The Great British Home Renovation of 2022

Over the pandemic, we all spent more time than normal inside. For many people, that gave us the chance to really appreciate our home, and fall in love with our inside space all over again. As a result, home investment is booming! Whether it’s the slower pace of life or the extra cash in our pockets as a result of missing out on holidays and nights out that has let us truly take stock of our homes, a huge number of Brits are carrying out home improvements.  

But how much are we spending? How many of us are spending? And more importantly, what are we spending it on? You’d hope that we’d at least have some major home improvements to show for our trouble. The interior design experts at Sliding Door Wardrobe Company took a look at exactly how Britons are making their mark on their properties, and what 2022 holds in store… 

Renovation is in!’s recent Renovation Nation survey indicates that 77% of Brits spent money on improving their property in 2021, a marginal increase on 2020’s figure of 76%. Plus, of those who had invested in their home, over half cited the extra time spent at home as a result of the pandemic as a major motivating factor. Considering the popularity of homeworking, and the number of businesses adopting a hybrid working model going into 2022, this trend is unlikely to slow down.  

Another survey from found that total spending on home renovation had surged by 36% during the pandemic, facilitated in part by a 70% increase in median spend from the millennial generation. The extra income afforded to the younger generation by the pandemic is likely to be a big factor behind this – a 2021 survey by Houzz showed that 89% of millennials used cash as their primary source of finance when renovating their home.  

So, the above data highlights an overall public increase in home improvement investment, spearheaded by millennials doing their best to break out of ‘generation rent.’ With home prices skyrocketing, the willingness of younger homebuyers to commit to a fixer-upper and renovate over time is hardly surprising.  

Where are we renovating? 
Which areas of our homes are Britons prioritising? Given the likelihood that many UK homeowners will be continuing to work from home – at least part-time – you’d be forgiven for thinking the home office/study might be a priority for renovators. In 2021, at least, that wasn’t the case. According to the Renovation Nation survey, the study was not a priority for renovators, with just 2.65% of respondents prioritising spending in their home office.  

However, Google Trends highlights a steady increase in searches for ‘home office ideas‘ since the pandemic began, so perhaps 2022 will be the year we see home study renovations aplenty.  

Meanwhile, the garden, so often a sanctuary for people during the pandemic, was found to have received the most TLC by UK renovators in 2021. It’s hardly surprising, considering the amount of garden conversations and socially distanced get-togethers that were held last year. If you’re planning on entertaining people in your garden, it’s worth investing some time and money into improving its look. 

With that thought in mind, the Renovation Nation survey highlighted that over a fifth of UK homeowners had invested the most money into their garden, compared to other areas of the home. It seems this trend is likely to continue in 2022, too. Search data from Houzz’s website highlighted an 8x-increase in searches for ‘garden designer’ and significant increases in searches for outdoor kitchen and dining areas, suggesting that you might be enjoying a few more luxury garden dinners in 2022.  

Though outdoor kitchens are becoming more popular, the kitchen remains the heart of the home. Kitchen renovations were also found to have been incredibly popular, with over two-thirds of homeowners making major changes to their kitchen during the pandemic. Expect to see this trend continue – after all, you can’t dine alfresco all year round!  

New Colour Palettes
More generally, you can expect to see a greater range of colour palettes used in home renovation projects this year. Additional time at home has brought a greater desire for personalization and increased colour confidence, evidenced by design shows throughout 2021, and by Houzz search data.  

A growing number of people are searching for colours such as ‘sage green,’ ‘duck egg blue,’ and ‘mustard yellow,’ suggesting that we’ll see far more interesting colour combinations for walls and furniture when homes need a lick of paint.  

So, what renovations have you got planned for your home in 2022? Will you be joining the movement to improve your garden? Or perhaps buck the trend and go for something different? If you’re not renovating, you should be!  

In many cases, home improvements can increase the value of your home by 15-20%! Plus, data suggests that 20% of first-time buyers would be put off by a dated bathroom or kitchen, so that lick of paint could make the difference if you look to sell in future. Why not boost your renovation project with the stunning range of furniture offered at the Sliding Door Wardrobe Company 

Whether you’re prioritising the home office or living room or choosing to renovate your kitchen, there are storage solutions available for you. Choose from a range of colours, and be as bold as you please! 

