How To Grow Construction Firm with Less Investment

You have a construction business that’s doing fairly well. And now you believe it’s high time to grow it. Obviously, the question that would cross your mind is: how to grow a construction business with less investment? Because, we all are aware that a construction business requires a lot of investment on various things from manpower to materials and outsourcing or buying equipment. 

In this article, I will discuss some of the tips that could help you grow a construction business with less investment. All these tips are time tested and proven. Tens of thousands of construction business owners worldwide are using them already with success. You too could try these out and grow your construction business with less investment. 

Tips to Grow Construction Business with Low Investment 

The tips I’m going to provide would definitely require some efforts from your side. Because very often, investments can be replaced by extra efforts. And you could try this too. Furthermore, you can adapt any of these tips to grow a construction business with less investment, to meet your specific needs. All these tips are fairly simple, which means you could implement them easily for your business. 

Make a Business Growth Plan 

The first and foremost thing that you need to grow your construction business with low investment is to make a business growth plan. According to SureJob, there are 3 formats for making your business plan – traditional, startup and expansion. Actually, this doesn’t mean that you need to change your original business plan drastically due to less investment. All you need to do is make some changes that would help you to grow without pumping in lots of money in the business. This is possible when you make short-term, mid-term and long-term goals for growing your construction business. Here, it’s important to focus on short-term plans that can fetch you more profits while keeping in mind your mid-term and long-term goals. 

Diversify In Low-Cost Construction Business 

There’re lots of low-cost construction business ideas. When you have an up and running construction business, it becomes easy to diversify. For example, you can grow your existing construction business by opening a small factory that manufactures concrete blocks for buildings, providing labor services or even retailing construction related material. These businesses can help you save a lot of money on buying material or outsourcing labor from external sources. These low-cost construction ideas actually help your main business to grow by fetching you an extra income. 

Build a Superb Team 

One of the things that you’ll definitely require to grow your construction business with less investment is an excellent team of professionals. They can actually find ways and means to save costs on your expansion plans using their skills and expertise. At the same time, you need to ensure that hiring a superb team doesn’t add much costs to your payroll. Therefore, look for fewer people that have lots of experience in various fields of construction and whose skills would be useful to make your business grow rapidly. That way, you can actually grow your construction business at smaller costs than it would usually take. 

Hire Freelancers if Necessary 

Obviously, there would be some critical tasks that your construction company would require when you’re planning its growth. This doesn’t mean that you go and hire a person on fulltime basis for such work. Instead, consider outsourcing such tasks to freelancers. One of the advantages you get with freelancers is that you can hire the best talent in the country on short assignment basis only. And you need to pay them only for the tasks you assign. Freelancers don’t add to your payroll. Instead, they help you to maintain the payroll shorter and trim. 

Weed Out Unprofitable Work 

A lot of work in a construction business can actually prove unprofitable or fetch small profits. The best thing to do when you’re growing your construction business with less investments is to weed out these unprofitable work and low profit tasks. This involves trimming your business and retaining only those activities that actually fetch you higher profits for low investments. This would definitely require you to rework and adapt your original business plan to make the business grow and ensure it fetches higher profits. 

Aim at Preventing Material Losses 

There’re lots of areas in a construction business where material goes waste. This translates directly as loss of money or lower profits. Understandably, some material losses or wastage is unavoidable. However, you can curtail or reduce these losses by implementing various practices and rules for your workforce. However, this can prove to be a very difficult task since it means keeping tabs on where the material was used and how much is being wasted. However, over the longer run, your construction business can grow only when you curb such wastage. 

Work With Your Strengths 

Every business has its strengths and weaknesses. As a construction business that wants to grow, it’s best to work with your strengths while eliminating areas where you’re weak or can’t deliver superb work. Working with strengths allows you to focus on where you should actually invest the money for growing the business instead of spreading it too thin and over areas where your business is weak. Focusing on your strengths and delivering accordingly also helps your construction business to create a good reputation and develop it as a superb brand. 

Focus Around Quality 

Every construction business that’s serious about staying in business delivers quality work. Therefore, even if you’re investing lesser money on your company’s growth, the focus should be always on delivering high quality work to customers. When your quality speaks for your company, its obvious that it will attract higher number of clients. Superior quality work also translates as excellent word of the mouth publicity for your company and helps reduce advertising costs. 

In Conclusion 

As the above eight tips clearly indicate, it’s fairly simple to grow a construction business with less investment. All it requires is some astute management from your side along with extra efforts that aim at cost savings while delivering quality. Try using these tips to grow your construction business and become profitable. 

