iLOQ ‘s significant partnership with Hoas

With the signing of the agreement, iLOQ’s locking solutions will continue to play a significant role in Hoas’ real estate portfolio of rental homes which are equipped with iLOQ’s unique digital locking and access management solutions.

“We are delighted with the continued cooperation. iLOQ’s agreement with Hoas demonstrates that digital access control is the right solution for student housing, and we are confident that it will replace all mechanical locking in the future. In this field of development, iLOQ is on the brink of a breakthrough. The agreement is also a strong demonstration that we have succeeded in growing our company to a position where we are increasingly involved in student rental housing production,” explains Toni Päivinen, Sales Director, iLOQ Finland.

iLOQ delivers unique, self-powered locking and access control solutions for Hoas properties. The agreement aims to increase collaboration between iLOQ and Hoas and will make iLOQ’s self-powered locking and access control solutions available to more and more tenants.“This is a great step forward for Hoas and it also provides a good starting point for our future housing solutions. With the help of a digital locking system, Hoas wants to provide residents with easy and safe, yet modern, flexible mobility. If a key is lost, there is no need to replace the locks and there is also an audit trail which will help detect possible misuse,” states Kim Lindholm, Kim Lindholm, Real Estate and Facility Director, Hoas

Digital access control makes daily life easier for residents

“Digital locking and access control are strongly linked to future living, and we are pioneers in this field. People are interested in smart home technology, and digital development is making daily life easier for residents and other users of real estate. As a result of this collaboration, more and more residents will enjoy the security and other benefits of digital access control in the future, states Kai Patja, iLOQ’s Key Account Manager.

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iLOQ in brief

iLOQ is a rapidly growing Finnish company that is leading the technological revolution in the digital locking industry. iLOQ transforms mechanical locks into digital and mobile access management. iLOQ solutions are based on technologies developed and patented by the company, enabling electronic and mobile locking without batteries or cables. iLOQ replaces mechanical and electromechanical locking systems with environmentally friendly solutions that solve the problems of lost or copied keys, reduce lock maintenance and minimize lifecycle costs.

Hoas in brief

The Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (Hoas) is a non-profit foundation, founded to relieve the shortage of student housing in the capital area. Hoas rents out, builds and maintains housing in the capital region for students who are studying full time at schools of secondary level education. Hoas has over 9 800 apartments and nearly 18 000 tenants, roughly a third of whom are international students. Hoas has a revenue of 73 million euros and there are almost 70 persons working permanently at the office.



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Making Your Commercial Building Better With Solar Panels

Solar panels are rising in popularity. You might see them popping up on residential buildings around your town. Innovative business owners who want in on the action are wondering if they can incorporate panels on their commercial property. It is possible to improve the right commercial building with solar panels and reap the many benefits of this exciting technology.

Find Quality Solar Panels

Choosing solar panels for a building can be complicated for commercial property owners who have no experience in the industry. Fortunately, there are ways to recognize the best solar panels from the mediocre ones. There are three main types of panels. People who are interested in discovering which one is the greatest fit for their building should consult with an industry expert.

The three tiers of panels vary by the type of material that they’re constructed from and their price. Monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels are made from silicon and thin-film panels are typically made from cadmium telluride. The material of the panels impacts their efficiency. It’s possible to reap the financial and environmental benefits of any type of panel, although monocrystalline has the highest efficiency rate. They also receive some of the best ratings on aesthetics from consumers. These panels look wonderfully modern on almost any type of roof and soak up a huge amount of sun for property owners to enjoy.

Save on Energy Costs

One of the most appealing aspects of solar panels is their potential to save building owners money. This is especially attractive to business owners because they usually have a lot of overhead costs such as payroll and supply restocks. Solar panels connect to an electrical grid while producing energy for a home’s air conditioning and electrical appliances. The access energy feeds into the grid. This process has the potential to lower a business’s monthly utilities and even earn it a kickback from their utility company.