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Top Spring/Summer Interior Trends for 2022

As the weather is heating up and we look to prepare our homes for the new season, DIY and decorating experts Harris Brushes have uncovered the most coveted spring/summer design trends for 2022. 

Key Findings: 

  • Searches for “homeware” are up by 200% in the last 30 days alone according to Google Trends data. 
  • #springdecor currently has over 108.2M views on TikTok. 
  • Pinterest’s 2022 Pinterest Predicts report reveals “biophilic design” and “curved furniture” to be two of the most dominant interior trends of the year. 
  • According to Pinterest, trending searches on the platform include “biophilic architecture” (+150%) and “biophilic design bedroom” (+100%). 
  • Pinterest predicts that round furniture will surge in popularity throughout spring/summer 2022, with searches for “round pool decking ideas” increasing by 170%, “curved bar design” by 140% and “curved sofa living room” searches increasing threefold. 
  • Exposure to greenery such as houseplants is even known to reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress. 
  • Searches for “sage green wallpaper” have increased by 90% in the last 30 days according to Google Trends. 
  • According to Instagram, there are currently 262k posts attached to #sustainablehome, 93.8k attached to #sustainabledecor and a staggering 4.1m posts associated with #upcycling. 

With the first flicker of sunshine and warmth comes a world of interior inspiration sure to spark our imaginations and have our homes looking show-stopping in no time. With searches for “homeware” up by 200% according to Google Trends data in the past 30 days alone and #springdecor currently receiving 108.2M views on TikTok, it’s clear that the desire to reinvent our homes in the new season is very much alive. 

Spring’s interior design trends for 2022 focus heavily on a calming palette of green, bringing nature’s beauty indoors and incorporating sustainability and wellbeing into interior design wherever possible. In fact, Pinterest’s 2022 Pinterest Predicts report reveals biophilic design to be one of the most dominant interior trends of the year, in addition to curved furniture which is also set to be a game-changer this spring/ summer, offering playful silhouettes that add a dose of tranquillity and comfort to the room.

1. Biophilic Design 

The time to increase our connectivity with nature and all the goodness it brings has arrived. According to Pinterest, trending searches on the platform include “biophilic architecture” (+150%) and “biophilic design bedroom” (+100%). One of the most in-demand spring interior trends for 2022, biophilic design encapsulates nature’s natural beauty with natural light, calming colour schemes and naturally, more stunning house plants than you can shake a stick at. 

Designed to enhance productivity in addition to physical, emotional and intellectual wellbeing, this timeless interior trend is the perfect way to introduce serenity into the home. Science dictates that exposure to greenery such as houseplants is even known to reduce symptoms of anxiety and stress, which is ever-more important in the post-pandemic landscape. 

2. Curved Furniture 

Comfort should always go hand in hand with style when it comes to interior design. If you’re looking for spring decorating ideas to elevate the look of your living area, bedroom or office space, introducing curved furniture is a simple way to create an ultra-relaxed and up to date style. From luxurious curved couches to contemporary rounded side tables and kitchen islands, this look offers stylish yet cosy silhouettes that help to set the home apart.  

Pinterest predicts that the trend will surge in popularity throughout spring/summer 2022, with baby boomers, Gen X and millennials driving searches such as “round pool decking ideas” (+170%), “curved bar design” (+140%) and “curved sofa living room” (x3).  

3. Green Tones 

Since the pandemic affected an acceleration in demand for calming living spaces, soft, neutral wall colours have been on everyone’s radar, and this is not about to change as green prevails as the colour of choice for spring/summer 2022. According to color psychology, green is symbolic of harmony, tranquillity and peace and also can stimulate positive cognitive outcomes including memory, problem-solving and optimistic thinking, making it the perfect shade to enhance the home. Demand for green tones in the home, from deeper olive tones to soft sage and mint tones, is still on the rise; searches for “sage green wallpaper” have increased by 90% in the last 30 days according to Google Trends. 

