.

“Thank you to everyone in our company for prioritizing safety,” said Richard Rast, president of BLUEFIN. “This is particularly true to the safety team under Dave Greene’s leadership and the field teams who work on the roofs and pavement. This also includes all who support and drive our safety into our culture.”

Safety is a top concern for companies who work on roofs, relating to fall protection.

“The credit belongs to each person working at heights and in harm’s way every day. You are the backbone of BLUEFIN,” said Dave Greene, RRO, REWO, project manager and safety director for BLUEFIN. “Your hard work and commitment to safety is a wonderful thing and is much appreciated.”

BLUEFIN’s vigilant Health and Safety Plan is a daily practice to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and is a cooperative effort of all employees to identify and eliminate hazards in the workplaces. The Program spans daily onsite “toolbox talks,” appropriate orientation and training when new equipment, materials, or processes are introduced, appropriate training qualification to perform duties and job functions, which are not limited to CPR, first aid, and OSHA 10 and 30 certifications, safety manual training, and company-wide employee participation and commitment in the program.

In the past two years, BLUEFIN has worked 220,761 hours without a single injury or accident. This includes work on 784.9 million square feet of roof area using ladders, lifts, and other means. Greene notes how safety training is paramount to the success of a robust safety program.

“Training is the single most important aspect of any good safety program,” said Greene. “A good safety plan is no accident, and should be an all-hands approach.”

Before each project, employees must demonstrate the ability to recognize the unique hazards present, and safely perform the tasks required, as well as the comprehension of the subject matter covered in toolbox training. Retraining is another practice BLUEFIN implements and endorses. This is important if an employee no longer has the understanding or skill required in any area related to safety.

BLUEFIN’s employees work in all 50 states and beyond. To achieve standardized onsite safety meetings on a national level, all field teams use the Safety Meeting App. This technology assists BLUEFIN in offering consistent safety to its employees and clients.

Employees also complete a job hazard analysis (JHA) before each project. JHA is a technique for the relationship among the worker, task, tools, and work environment. It helps to recognize potential and unique hazards for each situation. Performing the JHA’s allows an individual or team to properly mitigate the hazards in accordance with the universally recognized hierarchy of hazard controls. From highest to lowest, this includes elimination, substitution, engineering controls, administrative controls, and personal protective equipment.

To learn more about BLUEFIN’s safety program for facility asset management, please contact BLUEFIN at

BLUEFIN is a leader in facility asset management consulting for roof, pavement, and building envelope. BLUEFIN serves global clients who have a portfolio of facilities or large footprints. Headquartered in Denver, BLUEFIN has a network of offices throughout the United States. The firm works with government, education, retail, oil and gas, commercial real estate, pharmaceutical, and similar industries. BLUEFIN delivers an innovative approach to its asset management programs. It uses its proprietary data management technology to support strategic management. BLUEFIN has performed facility projects for over 40,000 buildings. BLUEFIN offers an integrated suite of services to give clients cost savings, financial continuity, and improved facility performance.

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