Reduce Dependence of Fossil Fuels

Many scientists agree that global warming is causing harm to the earth. One of the biggest factors contributing to the problem is fossil fuels. Coal, oil and natural gas are considered fossil fuels; they’re organic material that formed over millions of years. Drilling is often required to extract fossil fuels for consumer use, which can be destructive to the environment. When fossil fuels are burned, then they release carbon into the air, which is the primary cause of increasing the earth’s atmospheric temperature.

Concerned business owners can do their part to go green by installing solar panels on the roof of their property. This decision is an excellent selling point for customers who also want to make an impact. Whether the commercial property is a rental building, restaurant, shop, hotel or something else, promoting the fact that it has solar panels can be a good marketing strategy.

Enjoy Fast Installation

A solar panel installation requires that professionals visit a property and complete work on a roof. It usually takes between one and three days to complete a job. Property owners who are worried about the disruption that this may cause can be reassured about this short time period and that the installers won’t have to do the majority of the work inside a business with the customers. Solar panels can function for decades without a problem. The investment can pay off for itself, which makes the temporary disruption to a commercial property worth it.

Reap the Benefits All Year Round

Solar panels are taking off all over the country, not just in the south and west. Winter doesn’t impact how solar panels generate energy. Light snowfalls typically don’t cause piles on solar panels that block sunlight from reaching them. Even heavy snow piles don’t impact the technologically-advanced solar cells. Essentially, solar panels can work well in any season.

Solar panels can help businesses thrive. Every property owner that makes the switch is doing his or her part for their community and the earth.


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Plott, creators of the “LetsPlott” Platform – the only tool that allows users to take real design concepts into the AR realm, and back to reality with precise measurements and calculations – has announced the availability of Carta, the world’s first digital measuring wheel to virtually map any outdoor space in real time. Carta makes commercial-level projects easier, such as construction, road building, golf course management, accident recreation and more, by creating custom digital mapping with real-time visual references and accurate dimensional data. Once the design and planning are complete, Carta will help bring it to life with guidance to real world points, ensuring accurate measurements for virtually any large-scale outdoor project.

While creating a project in AR via the LetsPlott app, users will have an interactive canvas that can be read, manipulated and shared with collaborators easily and instantly. The digital measuring wheel captures the path a user walks, including a full perimeter and sections within a specific area, then imports the data into the LetsPlott app where instant calculations are made. Utilizing the LetsPlott platform on any mobile device, Carta users can create mapped paths in real-time and instantly calculate distance, perimeter and area.

Users can take their own photos of a space, or use overhead satellite images for larger projects, to accompany the data they have captured. Collaborators need not worry as Plott has made sharing projects simple, including exporting to programs like CAD and Revit, so everyone has the same accurate data, notes, and vision from concept to the real world. From there, text or video notes can be added for reference to ensure no detail is forgotten. The LetsPlott app can also calculate accurate material estimation, such as the amount of sod for a golf course, cement for a roadway, and more.

“Before we created Carta, measuring large areas would be costly and ineffective due to the extended period of time needed, hiring of multiple professionals, and still, there is an inherent risk of incorrect measurements that ultimately left you with a bunch of calculations and no visible context,” says David Xing, Founder of Plott. “After recognizing a need for innovation in the industry, we worked with professionals to perfect a device that makes measuring and calculating spaces easier, interactive and more intuitive, ultimately saving users time, eliminating complex math and ensuring wasted materials on a job are a thing of the past. All you need is Carta and a mobile device, and you are empowered with a digital command center to map out any project instantly.”

Pricing and Availability

Carta (MSRP: $199) is available online at Home Depot, True Value, and Do It Best.

The LetsPlott app and Platform is available now to download on iOS and Android for free on the App Store and Google Play.

About Plott

At its core, Plott completely eliminates the strenuous labor of measuring objects or spaces by hand so users can easily take on projects with greater ease and efficiency. Plott’s award-winning Extended Reality (XR) Platform and accompanying hardware, now including Carta, brings real world elements and dimensions into the LetsPlott app, a design center for conceptualizing and measuring the project in AR. From idea, to virtual design, then back to reality, Plott provides the ideal tools for anyone from the residential landscaper to commercial construction workers.