4. Textured Walls 

Architecture with texture and intricacy is another key spring interior design trend that instantly injects a sense of decadence and uniqueness into the home. With striking focal points from decorative plaster to panelling and textured tiling, this stunning style can be incorporated into the bathroom, kitchen or living area to add new dimensions and depth. Undoubtedly with the rise of Netflix shows Bridgerton and The Crown, one of the most popular ways to add texture to the home is panelling. 

For those looking to recapture the regency-core glamour of these series in the home without having to hire professional decorators, Harris’ four-step DIY Wall Panelling guide is your one-stop to success, incorporating all you need to complete the job at home and save money. 

5. Sustainability 

According to Instagram, there are currently 262k posts attached to #sustainablehome, 93.8k with #sustainabledecor and a staggering 4.1m posts associated with #upcycling, indicating that the global consensus to reduce emissions and combat the climate crisis is also integrated into interior design. Eco-friendly design encompasses quality, hard-wearing furniture and materials such as reclaimed wood and recycled metal to aid waste reduction and better protect the planet. Reclaimed wood gives living spaces a rustic homely feel, whilst recycled metal helps to recreate the desirable industrial style in any living area or bedroom. 

Brighter days are on the way and 2022 promises to be a year filled with new beginnings, which for many of us will be reflected in the redesign of our most beloved living areas. With the rise of biophilic, eco-friendly design, this year’s spring/summer trends force us to make more considered decisions when it comes to our home interiors. They prompt us to repurpose furniture as opposed to replacing, craft rooms that support mental wellbeing and connect with nature in simple, attainable ways that bring warmth and tranquillity to the everyday. 

For more information on how to incorporate these trends in your home, read the full article in the Harris Brushes Tip Exchange today. 

About Harris Brushes 

Harris Brushes® is a world-class manufacturer of decorating products with a reputation for innovation and delivering unrivalled quality and performance. Developed for DIY decorators, Harris® painting and decorating tools help decorators to achieve a professional finish with every use and complete projects to the highest possible standard. 

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3 Financial Traps Construction Firms Must Avoid

Construction companies often operate on razor-thin margins, making financial management crucial in ensuring success. However, many businesses in the industry are not as conscientious with their finances as they are in meeting client expectations, sometimes even compromising profitability and taking losses on projects. The fundamental goal of any business is to make money. To do that, you need to pay attention to your finances and avoid these pitfalls that befall many construction businesses.

Poor cash management

Many construction companies suffer from poor cash flow. One of the biggest pitfalls under cash flow problems is having insufficient cash reserves. In construction, where most projects have longer payment cycles and businesses are often expected to front many of the costs for projects to commence and progress, having sufficient cash reserves is prudent. Of course, this exposes the company to considerable financial risk, though it is a regular practice. 

To work around the risks, it’s wise for companies to establish requiring a significant deposit at the onset of the project. It’s best to get at least half of the project cost down in the beginning. Some clients might balk at this and look elsewhere, yet many will be open to this arrangement because it simplifies things on their part. Part of being able to require significant cash-down from clients is improving your vetting process and ensuring the financial viability of clients and their projects. 

You need to avoid having to dip into the cash runway of another project to fund another one, mainly because this puts both projects at risk. 

Late invoicing

Regular and timely invoicing is key to getting paid on time. Many construction businesses fail to send timely invoices, causing delays in the payment process or even project progress. 

Timely invoicing and establishing a cadence of frequent invoicing, especially in bigger projects, enable both parties to identify and resolve questions and disputes early on. Late invoicing already causes late payments. If there are disputes on late invoices, payment cycles are even more prolonged. 

Many clients might also have date-based pay cycles, and late invoicing can cause you to miss their payment schedule, forcing you to front cash that might put you in a tight spot. Yet, your vendors and workers must be paid on time to preserve morale and productivity. Suppose you’re getting paid late due to late invoicing. In that case, you might need to make unnecessary poor cash decisions to cover time-sensitive payments you must make, like loans or delaying vendor payments, which corrode relationships. 

Failure to preserve lien rights

Late payments and even delinquent clients are unfortunately common in the business. Fortunately, states have laws in place to promote prompt payment and protect construction businesses, professionals, and suppliers from non-payment and financial loss. However, to benefit from the rights granted by these lien laws, contractors and suppliers often have the responsibility of filing the necessary notices. In many cases, failure to file these notices results in the loss of your right to recover payments via mechanics liens. 