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Need Storage During Renovation? Here are Options

Storing all of your essentials during the renovation can be an absolute nightmare. All of them need to go for some time and you have a hard time figuring out where to put them.

Sometimes, it cannot fit in your garage or backyard. It is possible for some of them to be kept inside, but most definitely, large pieces of furniture must be entirely removed. Of course, if the bigger renovation is the thing you are intending to do. Here are some options you can rely on during this, sometimes long-lasting, process.

Rent a Storage

The best solution you can come up with. Basically, renting a store, or more, depending on your needs, can be your best option. Namely, you can put all of the things there and not worry that something will happen to them. All you need to do is to contact the company, they will come with their own trucks and pick up all of your things. If you decide to come down  with this offer. On the other hand, you can rent the space and bring your stuff on your own and organize them the way you want. To rent the storage will cost you less than to have your things ruined. For example, if you live in Queensland, AU, affordable self storage in Nerang gives you this opportunity. Storages are great because they are always secured, dry, and clean, so you do not risk anything by having your stuff put there.

Put Some Things in a Separate Room

If you are not able to have your things stored in a facility, think of the room you will not renovate or will renovate last. Put some of the things there. The best way is to pack them in separate card boxes and label them so that you do not have problems putting them in place again.

Everything in the Middle

Advice for those who are having their walls painted. Push all your furniture in the middle. This way you will be able to move easier and put all of the things in the place easier. Be careful, do not risk anything. Cover all of your things with a plastic cloth or with some old covers. You do not want your furniture destroyed during the process.

Friends and Family

If you run out of ideas for storing your things, you can always ask your friends or family to store some of them. It is ok to ask your close people to lend you some space during the home renovation. Ask them if they have some vacant space. It can be anything like a garage, empty room, backyard. A place where it will not be too burdening to put your stuff for a day or two.

Renovation can be a long and tiring process. The worst thing is that you cannot always be quite sure when it is going to be over, plus we are never aware of the amount of the things we possess until we decide to move them. Hopefully, some of the previously given ideas may help you during the period of renovation.

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Interesting Tips To Make A Property Look Fantastic

Believe it or not, but the way your property looks can play a huge part not just in its value but also in your emotions. If it looks its best, you can increase its value and you will feel more confident and happier about your property.

For that reason, this is your sign to start working on your property as soon as possible. Here are some ways you can do it in case you don’t know where and how to begin.

Add Architectural Details

Architectural details, although some may be small, can make a huge impact on a property’s look. For instance, steel decorative architectural columns may often be overlooked but it actually enhances your space’s look. Not to mention, it can also help you make a statement.

With architectural details, you can make any boring space in your property look livelier. It also helps complete your theme and make it look more sophisticated, catching the eyes of everyone who visits or passes by your property.

Maintain Your Yard

Your front yard is one of the first things that can make an impression on your property. It can also say something about you.

It’s one of the first things people will see when they visit or pass by your property. Hence, it’s crucial to maintain it.

If it’s well-maintained, your property will look and feel more welcoming and comfortable. Even you can benefit from it as it gives you confidence and tranquility.

That said, to make your property look fantastic, make sure to maintain your yard too. Make sure it’s free from clutter, the grass is greener, and your plants are healthy. It may require some effort and time, though, but the results are worth it.

Fix Broken Parts

Broken parts in your home not only make it look shabby. It turns out, it can also damage your belongings and other parts of your house that you’ve invested in. Over time, when things like these aren’t fixed, it can also affect your home’s value.

That said, make sure to have your house inspected by professionals from time to time. In between professional checkups, don’t forget to maintain those parts of your house too. This way, you can prevent damages from getting worse and keep your property in its best condition for longer.

Update Interior

Yes, your exterior is the first thing that your guests, as well as passersby, will notice. But, it’s not the only thing you should focus on to improve the look of your property. Apparently, you also need to give your interior some TLC. This will also make you feel more confident about your own space and, of course, doing so will help improve your home’s overall look and feel.

Thus, don’t forget to repaint your walls if you need to and add some decor to give your aesthetics a boost.

Your home’s look and overall condition have a significant effect not just on your guests’ eyes but also on yours and your mood. So, don’t forget to make an effort to revamp your home’s look.




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Tips for Managing Commercial Properties Successfully

You probably came to read this because you’ve invested in commercial property but have no experience in managing it. Right? Well, (a) congratulations, (b) don’t fret – this post has all the information you need to run a commercial property successfully.  

