Bevi Update – Introducing the Stand Up 2.0!

Bevi, a beverage technology company that offers a suite of smart water coolers for commercial spaces, has announced the launch of its new water dispenser. Bevi’s Standup 2.0 allows users to customize filtered and sparkling water in seconds by setting temperature, carbonation level, and combinations of natural flavors and enhancements.

As consumers and corporations grow increasingly environmentally conscious, they are taking steps to reduce their use of single-use packaging. Bevi was founded in 2013 to enable a permanent transition away from single-use bottles and cans by offering high quality filtered, sparkling, and naturally flavored water on tap. Since then, thousands of companies have made the decision to stop providing bottled water to customers and employees and to provide Bevi’s smart water coolers instead.

With its new 2.0 machine, Bevi elevates the water cooler experience to new heights through an ergonomic design, the addition of enhancements such as vitamins and electrolytes, the ability to customize water temperature and carbonation level, a new interface for quickly mixing and matching ingredients, and advanced remote diagnostics to keep machines in top condition.

“Our new Standup 2.0 is the water machine that we wanted to bring to life when founding Bevi eight years ago,” said Sean Grundy, Co-Founder and CEO, “however we didn’t have the resources and the world-class engineering team needed to make it happen until more recently. When we launched our 1.0 machine, our goal was to match the quality and convenience of bottled water and seltzer. The purpose of 2.0 is to offer a superior, customized, fun way to drink water that simply can’t be matched by bottled beverages.”

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About Bevi

Bevi designs smart water coolers that provide filtered, flavored, and sparkling water on demand. The company was founded in 2013 by graduates of MIT and Yale University who shared a vision to redesign the beverage supply chain and eliminate the need for single-use disposable water bottles. Since its founding, Bevi has raised over $90M in venture capital and saved hundreds of millions of bottles and cans from ending up in the environment. Thousands of Bevi machines are located throughout North America in the offices of corporations such as Lyft, Netflix, and Microsoft, and in amenity areas of residential apartment buildings run by leading property management firms like Greystar and Colliers. For more information, visit

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