Mechanics liens work by placing a hold on the property where you furnished work or materials. If the client fails to pay, the court may order a foreclosure sale to pay unpaid contractors and vendors on the project.

Mechanics liens are powerful in protecting your right to payments. Ensuring your right to file them must be part of your workflow for all projects. The required preliminary notices are typically time-sensitive, and delivering them late may cause part or all of your work to be unprotected. 

For example, the preliminary notice in California must be filed within the first 20 days of work or materials delivery to have the right to file a lien in case you go unpaid. Sending the notice late will result in part of your work being ineligible for lien protection. Automating this process through lien management software is a sound investment, primarily if you deal with multiple projects located in different counties and states.

Knowing is half the battle

These are just some of the financial pitfalls you need to watch out for as a construction business owner. Many choose to avoid the hard truths and the seemingly cumbersome aspect of finance, but paying attention and putting the necessary processes in place will save you from costly mistakes and decisions. 

About the Author: 

Patrick Hogan is the CEO of, where they build software that helps contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers with filing documents like preliminary notices to avoid late payments. also provides funding for construction businesses in the form of invoice factoring, material supply trade credit, and mechanics lien purchasing.

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7 common new-home issues you need to look out for


Congratulations! You have finally found your dream house. The delight of buying a new home is exhilarating. Besides, purchasing a brand new property also has an emotional value. No dealing with someone else’s mistakes or wear and tear. People give countless reasons to prefer a new house over a used one. They think purchasing a new one will save them money. But even after careful selection and inspection, it is possible to find issues in your new house.  

Therefore, finding issues in the new house is common; more serious is neglecting them till they group together and snowball, leading to costly repairs. On average, a US household spends more than $8,305 on home improvements and $3,192 on home maintenance. So, whether you are acquiring a new house or a used one, be ready to pay for some hidden issues. Here is a list of some issues you could face. 

1. Tackling the hard water issue 

Countless US households in various cities, including Gilbert, Arizona, and Los Angeles, lament the issue of hard water, which is neither suitable for drinking nor cooking or washing. Hard water also leaves ugly stains and soap scum on the floor. Furthermore, it can make your skin dry, dull, and itchy and make your laundry lose its shine and color.  

Moreover, hard water can corrode your plumbing and decrease the efficiency of water-using electronics. Using hard water in the house is not only a hassle for its unpleasant effects, but it can also cost you extra money in the form of repairs and household cleaning supplies.  

Hard water issue arises due to the excessive quantity of minerals such as calcium and magnesium in the water. Without the best water softener systems, using tap water can become next to impossible. Check with your nearest water softener service providers to tackle the issue.  

2. Absence of necessities 

Many builders focus more on a home’s aesthetics to woo their clients, alluring them into buying the property. But to your chagrin, you realize the absence of many necessities after living in the house. You may feel the absence of landscaping, CCTVs and LCD intercoms, Safety grills, window coverings, and much more. But it is often too late before you realize it.  

Adding each of these missing items means incurring extra expenses above and beyond the amount paid to the seller of the house. Therefore, before finalizing the purchase, consider all the factors that you deem necessary and must be present in the house. Also, in case of their absence, negotiate the price of the home accordingly. If the seller disagrees, it is better to see a new house laced with all the essentials.  

3. Ensure availability of safe drinking water 

Hard water is not the only water-related issue you might face in your house. Ensuring the supply of safe and clean drinking water is a priority too. Unclean and unsafe drinking are prevailing reasons for causing diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid, polio, dysentery, hepatitis A, etc. Worldwide, 60% of diarrhea-caused deaths are related to unsafe drinking water. Therefore, having access to safe drinking water is a must for keeping you and your family safe.  

Potential water issues include the smell of rotten eggs and sulfur—an indicator of the presence of hydrogen sulfide. The taste and smell of something metallic indicate the presence of mercury, copper, manganese, and zinc.  

However, you must note that you cannot taste every contaminant present in the water; some need to be tested in a laboratory. Therefore, get your drinking water tested to ensure its suitability for drinking. In some situations, it also means spending more money to install a water filtration system— which is not cheap either.  