For more information on Plott’s award-winning technology and products, visit Stay updated by following Plott on: Facebook @LetsPlott, Instagram @LetsPlott, and Twitter @LetsPlott.


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State-of-the-Art Real Estate Marketing Techniques

he world of real estate relies heavily on successful marketing. While time-tested marketing techniques remain the bread and butter of most real estate industry operations, there’s no denying the ever-present importance of state-of-the-art marketing. As competitive as the real estate industry can be, every little edge helps. 

The following five state-of-the-art marketing techniques will ensure that your real estate marketing investment gives you the most useful results possible:

  1. Place Videos of the Property on Your Website

Videos are one of the most advantageous tools that any real estate agent can use. They are tools that can let your visitors see houses from all angles, and they are especially good for times when you cannot necessarily take your prospects to see the houses in person. The good news is that you don’t have to have professionals make your videos; you can even create them with a simple smartphone.

Videos are great for real estate agents because your prospective buyers will be able to see exactly what the house looks like right from the beginning. A powerful investment would be the purchase of a drone. The drone will be instrumental in helping you create expressive videos of the houses that you wish to present to your clients. You can hire someone to do this for you, but if you are going to be creating a large number of videos, investing in a drone will be worth it.

  1. Invest in Digital Signage

Digital signs use LED, LCD, projection, or e-paper to display several types of images, including web pages, video, or digital images. You can place them anywhere that you could possibly think of placing them, like in restaurants, hotels, corporate buildings, retail stores, stadiums, museums, and transportation systems. A marketing technology company can design effective digital signage.

Digital signs serve many excellent purposes for real estate agents. For example, your sign could introduce new clients to your company and build your brand. They can also advertise your services and promote the houses that you have to offer for sale.

  1. Take Professional Pictures

Great photography is necessary for real estate. With this in mind, it would benefit you greatly to hire a real estate photographer. Homebuyers must search through several pictures to find the houses of their dreams, so you must have the best photographs if you are going to market your houses online. These pictures need to present something special or else the prospect will switch to the next page.

  1. Create Matterport Scans

The Matterport scan is one of the best tools to use to market real estate properties. You can create your scan with the Matterport Capture app, and it will provide you with 3D images of the entire property. The potential buyer can be anywhere in the world, but when she sees the Matterport scan, she will receive an accurate picture of the property in its entirety.

  1. Decorate with Unique Fixtures

Don’t forget about the decorations! The way that a house is decorated can leave the image imprinted in the prospect’s mind. This strategy works if you have at least one very unique item in the house. The prospects are going to remember that item, and they will mention it when they want to discuss the house. For example, place a statue of a large elephant in one of the rooms. Your prospects will label this house as “the house with the giant elephant,” and it will stand out even if it is the fifth or sixth house that you show them.

  1. Write a Blog

Creating a blog will give you the opportunity to offer your readers value. Keep in mind that this is a long-term strategy that you will need to cultivate over time, but it will pay off. Your blog will give people useful tips that you must be prepared to update on a regular basis.


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Top Tips for Keeping Your Work Zone Safe at Night

When it comes to construction sites and work zones, safety is of the utmost importance. The presence of machinery, dangerous tools and hazardous work conditions require everyone on site to take an active interest in promoting safety through best practices. The risk of permanent injury and/or loss of life is significant during the day time. This risk is further compounded by the low visibility that comes with nighttime operations. If you’re ever part of an evening or overnight construction shift, you must be all the more diligent about keeping the work zone safe. Here are some tips to know.

Let There Be Light

Perhaps the biggest factor in nighttime work danger is the lack of available light. Whether you’re working on a roadway construction project or on a high-rise building, it’s important to make sure that active work zones are properly lit. Crews should use lamps and portable lights that adequately illuminates the work zone. Each worker should have enough light to see where they are going as well as what they’re doing. Prior to beginning any night shifts, there should be a lighting plan that details not only the lamps to be used, but also their placement.

