DriTac Partners with Fishman Flooring Solutions

DriTac Flooring Products, LLC, has announced a new distribution partnership with Fishman Flooring Solutions, a Baltimore, Maryland-based flooring and installation supply distributor that has served the flooring industry for over 100 years. Fishman will now carry DriTac’s innovative line of problem-solving wood and resilient flooring adhesives and installation solutions.

“DriTac and Fishman are a natural fit. We are known throughout the industry as a ‘solutions provider’ and DriTac provides top-of-the-line flooring installation solutions that our customers can trust. We are proud to work with a company that is known for standing behind their products,” said Bill Mabeus, Executive Vice President of Fishman Flooring Solutions.

With 37 locations spanning 15 states throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Eastern seaboard regions, Fishman will market and distribute DriTac’s premium grade, hi-tech product line throughout its entire footprint, enabling their contractors and installers to purchase all of their flooring and installation-related product needs in one stop.

With the ability to offer contractors, builders, architects and designers a combined 160- plus years of experience and proven product performance, DriTac and Fishman are committed to providing environmentally friendly products for the flooring industry with a full complement of premium “green” solvent-free and VOC-free adhesives and installation products that help contribute to LEED credits. Both companies are owned and operated in the US with a track record of serving their respective communities through charitable donations and support.

“We are very pleased that Fishman Flooring Solutions has chosen to partner with DriTac to distribute our American Made flooring installation products to their vast customer base. Fishman is a well-known distributor of installation supplies and we welcome them to our family of well-respected customers. Both companies are built on integrity, trust and reliability,” said David Clarkson, President of DriTac.

DriTac’s primary company objective is to produce and deliver the highest quality, eco- friendly flooring installation solutions across the country and around the globe with excellent service and a deep appreciation for our valued customers. DriTac is committed to manufacturing sustainable products for the flooring industry with a comprehensive line of American Made, premium “green” flooring adhesives and installation-related products. For more information or to receive a complete DriTac product guide, contact: John Lio, 60 Webro Road Clifton, N.J. 07012; Ph: 973-614-9000 ext. 243; e-mail:

jlio@DriTac.com; or Web: www.DriTac.com.

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The historic Fayette County Courthouse was once the shining jewel of Lexington, Kentucky. When it opened in 1899, the Richardsonian Romanesque-style building was one of the first fully electrified structures in the city. Its heralded central dome used electric lighting to create a star-like ceiling visible to occupants from the ground-floor entrance. But in the 1960s, this one-of-a-kind viewing experience began to change.

With the install of a new central elevator shaft and heating and air conditioning equipment, views of the prominent dome became obscured and prevented daylight from cascading throughout the building like it had before. Local newspaper reports painted a bleak picture: “Over the next 60 years, the dome area deteriorated and became home to pigeons and other birds. Only courthouse and maintenance staff — and the occasional reporter — saw the dome.” The building remained in this declining state until 2002 when Fayette County decided to stop using it as its courthouse. The city eventually shut down the historic courthouse altogether in 2012 due to concerns about deterioration and asbestos hazards.

A bright future

Unwilling to let such a historic building go to waste, in 2016 the City of Lexington approved nearly $33 million for the building’s renovation. They hired K Norman Berry Architects, in conjunction with Deborah Berke Partners, to convert the courthouse into a beautiful, modern mixed-use office and restaurant space, with leasable event rooms in the upper rotunda. According to K Norman Berry Architects, the goal was to “preserve the character of the building, especially its existing architectural fabric, while updating it for a new mix of uses to once again make the building an accessible and dynamic focal point of downtown.”

During this process, a key point of emphasis was restoring the splendor of the building’s original domed area. In particular, the team focused on how to restore the former beauty of the building dome and the daylight that penetrated through the windows around its base as a focal point of the renovated facility. The design team put plans in place to reconstruct the plastered interior of the dome and add lighting to evoke the look of a starry sky. Further, since the dome illuminated primarily the upper (third) floor of the building, the question loomed about how to connect it to the floors below.