4. Shrinkage cracks in the concrete 

After a while, it is pretty common to see shrinkage cracks appearing in the concrete. It happens due to improper mixing of concrete with high water content. These cracks damage the aesthetics of your house; plus, they provide an entry point for rainwater to seep into the walls. In winter, when water freezes in the crevice, the cracks widen further. New homeowners should immediately seal these cracks when found. The easiest way to repair the shrinkage cracks is to brush dry cement powder over them. The residual water in the gaps can activate the cement while the powder fills the cracks.  

5. Improper installation of wooden flooring 

Improper installation of wooden flooring can be disastrous for new homeowners. Gaps among them and improper adhesion provide a haven for water. Wooden floorings also disengage due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity.  

This issue is more prevalent in areas with high humidity fluctuation. Often the actual reason for such a happening is the failure of the builder to let the wood flooring acclimatize with the environment before installation. Constructors often have a tight and busy schedule; hence they do not wait to give the material ample time to acclimate to the conditions. Accordingly, the problem surfaces after the new owners move into the house. Treatment of such a floor depends on the severity of the damage. If it is minor, you might be able to live with it. Otherwise, you will have to contact the contractor who worked on the floor.  

6. Improper painting  

One of the prevailing issues with a new home is the absence of finesse in paints on the walls. Often, the paint is not allowed to dry out, or proper layering is overlooked. As a result, once the paint dries down completely, it looks patchy and poorly done. This issue might not be present in the whole house. Instead, you will find it in some parts of the house, which buyers tend to overlook during an inspection. Some areas to watch out for this problem include basements, closets, road-facing walls, and elevated areas. If the paint looks too ugly, you may want to repaint the area by calling a professional or DIYing yourself.  

7. Dirty drainage system  

When the house is under construction, the drainage system and the pipes get clogged with cement, and other materials workers do not pay attention to. At the time of purchase, you cannot possibly know about it. But you surely do, after moving into the new house. Most homeowners face the issue in their bathrooms and kitchen. In severe cases, homeowners need to repair the drainage systems or change the plumbing in that area.  


Homeowners buy a new house in anticipation of not witnessing problems prevailing in old homes. You need to be vigilant and thoroughly inspect the house before investing all your savings. However, some problems might not be under a home seller’s control, such as hard water. You can take care of it by hiring professionals.  

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Target takes its small format to Times Square

Target opened a 30,000-square-foot store in Times Square in New York City over the weekend, with a merchandise assortment tailored to both tourists and local residents. The store also features an 84-foot-high digital display and bold and colorful design elements to fit the Times Square setting. Retail Info Systems News

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3-tower Miami project with hotel eyed by Hyatt, Gencom

Hyatt Hotels and local upscale developer Gencom propose to build a three-tower complex with a 615-room hotel and 1,500 residences on the site of the city-owned downtown Miami Hyatt Regency. The partners say they hope to begin construction in 2025 if the Miami River Commission approves the privately funded venture. Next Miami

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Kroger debuts Dallas-area restaurant supply service

Kroger has opened a supply service for restaurants, bakeries and caterers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that provides next-day delivery on orders of $250 or more. Kroger Restaurant Supply aims to help restaurants circumvent ongoing supply chain issues and offers them an alternative to ordering in large quantities on a pre-set schedule by allowing orders seven days a week. Winsight Grocery Business

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Sam Porter Joins Eleven Engineering as Ops Mgr

Eleven Engineering, Inc. (, a market leader in semiconductor products for wireless audio for professional, home theater, multi-room, portable, 12 Volt (car, truck, motorcycle, power sports, marine) and gaming applications, is proud to announce the addition of Sam Porter as Operations Manager. 

“Sam’s unique and broad work experience lends the perfect balance of focus between systems management and wireless audio,” said Rex Whitehead, Eleven Engineering executive vice president, sales & marketing. “As operations manager, Sam will coordinate efforts and goals between our teams as well as provide valuable oversight on quality and consistency by diligently building and refining our systems and processes. We’re excited to welcome Sam to our fast-paced, innovation-driven team.” 

After several years of study at the University of Alberta, majoring in Performance Arts, Sam left to pursue a wireless audio startup venture, whose products featured Eleven Engineering’s SKAA technology. Throughout the subsequent years, she has served in many roles including procurement, manufacturing management, quality control, supply chain management, and logistics.  