Commercial properties can include everything from the local tea shop down the road to a tall and luxurious office building downtown. Ownership and administration of these properties are often frequently divided among buyers, or a single individual owns many sites. Commercial property management may overlap with residential property management. However, there are many significant differences between the two fields. There are several challenges in commercial property management that proper residential managers may never have to face.  

In today’s fast-paced market, the commercial property management business doesn’t just include the maintenance of business but the generation of new business. Properties are likely to offer green certification, premises tailored to renters’ needs, and advanced features. So, with such rigorous demands, how can a newbie keep up?  

Below are some tips to help you manage your commercial property effectively, kick-start expansion, and revenue generation. 

  1. Get Educated 

When it comes to  property management, it is essential to educate yourself. There are numerous real estate investing education options to help you make the right call. With proper guidance, you will understand the different types of commercial properties and manage each type successfully.  

Without the proper knowledge, jumping into a commercial property can be overwhelming. After all, there is so much to comprehend about the business. By learning as you go, your lack of knowledge can easily scare off potential tenants.  

Indeed, there are success stories of people who bought the commercial property without stuffing their brains with knowledge. However, it would be best if you increase your education before investing in a commercial property. Only then will you be able to manage it.  

  1. Incorporate Upgrades  

Out of style, ancient buildings aren’t a big draw to the modern business world. And even long-term tenants can start looking elsewhere for their commercial space if the building isn’t up to the mark or updated to reflect the current trends. It could include everything from updating the decorations, applying a fresh coat of paint, or incorporating new technology.  

New capabilities, annoyances, and security are continuously getting developed. So if you can focus on providing your tenants with upgrades to their affordances, you can keep your end of the bargain.  

  1. Invest in Commercial Property Management Software 

Keeping track of the information needed to make informed judgments is one of the most challenging tasks in managing commercial assets such as industrial complexes, office spaces, or retail businesses. Some critical statistics to monitor include: 

  • Total monthly expenditures 
  • Renter turnover rates 
  • Applicable federal and local regulations 
  • Rental income rates 
  • Which types of businesses are occupying which properties; and 
  • Work orders for regular property maintenance  

It is a lot to keep track of manually. So, it may help to invest in practical  commercial property management software that can abridge tracking critical information. Moreover, some features to look for include online bill pay, property marketing features, and renter communication. 

  1. Ensure your Tenants are Happy 

Your tenants are your clients. Treat them accordingly. You want to avoid turnover as much as possible. With any commercial property, it is not only expensive but also very time-consuming to find replacement tenants. If your tenants aren’t satisfied, they will leave the building at the first chance they get. After that, you will be left with a vacant space and no income. You will also have to invest some extra money to keep the building in leasable condition. 

So the goal should be to avoid vacancies as much as possible. How? Well, it’s simple. Leave a good first impression. When your clients start using the building, quickly deal with any concerns or issues with the space. It goes a long way in ensuring your tenants feel satisfied and welcomed in the building. It also makes them pleased to keep renting your space for years to come! 

  1. Get the Paperwork in Order 

It is also true for residential properties. However, in practice, it’s a lot more necessary for managing commercial properties. With residential clients, you can set strict rules and terms on what they can do in the buildings. For anything else, they reach out to you. 

Commercial tenants, in contrast, usually require more leeway. It means you need to be very clear about who has what responsibilities and rights. As a manager, you also need to ensure that you have fulfilled all your duties. Again, this is important for residential properties as well. It is, however, often even more crucial with commercial properties as the potential impact is heavier. 

  1. Effective Communication 

All the above tips aren’t helpful to tenants unless there is a clear path for communication between the commercial property manager and the renters. Ultimately, property management often comes down to handling people, so the management will need excellent patience and people skills to face any crisis calmly.  

  1. Don’t Forget to be Eco-Friendly. 

Green and intelligent buildings are the new passwords for commercial management success. This incredible approach appeals to the eco-friendly conscience of corporations and comes with many economic benefits as well.  

LEED-rated buildings have low operating costs and energy-efficient layouts, which are also nice-looking for cost-conscious business minds. Indeed, it is a win-win for commercial property managers. 

  1. Maintenance is Key 

There are numerous aspects of a commercial property that require continued attention. But as a manager, you should know the importance of mending repairs before they get worse. So continued maintenance will remove the likelihood of time-consuming and expensive repairs. 