Removing a bit of dirt and history

However, the dome’s facelift and internal lighting didn’t come without challenges. Not only did the building have structural defects, but asbestos and lead hazards needed to be removed as well. Crews had to remove the elevator shaft that had been added in the ’60s along with the HVAC equipment and other materials. The need to maintain original features, such as the copper casings of the original light sockets, confronted the designers as well.

With these challenges identified, the design team set out to transform the existing 121-year-old building into something memorable and lasting. The historically significant building needed to preserve the original design features while also adding the ability to serve as a cultural hub. The renovated space was to serve as a mixed-use facility and event space. This meant preserving the warm ambiance and natural light that the dome provided while giving the interior the flexibility to host events and provide office space for new tenants and restaurants.

Where form meets function

In order to meet these demands, the design team set out to add contemporary features to the historical space. To spatially connect the lower floors to the dramatic upper dome, while bringing the building up to current fire- and life-safety building codes, they specified a fire-rated glass floor system for both floors. The fire-rated glass floor systems were centered and aligned under the dome on the third and fourth floors to preserve views.

To further enhance the viewing experience, the fire-rated glass floors feature a ceramic frit on the top (floor side) of the glass. It creates a sparkly appearance that enhances the starry sky lighting in the newly remodeled dome, while also functioning as a durable non-slip walking surface. To account for safe pedestrian use, the fire-rated glass floor systems support loads up to 150psf (732 kg/m2).

The structurally sound fire-rated glass floor systems are fire-rated for two hours and provide a barrier to flames and smoke, as well as radiant and conductive heat. In the event of a fire, this ensures their surface remains cool enough for individuals to walk across for the duration of its two-hour fire rating.

Because the glass did not need additional opaque layers, the code-compliant fire-rated glass floor systems are able to transfer daylight into the center of the building. This also allows lower-floor occupants to glimpse the grandeur of the dome.

From run-down to restored, the courthouse is once again the centerpiece of the town. With the help of fire-rated glass floor systems, its dome is now on display for all to see. As the Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper reported when the building first opened for public viewing, “Visitors marveled at the glass floor in the center of the new fourth floor of the courthouse. That glass floor — also on the floor below — will allow visitors on the first floor to look all the way up to the dome.”

Jonathan Edly

Jonathan represents Technical Glass Products (TGP) in the Midwest. TGP is a supplier of fire-rated glass and framing systems, along with specialty architectural glazing products. Jonathan has worked with commercial glaziers and metal fabricators for over 10 years throughout the U.S.


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Why office Design matters- HBS working knowledge

Humans spend about one-third of their lives at work; this proves that your work environment must be Well-designed, comfortable, and serene to improve your productivity. However,  an office is more than a working environment. It’s the face of the company, firm, and business entity. Let’s take a look at this- What is the first thing a potential customer notices when entering your workplace?  Your customer will look around the office, checking the furniture, organization, cleanliness, and artwork. Your office design informs the customer what quality of services to expect from you; hence a good office outlook gives them confidence. Also, employees need a favorable working environment, comfortable, free from noise and distractions.

1. It motivates employees to come to work ready to achieve.

You want your employees to come to work every day? Create a good office design for them, and this will motivate them to go to work daily because they will never get tired of the office environment. A poorly aerated, dimly lit, and noisy office does not bring the best out of your employees. Natural light makes us feel good. Research shows that employees in naturally lit offices are more productive than those in poorly lit rooms. A right office environment reduces employee sickness frequency, i.e., the spread of germs in the office is curtailed.

2. Promotes collaboration at the workplace

Your office environment should facilitate collaboration among colleagues. This will build your employees’ team spirit and creativity through sharing ideas, thus improving their productivity. How do you create such an environment? Put thought into your furniture arrangement, have sufficient meeting spaces, and facilitate easy access to technology tools that encourage employees to talk and interact.

3. Your office showcases your company values and objective

The office is the face of the company or business. Does your company support local communities? Showcase the artifacts you have bought in the locality. Does your firm support environmental protection? Have some indoor green plants. Do you support working parents? Have some kid-friendly areas in the office. The office shows what a firm or business stands for.

4. A good design facilitates employees concentration

In a good office environment, employees can concentrate and focus when doing work. Thinking, writing, programming, and designing require a quiet environment free from distraction to ensure quality work. The office should be noise-free, well-spaced, and traffic should be able to flow evenly.