“I like to dub myself as a ‘Swiss-Army Knife’ of operations as I am well equipped to solve complex problems in an efficient and effective manner,” said Porter. “Eleven Engineering has terrific teams in place and everyone is very goal oriented, and so I am looking forward to jumping in and helping solve everyday challenges and helping keep our teams functioning as best as possible.” 

SKAA is the new wireless HiFi audio standard developed by Eleven Engineering, Inc. SKAA transmitters work with iOS & Android mobile devices, Mac & Windows computers, televisions, and just about any product with a line output or a headphone jack. SKAA is also available as a built-in technology not requiring an external transmitter in purpose-designed partner products, which are featured at In environments laden with heavy Wi-Fi and Bluetooth traffic, SKAA navigates through these hostile environments with best-in-class reliability. SKAA also allows for uninterrupted audio signals which are delivered with the highest sound quality to all speakers without the latency that is inherent in other wireless solutions. 

For more information, please contact Rex Whitehead at 480-650-3979 or email, and please visit,, SKAA wireless YouTube channel, and Facebook/. 

About Eleven Engineering, Inc. 

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada-based Eleven Engineering, Inc. is a market leader in microprocessors SiPs (System in Package) and modules designed for wireless audio for Home Theater, Multi-Room, Portable, and Pro Audio products. Eleven’s XInC2 multithreaded processor was designed specifically for digital wireless audio applications but is also well suited for other realtime intensive microprocessor applications. Eleven’s high-performance wireless audio semiconductors, equipped with XInC2 wireless processor cores, are complete solutions for high-quality digital wireless audio transport.  

Developed by Eleven, SKAA is the new standard for wireless audio. With guaranteed, seamless compatibility between all products incorporating it, SKAA is the modern-day wireless equivalent to the venerable RCA audio cable of the past, which for decades enabled anyone to freely connect audio products to each other regardless of brand.  SKAA’s adoption is growing exponentially in key audio markets including:  Pro, DJ, Whole House, Home Theater, Party Speakers, Outdoor & Garden, Marine & Power Sports. 

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Mannington Commercial Top Notch & Shelf Collection

“Commercial designers will find the Top Notch and Top Shelf Collection to be yet another rich option in an already deep line of Mannington designs that give spaces modern movement,” said Roby Isaac, Vice President of Commercial Design at Mannington Commercial. “This collection also brings a natural vibe to any room with the richly-blended neutrals that provide exceptional design flexibility.”

Top Notch offers a dynamic, geometric style, layering planes and circles of variegated lines, while Top Shelf delivers an organic linear pattern that echoes the gentle striations of sedimentary rock. Both styles are offered in seven colorways: Choice, Elite, Excel, Exclusive, Favored, Grand, and Unparalleled. ; r

The collection is available in 24”x24” and 12”x36” tiles in a 20 ounce weight. Top Notch and Top Shelf products were specifically designed with a 3.0 TARR rating for use in environments with heavy traffic. Our TARR rating is tested and verified by an independent lab.. The Infinity® 2 Modular backing is built to withstand aggressive wet cleanings, and the collection was specifically designed for use in severe environments with rigorous foot traffic, such as public areas, lobbies, and dining facilities as well as transportation service areas such as airports.

Mannington Commercial is committed to helping customers reduce the negative impact projects can have on climate and health by improving operations and offsetting the embodied carbon in all new and refreshed products by 105 percent from “cradle-to-gate”.  The Infinity 2 Modular backing also contains recycled content and is certified NSF/ANSI 140 Gold and CRI Green Label Plus and may contribute to LEED credits. In addition, a product-specific Type III Environmental Product Declaration and a published Health Product Declaration are available.

The collection boasts a limited lifetime wear and backing warranty, limited 15-year XGUARD® Stain Resistance warranty and limited 15-year ColorSafe® Bleach Resistance warranty.

For more information about the Top Notch and Top Shelf Collection, please visit the website at: Top Notch and Top Shelf.