You can keep track of maintenance by creating a preventative schedule. Stick to an upkeep and cleaning regimen. The way things look is often just as essential as how efficiently they function. Do this, and your tenants will appreciate your efforts and may even stick around for longer than agreed. 


Indeed, commercial property management is a lot of work. Still, with the above-said information and tips, you can make the experience worth the while. Just remember that owning commercial property can be a tremendously rewarding investment. But unlike investment in bonds or stocks, it demands active participation and management. The trick is to bite off as much as you can chew; only then will you be able to take charge of your profession and reap the benefits. 



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Red DevilR Superior HVAC Duct Sealant Solutions

Red Devil®, a leading manufacturer of caulks, sealants and painter’s hand tools, offers a full line of duct sealants for professional HVAC contractors and DIYers. Red Devil’s versatile lines of duct sealants include D-Seal® Water-Based Duct Sealant and F-Seal® Water-Based 181 Duct Sealant, both offering superior adhesion for sealing metal and flexible ducts, vents, air conditioners and other interior and exterior HVAC appliances.

Designed for use in conjunction with metal fasteners, Red Devil D-Seal is a smooth, water-based duct sealant suitable for all types of HVAC duct systems including metal ductwork, fiberglass, and duct board. Ideal for commercial HVAC applications, D-Seal is specially formulated for permanent flexibility and adhesion. It has excellent water-resistance and sealing strength, exceeding all SMACNA Pressure & Sealing Classes and is UL 181A-M and B-M approved. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, D-Seal® features a fast dry time on high, medium and low-pressure systems as well as UV, mold and mildew resistance and low VOC. D-Seal is available in gray in 10.1 oz. and 28 oz. cartridges as well as 1-gallon, 2-gallon and 5-gallon pails.

Delivering many of the same benefits as D-Seal, Red Devil’s fiber-enhanced F-Seal 181 features innovative fiber reinforcement for superior sealing strength and workability. Formulated for sealing both fiberboard and flexible ducts, F-Seal is ideal for interior and exterior residential ductwork. It also offers a fast dry time, mold and mildew resistance (when cured) and exceeds all SMACNA Pressure & Sealing Classes and is UL 181A-M & B-M approved. Designed for any sized sealing job, F-Seal 181 is available in white or gray in 28 oz. and 10.1 oz. cartridges as well as 1-gallon, 2-gallon and 5-gallon pails.

Red Devil provides tool and chemical products for professionals and do-it-yourselfers including painters’/drywall tools, putty knives, wall scrapers, taping knives, adhesive spreaders, utility knives, acrylic latex/silicone sealants, foam sealant, spackling/glazing compounds, and construction adhesives.

To learn more about the RED DEVIL D-Seal and F-Seal 181, visit

About Red Devil, Inc.
Red Devil Inc. has been serving the construction and hardware industry since 1872, with 147 years of quality and innovation in caulks, sealants and painter’s hand tools. For more information about Red Devil, visit their Web site at or call 1-800-4A-DEVIL. Also visit the Red Devil Facebook page at

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Walmart to welcome in-store Saladworks sites

The next few months will see a flurry of openings of Saladworks locations in U.S. Walmart stores. The fast-casual restaurant’s parent company, WOWorks, signed an agreement with Ghost Kitchen Brands for 60 stateside locations this year. Winsight Grocery Business

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Plans would convert shopping center into apartments, retail

Developers are proposing a luxury apartment building and 12,000 square feet of retail space in the location of an empty shopping center in Lisle, Illinois. The project’s price tag is almost $58 million. Daily Herald

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Hy-Vee’s store within a store features fitness focus

Hy-Vee plans to debut a fitness equipment “store within a store” concept under a new partnership with Johnson Fitness & Wellness. Supermarket News

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Conrad high-rise will join downtown L.A. destination

The debut of Conrad Hotels & Resorts, a 305-room luxury tower, is planned for next year in The Grand, a $1 billion mixed-use development across the street from Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. The 1.6-million-square-foot complex designed by noted architect Frank Gehry will also feature more than 430 apartments along with multiple retail and dining outlets. KABC-TV

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Boutique Hotel Greystone joins Miami’s Art Deco scene

Marrying Miami’s rich past, present and future, Salt Hotels and B Group Capital’s Hotel Greystone enters the Miami hotel scene. Situated in the Art Deco District along 20th and Collins, the retro-inspired haven offers guests a unique hospitality experience with a hyperlocal ethos. Ocean Drive magazine

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