Dutch Bros Coffee unveils plan for 130 new stores by year’s end

Dutch Bros Coffee, which went public for the first time last fall, is optimistic about its development pipeline. The Oregon-based coffee chain is on track to open 130 more by the end of the year. Nation’s Restaurant News

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Target grows in NYC with new SoHo store

Target will grow to 95 stores in the greater New York City area with the opening today of a 27,000-square-foot store in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood. Earlier this year, the retailer opened a location in Times Square and an additional location is slated to open next year in Astoria, Queens. Time Out

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ABC Supply Co. opens location in Montoursville, Pennsylvania

ABC Supply Co. Inc., the nation’s largest wholesale distributor of roofing, siding and other select exterior building products, has opened a new location at 415 Airport Road in Montoursville, Pennsylvania.

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Guardian New 360-Degree Height Safety Website

​​​​​Guardian is thrilled to introduce its new, state-of-the-art, 360-Degree Height Safety website. Designed to be a comprehensive height safety resource for all, guardianfall.com brings to life Guardian’s refocused Height Safety. Simplified brand position announced in Summer of 2021.

From the unique navigational tools to the robust, future-proof content management system, the new website is the culmination of extensive internal and external research across global markets, all with the express intention of being the industry’s most trusted source of information for products, planning, and implementation to make safe as simple as possible for the worker at height.Callum Nixon, Head of UX at OTM, the agency partner behind the new website, said: “Our primary task was to completely re-work the structure and UX of Guardian’s website, to embody the ‘Height safety. Simplified’ proposition. This included a total redesign of the content management system and streamlining the customer’s online experience, from initial exploration to product customization and selection to training course browsing and purchase, as well as easy connection to local experts and support teams. This was an ambitious project that was a success on all fronts.”                                       Macro structural elements include worldwide regionalization (USA, Canada, UK/Europe, International) of product, service, and customer support resources. The responsive mobile and tablet interface delivers the entire power of the website at the touch of a finger. Individual “micro-sites” cover Guardian’s 360-Degree of Height Safety product offerings of Fall Protection, Dropped Object Prevention, Foreign Material Exclusion, and Lifting, as well as custom design and installation solutions provided by our Engineered Systems group. A dedicated Training page allows full calendar-view access and booking of both online and onsite height safety classes, while the richly populated Media Center offers catalogs, inspection forms, and other documentation and video assets.In addition to a full catalog of products and services, the new guardianfall.com features a suite of digital resource tools including a dynamic Harness Configurator, which allows the user to select desired options and instantly see the results. An interactive Fall Clearance Calculator gives accurate fall clearance requirements based on anchor location and connector type inputs.

Guardian’s Global Creative Director, Tony Merlini, added, “We wanted a website that demonstrated our 360-degree approach to height safety, with an ecosystem of information at every touchpoint. After months of research and planning, followed by thousands of hours designing, writing, coding, integrating, calculating, and testing; we did it! An innovative and stylish website designed to be a height safety resource for everyone.”  We invite you to visit the all-new guardianfall.com to learn more about our 360-degree height safety offer, and to see how we are making safe simple.

About Guardian FallGuardian is the world’s largest independent fall protection and prevention partner.  With design, manufacturing, height safety training and engineered system experts across North America and the UK, it serves partners around the globe with a 360-degree height safety offer.guardianfall.com

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Cosentino Releases New Sustainability Report

Cosentino’s newly released annual Sustainability Report.

2021 highlights include a nearly $30M investment in environmental initiatives. Resulting industry-leading advancements include the use of 99% reused water, 100% renewable electric energy and Zero Water Discharge (daily treatment/recirculation of 800,000 m3 of water) through Cosentino’s new HybriQ+® Silestone® products and a continued commitment to minimizing its carbon footprint through its Carbon Neutral Dekton products.