5. It creates workplace well-being

You can create an enabling environment in your office to encourage employees towards making healthier choices for themselves. You can encourage employees’ movement by fitting the office with adjustable seats to move around the office freely. It is essential to have a quiet place where employees can have a break and relax for a few minutes. You can build a green environment outside the office, with some chairs installed to encourage employees to take walks outside and breathe fresh air. Many successful companies invest heavily in the well being and health of their employees.

6. A good design will reduce the cost of running the office, i.e., electricity bills.

A good office design will reduce the cost of utility bills. Are you still replacing office light bulbs? There are modern office lighting methods that will reduce your expense. The office can have large windows strategically placed to allow maximum sunlight penetration. If the office becomes well lit, you can turn off the electricity to reduce the bill. If your office has excess space, some of it can be utilized for renting out. Are you looking for a reliable makeover for your workspace? Contact Office Furniture Warehouse to help you create a conducive workplace.


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Keep Your Home Green, Here’s How To Do It

Lockdown and Covid-19 have forced us to reevaluate the way we live our lives. Work/life balance is suddenly more important, spending time with those you love is a priority, and getting fit is something we’re putting effort into.

But have you considered going green? The environment flourished during lockdown, and it opened many eyes to the way we treat our beautiful planet.

Thankfully, it’s not that hard to turn your home into a green home. It requires some change, but many of the smallest changes can have the biggest effects.

Here  are some small things you can do to keep your home green.

Insulate your House

If you live somewhere particularly warm, chances are your air conditioning unit gets plenty of use. On the other hand, if you live in a cold place, your thermostat is probably always on high.

You can lower your energy costs and your carbon footprint by insulating your home so you don’t need to heat or cool it as much.

Insulation is helpful for cold climates as it prevents warmth escaping. There’s less need to turn the thermostat up, as the natural heat stays inside the house.

But it can also be helpful for hot weather. You may only need a fan instead of constant air conditioning, as the heat isn’t getting in and the cool isn’t getting out.

Install a Water-Saving System

Something as small and simple as saving your gray water to be repurposed can have a huge effect on the environment.

Installing a system that stores the excess water from your basins, showers, dishwashers, and washing machines can save you a huge amount of water.

You can use this stored water to wash your car, water the garden, do other things with. You may also find that your water bills are significantly lowered once you have this kind of system in place.

Change to Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

This is one of the smallest changes you can make, and yet it can have a large impact. Think about how often during a day you and your family switch lights on and off.

An energy-efficient light bulb has a small amount of gas (mercury vapor) and argon inside the glass tubes. When an electrical current is sent to it, it produces invisible ultraviolet light, which reacts with the coating (phosphor) to create visible light.

This is different to regular light bulbs, which use heat to create a glow. They use much more electricity when generating heat.

Go Zero-Waste

Going zero-waste may need some research, planning, and it will definitely need constant work until it becomes a habit.

But it’s worthwhile, because much of what we throw away ends up in landfills and lives there for decades, if not centuries.

A good first step would be to stop using plastic. I know it can be hard, because so many things are packaged in plastic! But the first step could be using paper shopping bags instead of plastic ones.

If you’re lucky enough to have a zero-waste store nearby, I’d suggest becoming a frequent customer! Not only will you find that it’s not as hard as you think, but you may also meet new people who can support you along the way.

Go Solar

If you’re serious about cutting your energy usage and helping the environment, installing solar panels could be a good choice.

Solar energy is renewable, and you can harness it anywhere. Even in places where it’s on the rainy and cold side, the sun is still there, although it may be less effective.

You may worry about this being a big expense. But learning how to use your solar panels the right way and storing excess energy in the power grid can help you save significantly on your energy bills.

If this is a huge expense for you, you may want to start off by getting a solar cellphone charger, or a solar-powered lamp, to begin.


It’s not that difficult to keep your home green! It’s all about small changes, at least in the beginning. You don’t need to go and deck your home out with solar panels tomorrow.

But small efforts like avoiding plastic shopping bags and using energy-efficient light bulbs can make a difference! Not only to your bank account, but more importantly, to the beautiful planet on which we reside.