Nighttime Power Control

Often construction sites are areas that don’t have permanent sources of power such as electrical outlets in a building. They often rely on the use of generators and extension cords to power electrical items or implementation of gas- and battery-powered equipment. The relative low visibility experienced in night shifts requires special attention to the use of safety controls such as switchgear to control which items remain powered and which are de-energized. Consider addressing the use of such controls in a formal night shift work plan that is made available to all onsite personnel prior to beginning the work.

Maximizing Reflectivity

Given the low light in evening and night shifts, the reflectivity of various work zones becomes especially important. Onsite personnel should wear personal protection equipment or PPE with reflective material for improved visibility when it’s dark out. Look for hard hats and safety vests that include surfaces with material that reflect available light to keep the wearers visible at night. Reflective tape can also be applied to PPE and other surfaces for low light work. Keep in mind that barricades and other items used to close off areas near the work zone also need to reflect light to remain in view.

Proper Signage

Work zones should have proper signage to make everyone aware of conditions. This is especially true for nighttime work. Certain types of construction such as roadway and bridge work are adjacent to traveling motorists and nighttime operations come with the added potential for danger. Make sure your work zone has enough advance warning signsindicating any closures, duration of scheduled work and changed conditions. You not only have an obligation to the crews working onsite, but also to the public that may be in close proximity to your work zone.

The Importance of Proper Rest

Another risk of night shift work is fatigue. The safety of everyone onsite can be jeopardized by the tiredness of just one worker. Fatigue impairs cognitive abilities, including one’s ability to judge a situation, focus on the task at hand, handle dangerous equipment and move safely about the work zone. It’s important to make sure that crews are well-rested and alert, especially at night. Workers should be observed for signs of exhaustion and there should be breaks scheduled during the shift. Consider providing healthy snacks and beverages to support the health of nighttime crew members.

Whether you’re a boss or part of a crew, safety on the job site is your responsibility, especially at night.  The low visibility and the lateness of the hour increase the potential for a dangerous situation, especially given the hazards that already exist in the work zone. Proper lighting, appropriate PPE, signage, active safety controls and a well-rested crew all work towards making the site as safe as possible, lowering the risk for serious injury and loss of life.


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Essentials When Undertaking Industrial Inspection

For some of us, our livelihood depends on the quality of the industrial inspection we do, which means it should always be top-notch.

So, if you have landed here, it is safe to assume you are wondering what kind of equipment is the most-needed for an industrial site insection.  No sweat, we have gathered some of the essential tools which can help you adhere to the quality and standards needed for inspection.

These portable, cost-effective, and precise inspecting tools are just what you need to become the best quality checker ever!


If you’re looking for a piece of equipment that offers accurate measurement, you’re definitely looking for a caliper. This handheld tool is used for measuring the length, depth, internal dimensions, and distance between the opposite sides of an object. It comes in eight different types, from micrometer to vernier to digital, you could get them all, but at the very least, you should pick some or the other type since they are heavily used for measurements and fixtures.

Angle Gauges

If you’re out on a forestry inspection, the angle gauge is a must-have equipment. It is generally used by a forester to decide which trees should be measured. Angle gauge helps in determining if a tree is within the plot. It is easy-to-comprehend and maybe, even easier to carry, and that makes it your best friend in the tool kit.


Microscopes can magnify any surface and show you the breakdown of what’s going inside up to the level of minute atoms as well. The equipment can help you diagnose the flaws and strengthen the quality of your machines. The salles parts of a manufacturing unit and the minute details of a soldering work can be seen through the powerful eyes of a microscope.

To know more about wholesome tools such as multimeters & microscopes, you should visit fully equipped online portals like Mektronics Australia straight away.

Voltage Testers

To know if there’s an electrical current running through a device or a wire, all you need is this simple tool. For different kinds of voltage ranges, you will be required to carry different types of voltage testers. The rugged and compact design is another unmissable perk of buying this tool.