2021 Milestones & Figures:

  • Achieved 100% Silestone production with HybriQ+® technology for Silestone® – a sustainable manufacturing process that uses 99% reused water, 100% renewable electric energy, zero water waste, and a minimum of 20% recycled raw materials within HybriQ+® products’ composition.
  • Produced more than 3M m2 of slabs from recycled or recovered materials (almost one third of the company’s total production). This was made possible thanks to Cosentino’s own Waste Treatment Plant, which enabled the company to manage 400,000 tons of solid waste in 2021, increasing the use of recycled raw materials by 26%. 
  • Implemented a new industrial energy model based on renewable energy sources and self-consumption, which also covers the management of water resources. In the coming weeks, Cosentino will set up the largest ground-mounted self-consumption photovoltaic plant in Spain. Looking ahead to 2023, Cosentino ultimately aims to activate and operate its own Wastewater Reclamation Plant, which will put the wastewater discharged by its neighboring communities to a new use.
  • Created nearly 700 new jobs, ending the year with a workforce of 5,425 employees – representing 76 different nationalities, with 91 percent of employees in permanent contracts. Open new Cosentino Citys in cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, Tel Aviv, Palma, Stockholm and Sydney.
  • Increased direct donations by 20% to various local organizations and associations while also expanding support to the fields of architecture, design, sport and gastronomy through a series of partnerships and sponsorships.
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U.S. Military Veterans and Addiction

Military veterans are at a higher risk of developing addictions and other mental health issues than civilians.

The men and women veterans who served our country deal with many challenges from traumatic events.

Some veterans try to cope or self-medicate by abusing alcohol or other addictive substances.

CLICK HERE to read full guide for information for anyone you know that needs help.

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Common Investing Mistakes in Commercial R/E

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Real estate is rarely ever a bad investment. After all, people need places to live and work, and they have repeatedly shown that they will pay for them. But if you make one of the worst mistakes to avoid when investing in commercial real estate, you could end up with a money-draining disaster on your hands. So, it’s important to know what pitfalls to expect and how to avoid them. This will help you make informed decisions about your investment, which, in the long run, translates to more profit. 

What are some of the worst mistakes to avoid when investing in commercial real estate? 

When you decide to invest in commercial real estate, you need to be careful. Not every building is an equally good idea; it’s vital to choose the right one if you want to make a profit. In order to make the right choice, it’s important to avoid: 

Poor planning 

Arguably the worst mistake you can make in real estate is not planning your investments properly. Because commercial real estate is a long-term commitment, and even though it has numerous benefits, you must always think about the future and plan several steps ahead. It’s not enough just to check which type of property is popular now – you must also consider what kind of property you’ll need five years from now, what you want to do with the building you buy, and how it’s going to pay off in the long run. This includes developing a tax plan, underwriting current tenants, reaching a consensus with all investors, and more. If it sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it is, but it pays off to do it well. 


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Lack of familiarity with the market 

Knowing when to invest and what type of building to buy is crucial for success. The prices for different types of properties, the demand for real estate, and the average sale or rent costs all change throughout the year. They also depend on location, development projects, potential changes to relevant laws, and the presence of other investors. All this will play a part in your decision about the investment. So, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the local market because this is the only way to find the right property to invest in at the right time. You should also not neglect finding information on moving and storage services available to you and your potential tenants, so make sure to check out Verified Movers for all potential options. Otherwise, you might end up paying a lot more than a property is worth and then not make any profit off it. 

Not doing your due diligence 

Real estate is not some theoretical investment – you’re paying for a very real, material thing when you buy a building. So, while reading market insights is a great start, it is not enough to just look at numbers on a page. You need to thoroughly inspect the actual building you’re buying. In fact, it is in your best interest to hire a professional for this inspection. They’ll be able to tell you the condition of the building, potential problems with the structure or utilities, and what type of work you can expect the property to need in the future. These are important indicators not only of the current value of the property but also its future. 


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Skipping the inspection can lead you to buy a property that needs a lot of work or constant maintenance, which will, in turn, end up costing you more money. So don’t be hasty – take a good look at the condition of the building before you commit to it. 