About Mannington Commercial

Mannington Commercial crafts flooring with purpose. The company offers a full range of products designed to inspire creativity and deliver advanced performance in all types of commercial spaces. Across modular carpet, broadloom, LVT, resilient sheet and rubber, customers receive coordinated solutions to meet their specific goals. The fifth-generation, family-owned company is guided by this dedication to its customers and to making a positive impact on the environment and local communities. More information is available at

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Fieldpiece Instruments $25K in Trade Scholarships

Fieldpiece Instruments, a proven category leader known for delivering innovative and high-quality HVACR test tools for more than 30 years, has awarded $2,500 #MasteroftheTrade scholarships to 10 SkillsUSA students committed to studying for a fulfilling career in the HVACR industry. The grant awarded by Fieldpiece is intended to support aspiring HVACR techs in their continued education and will be used to pay for college or postsecondary HVACR technology program tuition.

The Fieldpiece #MasteroftheTrade Scholarship, in partnership with SkillsUSA, was designed to support the next generation of up-and-coming HVACR professionals, with a concurrent aim to close the skills gap in the U.S. labor market for the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration trade.

Through the partnership with SkillsUSA, Fieldpiece Instruments aims to give back to the industry as well as do its part to address 80,000 jobs that are currently vacant and in need of being filled. Without HVACR pros energy is wasted, food goes bad and people’s comfort and safety are at stake. HVACR is a stable, great-paying trade that offers freedom, hands-on work and the chance to make a big impact on the environment and the community.

“We thank Fieldpiece Instruments for supporting the HVACR industry and America’s future skilled workforce,” said Chelle Travis, executive director at SkillsUSA. “It is exciting to see these students pursue further education in HVACR. They have demonstrated a true passion for the industry, and we are thrilled they will receive these scholarships.”

SkillsUSA students and recipients of the Fieldpiece #MasteroftheTrade Scholarship are:

Alabama:          Josh Parson, Bevill State Community College, Hamilton Campus

Florida:                 Johnny Hammonds, Pinellas Technical College

Maryland:            William “Billy” Coughlin, Career and Technology Center

Missouri:           Cole Hamby, Northland Career Center

Minnesota:          Becca Thorstad, Hennepin Technical College

Oklahoma:          Josh Parish, Kiamichi Technology Center

Oklahoma:          Leslie Plemons, Moore-Norman Technology Center

Tennessee:           Jack Ely, Tennessee College of Applied Technology, Chattanooga Campus

Texas:                   Dave Jentis, Western Technical College

Texas:                   Manuel Ramirez, Western Technical College

“Selecting the ten winners was no easy task, as we received many applications from promising, talented and committed individuals,” said Fieldpiece Instruments Director of Marketing, Rachel Newport. “Fieldpiece is proud to support the next generation of HVACR professionals. We congratulate this year’s winners and hope to continue empowering industry professionals by providing scholarships, training resources like our innovative Fieldpiece University program and the most advanced and cutting edge tools available on the market today—developed by HVACR industry pros for HVACR industry pros—to keep them ahead of the curve as masters of their trade.”

ABOUT FIELDPIECE: Fieldpiece Instruments is an innovative technology company focused on helping industry professionals do their jobs easier, faster and better. It delivers on this promise through industry-leading devices and a broad range of professional-grade tools and technology inspired by real-world application and field use. Fieldpiece is focused on serving the HVACR industry exclusively, enabling HVACR professionals to become masters of the trade. Discover more at, and follow Fieldpiece on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

ABOUT SkillsUSA: SkillsUSA is a nonprofit partnership of education and industry founded in 1965 to strengthen our nation’s skilled workforce. Driven by employer demand, SkillsUSA helps students develop necessary personal and workplace skills along with technical skills grounded in academics. This SkillsUSA Framework empowers every student to succeed at work and in life, while helping to close the skills gap in which millions of positions go unfilled. Through SkillsUSA’s championships program and curricula, employers have long ensured schools are teaching relevant technical skills, and with SkillsUSA’s credentialing process, they can assess how ready potential employees are for the job. SkillsUSA has members nationwide in high schools, colleges and middle schools, covering over 130 trade, technical and skilled service occupations, and is recognized by the U.S. departments of Education and Labor as integral to career and technical education. We have served more than 14 million members since 1965. For more information:

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