A taper comes in handy during inspections! The tool can help you determine the thickness of body paint. Furthermore, a taper can help you gauge all sorts of hidden damages.


Have you ever been on-site inspection and later while looking at the photos, you discover hidden details, which somehow missed your notice during the visit! That’s exactly why you need the camera. During an inspection, it’s important to carry a camera for verification and documentation of results. You don’t need a costly and high-fi camera; a simple point-shoot camera can serve fine and help you determine the quality and defects.

Gas Detector

Noses can be helpful in sniffing out the problem, but sometimes, they are rendered useless. Some combustible toxic gases are odorless. Exposure to them could even escalate into death. To avoid such potential threats during an inspection, the gas detector should be your next pick. The electrochemical sensors of this tool help in detecting a gas leak. Be it flammable, toxic, or combustible; the tool detects all gases.

Appropriate shoes

Before you wear your favourite shoes and get started with the inspection, you should be sure about whether they are appropriate for the site. Understand what your inspection is about and wear shoes or boots accordingly. We believe that metal boots are the best option; they will survive mud, water, nails, chemicals, oil, and other strong barriers.

Safety glasses

While inspecting an industrial ground, you never know what hazardous elements might just fly into your eyes. To be on the safer side, wear safety glasses or goggles. From inspecting an attic to a mechanical object to an electronic manufacturing unit, wearing safety glasses is always a good decision.

Now that you have an understanding of these professional tools, are you ready to fill your inspection bag?

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Bostik Winner of Two Starnet Design Awards


Bostik, Inc., a world leader in specialty adhesives and installation systems for building construction, was recently honored by being the recipient of two 2020 Starnet Design Awards. Starnet Commercial Flooring Partnership is comprised of more than 171 locally owned independent full-service commercial flooring contractors, servicing more than 300 locations throughout North America. Each year, the firm holds its design awards program, where excellence in various commercial floor covering installations is recognized.

Bostik received a Starnet Award crystal trophy for its installation systems being used in the education and healthcare categories. The floor covering installation at the Toledo (Ohio) Lucas Country Public Library was the award-winner in the educational category. The St. Vincent’s Hospital Pediatric Emergency Center project located in Green Bay, WI was the winner in the healthcare category.

“We were very appreciative of winning these two prestigious awards,” stated Chris Eichman, Bostik’s Marketing Communications Manager. “Bostik considers Starnet as a major partner. The firm is highly professional; its contractors consist of skilled American installation firms that can be counted upon to ‘do the job correctly.’ We look forward to being part of even more Starnet successful projects moving forward.”

About Bostik, Inc.

Bostik is a leading global adhesive specialist in industrial, construction and consumer markets. For more than a century, it has been developing innovative adhesive solutions that are smarter and more adaptive to the forces that shape daily lives. From cradle to grave, from home to office, Bostik’s smart adhesives can be found everywhere. With annual sales of €1.6 billion, the company employs 4,900 people and has a presence in more than 50 countries. For the latest information, visit



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Looking for a Broadband Provider in your State?

Here is terrific guide if you are looking for Broadband Provider in your state?

Click Here to review.

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5 Pitfalls of Laying the Foundation of a Building

Foundation damage is one of the most costly issues that property owners can face over the lifespan of a building. The best way to avoid expensive damage is to ensure that the home or commercial space has a well-constructed foundation from day one. Read on to find out about five of the most common problems with building foundations to see what can go wrong and what to watch out for during this phase of construction.

  1. Use of Sub-Par Materials

Not all concrete contractors are dedicated to using high-quality materials. Some try to cut corners without letting their clients know about the potential consequences. They often include insufficient steel or rebar in the foundation or use substandard concrete, which sets the entire building up for failure. It’s always better to work with a reputable company like Frasercon that can guarantee the quality of the building materials used in foundation construction.