Taking the “lone wolf” approach 

Every building is unique and therefore requires a unique approach. For this reason, a lot of work goes into every real estate investment, whether it’s your first- or hundredth time buying property. Doing all that work by yourself is nearly impossible. Think about it: you need to do hours upon hours of research, you need to perform property inspections, you need to have a sustainable process for moving out tenants while doing work on the property, you need to organize long-term maintenance, and more. You only have so many hours in the day – don’t bite off more than you can chew. It’s better to find reliable business partners you can work with than to do shoddy work just because you wanted to do it yourself. 

Various miscalculations 

Probably the most common mistake people make when buying real estate is failing to take all the expenses and profits into account. The math is not as simple as comparing the initial investment with what you expect to make on rent every month. In addition to initial expenses when buying a property, you need to consider things like taxes, renovations, regular maintenance, seasonal work like winterizing the property or installing AC for the summer, and the possibility of not being at capacity at all times. Furthermore, unexpected expenses can come up at any time, no matter how well you prepare, so it’s good to have some extra padding in your budget. Make sure you’re working with the right numbers; otherwise, your return on investment might not be as high as you’d hoped. 

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What can you do to avoid mistakes when investing in commercial real estate? 

The first thing you need to do is be aware of the common mistakes to avoid when investing in commercial real estate. Knowing where all the pitfalls lie will help you avoid them. The next step is thoroughly planning your investment. Not making hasty decisions will solve most of your problems before they even begin. This industry is constantly growing, and you must take steps to stay ahead of the competition, and promoting your property is one of the ways to go. Finally, don’t do it alone. You will never know as much as an expert in a particular area, whether it’s finance or structural integrity. So, hire the experts! Their knowledge is invaluable – they’re not an expense so much as an investment themselves. Furthermore, working with the right people helps you avoid mistakes. Even if you don’t notice you’re doing something wrong, your business partners might. With the help of knowledgeable experts and a good plan, your investment will undoubtedly pay off. 

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Computer Guidance Corporation Client Goes Live

Computer Guidance Corporation, the leading developer of cloud-based ERP solutions for the construction industry, announced that JH Lynch, a heavy highway contractor providing roads, bridges and pavement construction, as well as aggregate mining, has chosen its eCMS Construction Cloud ERP and has concluded the initial ERP implementation process.

Headquartered in Cumberland, Rhode Island, J.H. Lynch & Sons, Inc. performs both private and government work and delivers various heavy highway services including infrastructure construction, aggregate mining and the manufacturing of asphalt and concrete for roads, bridges and pavement construction. J.H. Lynch & Sons, Inc. has decided to replace its legacy on-premise ERP solution with eCMS Cloud ERP so the company can focus solely on growing its business while leaving the back-end system management to a true solutions provider.

After looking at multiple ERP solutions, J.H. Lynch & Sons, Inc. chose eCMS for its heavy highway/civil functionality, advanced union and non-union payroll, as well as its robust business intelligence, content management and mobile capability, all of which are delivered seamlessly and securely through web-based applications in the cloud. J.H. Lynch & Sons, Inc. purchased core accounting, payroll, plant sales, equipment maintenance, equipment accounting, project collaborator and other productivity tools, that will put real-time data at the fingertips of its users for more proactive decision-making and the benefits that come along with it.

“CGC is a leader focused on a specific market, just like us, and their reputation and expertise in providing integrated solutions for heavy highway and civil contractors made this difficult ERP choice easy for us,” stated Brian Bettenhausen, CFO, J.H. Lynch & Sons, Inc. “Together, we laid out the framework to support our needs today and have plans in place that will make this a mutually beneficial partnership for years to come.”

“Putting real-time, accurate data in the hands of decision-makers on demand will help J.H. Lynch & Sons, Inc. automate and streamline their entire scope of business processes – from field data collection and complex payroll processing to government reporting and heavy highway job costing,” said Steven Gross, VP of Client Solutions, Computer Guidance Corporation. “We look forward to helping J.H. Lynch & Sons, Inc. confidently expand their operations through efficiencies gained by sophisticated digital workflows that support industry-leading growth.”