Jordan Fuller is a golf enthusiast who is as passionate about the environment as he is about the game. You can find his advice, tips, and tricks on Golf Influence.

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Nevada-California rail project aims for spring start

Brightline West could launch construction of a high-speed rail line between Las Vegas and Victorville, California, as soon as spring. The company is updating its funding plan, which includes resuming the sale of $2.4 billion in private activity bonds, which were delayed last year amid the coronavirus pandemic. Read the Las Vegas Review-Journal story here

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CitizenM’s 6th modular US hotel takes shape in LA

Construction of citizenM’s modular 11-story, 315-room hotel in Los Angeles is nearing completion, although it may be some time before it can open its doors for guests. Read the Construction Dive story here

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McHugh Construction completes 2 Chicago apartment projects

James McHugh Construction Co., one of the country’s largest commercial contractors with a concentration in high-end multifamily, announces it has completed the ground-up construction of two apartment developments in Chicago: the 11-story Westerly by Fifield Cos. in the River West neighborhood, and NEMA Chicago by Crescent Heights in the South Loop. At 76 stories, NEMA Chicago is the tallest all-residential building in Chicago and fifth tallest in North America.

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Hire a Malaysia Cleaning Company After Construction

Cleaning and organizing your home after construction or renovation can be a challenging task. It’s quite common for homeowners to decide to do it themselves, but this can be a heavy workload, and it would take a tremendous amount of time and effort. Fortunately, you can contact a cleaning company in Malaysia for a quote to hire a house cleaner.

A house that just finished construction is a challenging area to clean. With all the dust, dirt and debris that’s left, you’ll need to have the proper tools and solutions to do a thorough cleaning process.

To make life easier, it’s better to opt for a professional cleaning service provider in Malaysia.

In this article, we show you the things you must consider when hiring one:

Main Things to Consider When Book a Cleaning Service

The Cost To Hire Cleaning Service is Reasonable

Don’t just settle with only the quality service; you must also check on their prices. Analyze thoroughly if a cleaning service provider is providing the same services needed within your budget.

There is an astonishing amount of package deals in current markets, and discounts offered all you need to do is to put a bit of your time, energy, and efforts to look around other service providers that have the most incredible deals for you. This way, you can potentially get more at low rates.

Employees are Well-trained Professional Cleaners

When it comes to hiring a professional cleaner in Malaysia for your newly constructed place, you must do a thorough check to see if that certain someone is trained enough to meet your needs.

You can quickly get an idea about the level of professionalism if the person is wearing a uniform and owns the proper tools or materials for cleaning.

Don’t hesitate to ask some relevant questions. A reliable cleaning provider will be more than glad to answer all your questions.

The Cleaning Service Company Has Great Customer Reviews

In order to know if the company in Malaysia is a good fit for you, one thing you can do is check their customer reviews and ratings. People will usually share their experience with the company, and you can see for yourself if it’s a cleaning service provider that’s good for you.

A professional cleaning company with high-quality tools, solutions and methods will usually have a 4.5-5 star rating. Also, it’s good to list down 2-3 companies you find suitable for your needs, so you’ll have other options in case your first choice isn’t that excellent in the field.

The Cleaning Service Provider has Working Permit and Insurance

It is safe on your side to check if the provider you’ve chosen has a working permit and insurance to provide cleaning services.

Undeniably, bad things can happen, but one must put a significant effort into avoiding them. In the case you find out that your provider has no legal license, you must avoid hiring companies of such.

Final Words

A newly constructed or renovated home can make you feel stressed with cleaning up and tidying it right after. However, following this guide, taking note of the factors to consider and finding the ideal cleaning company in Malaysia for you, it can surely save you the time, money and effort!




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Del Taco debuts new flexible format

Del Taco Restaurants Inc. pulled the wraps off its pandemic-altered store prototype, offering flexibility in size and cost. Read the Nation’s Restaurant News story here

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2022 debut planned for Hampton Inn in Concord, California

Construction of a four-story Hampton Inn hotel is scheduled to begin in April at 1844 Market St. in Concord. The 86-room, 48,000-square-foot hotel is designed in a Spanish architectural style and is expected to be completed by summer 2022. Read the San Jose Mercury News story here

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