  1. Inadequate Ground Preparation

Proper soil compaction is essential for just about any kind of foundation. Whether the building will be placed on a pier and beam foundation or a floating slab, contractors must ensure that the underlying topsoil is firm and well-compacted enough to support the structure. Proper ground preparation is the best way to avoid settling, so ask the contractors how they plan to prepare the topsoil.

  1. Failure to Consider Seasonal Conditions

Seasonal changes can wreak havoc on an inadequately prepared or unprofessionally installed foundation. Local contractors have a better idea of what to expect in terms of inclement weather events, so they’ll be better equipped to ensure proper drainage, avoid oversaturation, and create a foundation that is not prone to premature failure when exposed to routine weather stresses.

  1. Poor Soil Conditions

Building a foundation on an area with expansive clay soils is never a wise idea, yet not all concrete contractors take the time to remove clay to a sufficient depth and replace it with compacted fill. Clay soils expand and desiccate when it rains and dries out. Since they swell when wet and shrink when dry, this creates constant shifting of the ground beneath the foundation. Even a well-designed and well-built foundation won’t be able to take that amount of settling and shifting without incurring damage over time.

  1. Improper Design

Designing a foundation requires the help of a specialist. If a general contractor claims that his or her team can install the foundation, property owners should be wary. Choosing the wrong type of foundation or failing to take every possible engineering issue into account can lead to serious problems, so it’s always best to work with a specialist.

Ideally, property owners or general contractors should find a concrete company that has experience with everything from post-tension slab on grade foundations with piers to void box slabs and dropped grottos. This will ensure that the contractor and his or her team will be able to come up with a solution that is perfectly suited to the building site’s conditions.

The Bottom Line

Foundation repairs are expensive, so property owners should do everything they can to avoid them. That means finding a reputable concrete company and paying attention throughout the design and building processes to make sure the contractor is living up to his or her word. Property owners or general contractors who do their due diligence now can avoid expensive problems over the lifespan of the building, so it’s worth the time.


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Tips Hiring a Commercial Roofing Repair Contractor

When you need some repairs done on your commercial building’s roof, the first thing that comes to mind is whether you will be able to find the right contractor. This may be because you might have worked with a contractor who did a shoddy job in the past or have never hired a contractor to handle such a project for you. It would probably not surprise you to know that there are a few things you could do to ensure you end up hiring the right contractor for your project.

Cost Is Not Everything

One area people get wrong when hiring a contractor is considering just the price alone. The price will tell you if you can able to afford to pay the contractor, but it should not your only consideration. The important metric is that you will get for what you pay for. For example, two contractors might charge the same but one might use better materials than  the other. Another might do the same job well but leave the surroundings in a mess. It is therefore important to have a clear and complete idea of what you will get for your money and what other tasks the contractor will complete before they leave the worksite.

Check Out Their Previous Projects

Once you have shortlisted a few contractors, try to find out what other projects they have completed. This will give you a better idea of whether they will be able to complete the repairs you task them with in a satisfactory manner. Confident and reputable contractors like Advantage Construction Company have websites where you can see some of their past projects. If they have social media accounts, those too would be a good source of information.

Find Them Online

In addition to checking out their website, you should also look up any roofing contractors you are considering. This is so that you can find out what people are saying about them. Reviews are very important when hiring contractors for commercial projects as they will give you an idea of how the contractors treat their clients and the quality of their work.

An online search is also a good way of weeding out unqualified contractors. Remember that commercial roofing projects are much more complicated than residential roofing projects, which means you will need a highly qualified contractor for the job.

Hire a Local Contractor

When you need a commercial roofing repair contractor, you should ideally go with a local one. The upside of doing this is that they will always be available whenever you need them. Also, hiring a local contractor ensures they are available when you need them to fulfill a promise on their warranty. Lastly, if you hire a local contractor, you are likely to know their offices’ exact location. This means you can visit them whenever you need to or in case of any problems.

Hiring a commercial roofing repair contractor can be a slow, involved process. Ensure you take your time and have a deeper look into any contractors you hire to ensure they can do the repairs properly and within a reasonable budget.

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