About Computer Guidance CorporationWith over 20% of their clients represented on top ENR lists, Computer Guidance Corporation delivers the leading construction enterprise resource planning solution including financial and project management, #1 business intelligence, mobile, and enterprise content management. Scalable, customizable, and cloud hosted, CGC serves thousands throughout North America. Computer Guidance Corporation is part of the JDM Technology Group, a global construction-specific software conglomerate that serves more than 500,000+ in 40 countries and 6 continents. https://computerguidance.com/

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Helly Hansen Workwear New BRZ Concept Products

Introduced for 2022, Helly Hansen’s new product construction, BRZ, is built on the concept of Climate Regulating Comfort. BRZ products are designed for those warmer months where pants are still a requirement on the job site, but breathability and temperature regulation is just as important. For a product to be classified as a BRZ product, there are a specific set of properties and benefits the product must satisfy:

  1. Fabric weight must be less than 250 grams, ensuring a lightweight garment
  2. It must have a mechanical ventilation in its construction

The combination of both features working together creates products that are versatile and comfortable. Specifically for 2022, the BRZ concept will be present in the Chelsea Evolution and Women’s Luna collections. The Chelsea Evolution BRZ and Women’s Luna BRZ collections will maintain the same features found in the products they originate from, as well as having lightweight fabric and mechanical ventilation – ultimately making it even more comfortable and highly versatile for dynamic work environments involving different levels of activity.

Chelsea Evolution BRZ Collection, Construction – $170 USD | $200 CAD • Service – $140 USD | $165 CAD

Featuring a combination of 4-way stretch polyamide and Helly Hansen’s polyamide and lightweight armored Cordura section where abrasion resistance is the top priority, the Chelsea Evolution BRZ collection is the ultimate trifecta – durable, lightweight fabric with ease of movement and mechanical ventilation for comfort. In comparison to the first iteration, the Chelsea Evolution BRZ collection also features an innovative kneepad pocket that is now accessible via the ventilation zipper on the exterior of the pant. With a modern fit, improved pocket solution and extraordinary design lines combined with iconic Chelsea collection features, this is your new best workmate.


  • BRZ Concept
  • Cordura® fabric reinforcement on knees
  • 4-Way Stretch
  • YKK® zipper
  • Articulated knees
  • Hanging Pockets on Construction style

Women’s Luna BRZ Collection

This women-specific, women-designed work pant just got better! Designed for the women on site who need a durable, comfortable, and now, lightweight and highly breathable work pant, the Luna BRZ collection puts functionality first to get the job done. Additional features include reinforced knees, a female-specific fit and hanging pockets on the Construction style.


  • BRZ Concept
  • Broad center back belt loop for extra stability and strength
  • Gusset in crotch for freedom of movement
  • Reinforcement fabric at knee and bottom hem
  • Articulated knees for optimal mobility
  • Hanging pockets with double lined bottom and nylon webbing for durability on Construction style

Both of these collections are sold exclusively at hhworkwear.com. The men’s Chelsea Evolution BRZ collection is available now and the Women’s Luna BRZ collection will be available early September. 

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Sherwin-Williams 2023 Colormix Forecast

Sherwin-Williams introduces the Colormix® Forecast 2023 TERRA, a collection that embraces regeneration, creativity, care, connection and joy. The forecast encompasses curated palettes that are inspired by the natural interweaving of people and their spaces.

“We are on an intentional journey to experience beautiful, living color as we evolve,” said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “Our connection to the Earth, fondest memories and future hopes are what will influence our global outlook in the months to come. These influences affect our commercial spaces as much as they do our homes. Embracing the idea of TERRA in design inspires a new way of living that will be defined by balance, presence, support and the enduring joy that awaits us.”

Wadden and the Global Forecast Team of color professionals at Sherwin-Williams conduct extensive research each year individually and then come together in an intensive workshop to build the forecast and set the stage for the conversation around color in the year to come. All kinds of trend topics are considered – from climate change to mental health – and emerging trend topics are then thoughtfully translated into defining colors and cohesive palettes. The 2023 Colormix Forecast features rich earth tones, natural clays, sunbaked sands, restful neutrals and powdery pastels.

Colormix Forecast 2023 TERRA Collections

The main forecast features 40 hues within four curated palettes: balanced Biome, passionate Lore, serene Nexus and vibrant Origin.


Drawing on the components of an ever-changing ecosystem, the Biome palette celebrates the similarities between an abundant Earth and a quest for balance. This palette finds its inspiration in biophilia, organic minimalism and symbiosis. The delicateness of Threshold Taupe SW 7501 complements the down-to- earth tranquility of Urbane Bronze SW 7048, among other peaceful and sophisticated pairings.


The Lore palette draws inspiration across cultures and centuries. This palette’s hues invite reconnection with an intricate mix of ancient reds, powdery pastels and rich jewel tones. While Studio Mauve SW 0062 whispers soft beauty, Blue Peacock SW 0064 prompts bold expression.

Nugget SW 6697

Pediment SW 7634

Serape SW 6656

Dhurrie Beige SW7524

Blue Peacock SW0064

Studio Mauve SW0062

Mineral Gray SW2740

Carnelian SW 7580

Toile Red SW 0006

Wallflower SW 6281


Hidden places can often be the most healing and the Nexus palette lends a hand to help consumers find these realms of restorative energy. Grounding browns and soft, soulful whites complement various warm tones that exude love and kindness. Influenced by daily well-being rituals, Nexus incorporates natural clays and the sunbaked desert, like Reddened Earth SW 6053 and Likeable Sand SW 6058, which highlight serenity and restoration.

Lei Flower SW 6613

Emerging Taupe SW6045

Reddened EarthSW 6053

Foothills SW 7514

Kestrel White SW7516

Malted Milk SW 6057

Chatura Gray SW 9169

Redend Point SW9081

Cool Beige SW 9086

Likeable Sand SW6058


From mixing and matching to embracing hybrid living to the notion ofmetamorphosis, the Origin palette demonstrates the power of layering fond memories with future hopes to feel vibrant and joyful in the present moment. Hues like Fabulous Grape SW 6293, Peppery SW 6615 and Goldfinch SW 6905 are magnetic, free-spirited and bold.

Commercial Colormix Forecast 2023

The 2023 Commercial Colormix Forecast contains six distinctive commercial palettes using the 40 forward-looking colors of TERRA. These palettes can be explored and embraced when designing inspiring spaces for commercial, hospitality, new residential, healthcare, education and multi-family settings

The Commercial palette evokes a casual and earthy vibe, whereas the Hospitality palette finds its inspiration from hyper-localization and mindful luxury with deeply saturated colors. Influenced by inclusive design elements, the Education palette shows how spirited colors and natural wooden materials can be used to create holistic surroundings, while the Healthcare palette encourages bio-immersive environments to enhance the patient and caregiver experience. Welcoming colors and warm tones define the Multi- Family and Residential palettes to help residents feel at home in multi-functional spaces while promoting relaxation, focus and comfort.

The palettes capture themes of resourceful ingenuity, pushing boundaries, embracing community and diving into a new way of living, reflecting how these ideas will continue to influence the commercial design landscape in 2023 and beyond.

Color Exploration and Selection

All 40 colors in the forecast are available at Sherwin-Williams stores nationwide and are available to order online for in-store or curbside pick-up. Sherwin-Williams color chips and Peel & Stick also are available in store and online at swsamples.com. Learn more about Sherwin-Williams Colormix Forecast 2023, Commercial Colormix Forecast 2023 and other color selection resources at swcolorforecast.com. 

Ask Sherwin-Williams™

For more than 155 years, Sherwin-Williams has been an industry leader in the development of technologically advanced paint and coatings. As the nation’s largest specialty retailer of paint and painting supplies, Sherwin-Williams is dedicated to supporting both do-it-yourselfers and painting professionals with exceptional and exclusive products, resources to make confident color selections and expert, personalized service at its more than 4,300 neighborhood stores across North America. For more information, visit sherwin-williams.com.

Join Sherwin-Williams on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

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